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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 5 Recap

On the fifteenth day of the first fifteenth day, Song Chenggong would go to the temple to burn incense, but now there are unknown killers lying in ambush outside. Song Chenggong didn’t dare to go out, but wanted to pray for the Buddha’s blessing. Gu Simiao asked Gao Xiaotian for instructions. Tian said he could go, and a few people went to the temple together.

The killer here also got the news that Song Chenggong had gone to the temple. He followed to the temple but didn’t find a chance to do it. Song Chenggong, who went home safely, felt that his safety problem had been solved. He didn’t know that he was targeted with a sniper rifle just now. Song Chenggong even felt that he could go out in a big way in the future. Wei Zimeng persuaded Song Chenggong to be more careful.

Here Gao Xiaotian got the news and confirmed that Frank was still in country M. He wanted Yin Zhihang to leave for country M with himself. Shi Yanan gave it to Xiao Hong and Wu Shengnan. He asked them to add another fire to try to persuade them to succeed. . Wu Shengnan went to find Shi Yanan for ideological work. She told Shi Yanan that there is no way to say goodbye to the past in order to escape. If Shi Yanan really wants to start a new life, she can only face the past bravely. Having said this, Wu Shengnan began to play the emotional card again, mentioning Shi Yanan’s parents, hoping Shi Yanan could go back. She also said that the relationship between Shi Yanan and Liao Qidong only lasted for a few years. Life, it’s not worth it.

Shi Yanan’s filming mission is over, which means that Shi Yanan will also return to the UK. William can’t wait to book a ticket back to the UK, but Shi Yanan’s heart is still entangled. Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong are also worried about Shi Yanan’s decision. After following Shi Yanan’s car, Wu Shengnan even wanted to stop Shi Yanan, but after asking Gao Xiaotian for instructions, Gao Xiaotian told her not to stop, so as not to give up the preliminary work halfway, and prepare them to continue working in the UK.

Fortunately, Shi Yanan made a decision on the way to the airport. She didn’t want to be stigmatized all her life, and she didn’t want to be isolated from her parents for the rest of her life. After she decided to return to China, William said she would stay with her. Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong arranged visas for them as soon as possible and planned to return to China the next morning.

Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang arrived in Country M. Mr. Guo welcomed them warmly and introduced them to Mr. Fu who was familiar with the local area. Mr. Fu said that the Frank they were looking for was living in a nearby fishing village, although Mr. Fu did not see him. But Mr. Fu’s people have seen it with their own eyes. Frank has lived in the fishing village for at least four years. Now Gao Xiaotian decided to go to the small fishing village with Yin Zhihang to find Frank. Mr. go to prepare the car and let Mr. Fu take them there. Shi Yanan’s work went well, but Gao Xiaotian had a problem.

Mr. Fu sent someone to stare at Frank and found that Frank was missing. When they arrived at the fishing village, they met with Counselor Luo of the embassy and prepared to start work. Gao Xiaotian received the news and asked Wu Shengnan to send her back to Beijing after Shi Yanan had boarded the plane. They came to Country M.

Song Chenggong was depressed living in the villa and wanted to go out to spend, but Wei Zimeng was worried about his safety and would not let him out. Gu Simiao on the side said that if Song Chenggong wants to spend money at ease, he can return to China. The safest place.

In country M, Mr. Fu heard about Frank. It turned out that Frank’s visa expired and was arrested by the local immigration bureau. Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang decided to go to the immigration detention center to find Frank and complete the persuasion work before Frank was released. , The embassy was also very cooperative and asked Gao Xiaotian and the others a reliable translator.

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