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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 3 Recap

The next morning, Lawyer Cheng wore a black suit, put on a hat and a mask, and left the villa. Old Shao on the side asked him curiously where he was going. Song Chenggong refused to ask him. There was no food in the villa. Not dare to order takeaways, Long Tao said that he would go to the market to buy something. Song Chenggong urged him to be careful not to be targeted. Attorney Cheng found a public phone on the side of the road and called the overseas team.

After Gao Xiaotian knew that it was Song Chenggong’s person, he hurriedly stated that he would meet with them and talk with them, saying that they could guarantee Song Chenggong’s safety. After receiving the address of the overseas group, I hung up.

The domestic police found Shi Yanan’s hometown and asked the local police about the situation. Director Li gave them a list and said that they could choose the interview list from them, and the Xiao Wang in the office would also accompany the whole process and assist in the investigation. They found the former director of the neighborhood committee of Shi Yanan’s parents’ community and asked her about the situation. Shi Yanan’s parents moved out once.

They were said to have lived in a large villa, but they moved back within two years. They heard that there was a problem with that house. , Was confiscated, and the director of the neighborhood committee guessed that Shi Yanan’s parents and daughter might fall out.

The overseas team received a text message saying that Song Chenggong asked them to meet at the zoo parking lot. Several people waited for a while until Lawyer Cheng drove over. Lawyer Cheng said that he had to take his car to see Song Chenggong, and he could only Gao Xiaotian. Going alone, Wu Shengnan was worried about Gao Xiaotian’s safety and gave Wei Zimeng a wink and asked him to follow him in the car, but when he arrived at the destination, Wei Zimeng couldn’t follow, so he could only let Gao Xiaotian meet Song Chenggong alone. Up. Song Chenggong told Gao Xiaotian that they were hunted down two hours before the overseas team arrived in New Jib.

Gao Xiaotian and Song Chenggong both knew that it was Liao Qidong who wanted Song Chenggong’s life. Gao Xiaotian persuaded Song Chenggong to return to China to testify against Liao Qidong. Only when he returned to China would he be safe. Gao Xiaotian hoped that he could provide some clues. Song Chenggong didn’t say anything, only worried about his own life. He was like a frightened bird. He did not dare to stay in one place. When he wanted to leave in a hurry, Gao Xiaotian took out a new phone card to him. Let him keep in touch with himself.

Shi Yanan was thinking about the matter between himself and Liao Qidong, and was very upset. He kept drinking wine. Before Liao Qidong saw Shi Yanan and pursued her. Shi Yanan didn’t want to pay attention to it, but under Liao Qidong’s offensive, Shi Yanan fell. Now, when William saw that Shi Yanan drank so much wine, he was very worried about her, but Shi Yanan was unwilling to talk about the past with him. It was an unbearable past. Shi Yanan and Liao Qidong realized that he had a wife after they were together, and the truth is unknown.

The people thought that Shi Yanan was morally corrupt and became a junior. After Shi Yanan learned the truth, he broke up with Liao Qidong. After repeated consideration, Shi Yanan called the overseas team and decided to meet them. Gao Xiaotian was overjoyed and quickly set up to meet at the Chinese Embassy. William heard Shi Yanan call the overseas team, and he asked Shi Yanan again. Shi Yanan said that she was too confused about what happened, and she will definitely tell everything after work tomorrow.

The next morning, Gao Xiaotian took Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong to the Chinese Embassy to meet Shi Yanan. Shi Yanan told several people that she was also a victim back then. She knew that Liao Qidong did a lot of bad things, but at the time, she didn’t know. Love, she hopes to be able to make it clear this time so as not to be misunderstood in the future, Gao Xiaotian asked about Liao Qidong’s overseas assets, Shi Yanan did not hide it, and told what she knew, because Shi Yanan is a foreigner Because of her identity, Liao Qidong used her to buy real estate overseas and held a summer camp in the UK to bribe in disguise. Shi Yanan could vaguely guess Liao Qidong’s true purpose, so she later withdrew from the summer camp project. Gao Xiaotian asked her if she knew Regarding the murder of Longdong Group.

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