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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 4 Recap

Shi Yanan shook her head when she heard Gao Xiaotian asked about the murder of the Longdong Group, saying that Liao Qidong would still look like an intellectual who pursues ideals in front of her. He would never tell him these things. Wu Shengnan asked her again if she was familiar with Song Chenggong. Shi Yanan only said that she and Song Chenggong had met several times, but they were not familiar. Gao Xiaotian asked Frank.

Shi Yanan also said that she didn’t know where Fran was, and that she was only there. I met him a few times during the transaction procedure. Shi Yanan planned to leave. Gao Xiaotian thanked her for coming to the embassy and hoped that she could return to China to testify against Liao Qidong. Shi Yanan said too much. Busy, refused Gao Xiaotian. After returning, Gao Xiaotian asked Xiao Hong to analyze Shi Yanan’s reasons for refusal. Xiao Hong felt that Shi Yanan did not express her refusal.

The reasons mentioned were all objective reasons, which showed that in Shi Yanan’s heart, he was still entangled in the matter of whether to return to China, and domestic There is also news that Shi Yanan’s parents are very strict with Shi Yanan. Both parents are strong and honorable. Shi Yanan may also be influenced by his parents and is a person who cherishes feathers. At this time, Song Chenggong called Gao Xiaotian and said that he accepted his suggestion and hoped that Gao Xiaotian would send two people to protect his safety. Gao Xiaotian agreed.

After Shi Yanan returned to the hotel, William asked Shi Yanan what happened in the past few days. Shi Yanan had to say that the two people who came to her were the police, and Shi Yanan told William about the past. Early the next morning, William went to the overseas team and asked to talk to Gao Xiaotian. Gao Xiaotian just received a call from a domestic colleague at this time. The domestic police were ready to contact Shi Yanan’s parents and asked him whether they would ask Shi Yanan’s parents to persuade Shi Yanan to return to China. Gao Xiaotian thought about it and felt that it was not right now. If necessary, let colleagues just touch it briefly.

After hanging up the phone, Gao Xiaotian went to see William. William hoped that Gao Xiaotian would stop harassing Shi Yanan and disturbing Shi Yanan’s work. He also said that Shi Yanan is now a British citizen and has her rights and freedoms, and that Shi Yanan will not return to China. Gao Xiaotian said that if Shi Yanan really decides not to return to China, he should come and explain clearly to him. Gao Xiaotian felt that Shi Yanan used William to test their bottom line, which just shows that Shi Yanan’s heart is full of anxiety.

The domestic police went to Shi Yanan’s parents’ house. When facing the police, Shi Yanan’s father didn’t say a word, but Shi Yanan’s mother spoke. Shi Yanan’s mother said that Shi Yanan’s problem was a matter of principle. They had completely severed relations with Shi Yanan and could not help the police. The two who came to investigate went to Shi Yanan’s room when she was a child.

Gu Simiao and Wei Zimeng packed up their things and prepared to go to Song Chenggong. Before leaving, Gao Xiaotian urged the two that Song Chenggong’s safety had been arranged by the domestic police. The most important task for the two was to fight Song Chenggong. Make a good relationship. Wei Zimeng and Gu Simiao went to the villa to investigate the situation and told Song Chenggong not to live in the best room in the villa. Although Song Chenggong was a little unwilling, he still listened to Wei Zimeng’s opinions.

Shi Yanan started filming again. She also wanted to discuss with the director, hoping to compress the shooting time and return to the UK in advance. The director only said that she would go back and discuss it with everyone. After Shi Yanan’s filming work ended the next day, he went to a souvenir shop to buy a gift for his son, and sat on the beach to relax. Gao Xiaotian found her and continued to persuade her to return to China with them to testify against Liao Qidong.

Gao Xiaotian said only in court In order to clean up Shi Yanan’s stigma, by clearly explaining her and Liao Qidong’s past in front of the public media. Shi Yanan still had a lot of worries and entanglements in her heart. She herself didn’t know what choice she would make in the end. Gao Xiaotian had to leave first and gave Shi Yanan something to let her go back and have a look. Shi Yanan told Gao Xiaotian again There is news that Frank may be in country M.

After Gao Xiaotian went back, he quickly asked people to contact the country. The domestic police also just sent a scanned copy of the newspaper. They also said that Frank was in Country M two years ago. Gao Xiaotian thought about it and called a patriotic overseas Chinese Mr. Guo Call, hope he can help. On the other side, Shi Yanan went back and opened the file Gao Xiaotian gave him and found that it was a video of his parents. Shi Yanan’s heart was shaken.

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