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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 12 Recap

Gao Xiaotian showed Song Chenggong the video of the trial. Song Chenggong was furious when he saw that Liao Qidong pushed all the charges on him during the trial. He became emotional and said that as long as Gao Xiaotian can remove the word law, he Immediately went back with Gao Xiaotian. Gao Xiaotian insisted on holding the bottom line and said that the word law cannot be removed in any way. In fact, Song Chenggong misunderstood the word law.

If the word law is removed, Song Chenggong’s rights and interests will be gained. There is no guarantee. Only when the sentence is measured according to the law, can there be a law to be followed for Song Cheng’s sentence, and it is more reliable, rather than anyone can decide it with a casual tap. Under Gao Xiaotian’s offensive, Song Chenggong’s psychological defense was completely breached, and he finally made a decision to return to China with Gao Xiaotian.

In China, because Song Chenggong was unable to appear in court to testify, the judge could only announce a temporary adjournment and wait for Song Chenggong to appear before the court. New Gibb, Song Chenggong hosted a banquet in the box and officially announced that they would return to China with Gao Xiaotian.

At this time, Liu Na also entered the box and was ready to attack Song Chenggong. Wei Zimeng and the others took it. It turned out that the people in the overseas team had noticed Liu Na’s face a long time ago. They secretly investigated Liu Na and discovered that her ID was forged. This aroused the alarm of the overseas team. There is no law enforcement power in foreign countries, so they can only take Liu Na down when she takes action. Fortunately, Song Chenggong, Gao Xiaotian and others can’t wait to return to China.

Soon after Song successfully arrived in court, France opened the trial again for Liao Qidong’s case, and both Liao Qidong and Xia became nervous. The judge asked Liao Qidong and Song Chenggong to question each other. Liao Qidong spoke first and spilled all the sewage on Song Chenggong’s head. Song Chenggong told everything that Liao Qidong had done.

Attorney Xia asked Song Chenggong to produce evidence. The prosecutor He took out Song Chenggong’s cell phone. It turned out that Song Chenggong had kept his old cell phone and all the chat records between him and Liao Qidong. The prosecutor played a call record of Liao Qidong instructing Song Chenggong to kill.

The evidence was conclusive. No matter how sophisticated Liao Qidong was, it was of no avail. Attorney Xia was helpless. The judge announced the adjournment of the court and set a date to pronounce the verdict. Soon, the persons involved in the Liao Qidong case were punished by law. After experiencing some twists and turns, the members of the overseas group were finally able to have a good rest and reunite with their families.

The Liao Qidong case has come to an end, and a case is slowly emerging in a small town in the south. On a rainy day, Qian Xiaoyan, an individual businessman, suddenly received a fraudulent call. The scammer said that Qian Xiaoyan’s identity information had been stolen.

She had a credit card in her name that owed money. She also advised Qian Xiaoyan to report the crime and gave Qian Xiaoyan a fake. Phone number of the public security agency. Qian Xiaoyan is no longer the first victim. Recently, telecommunications fraud cases have emerged one after another, and Gao Xiaotian and others have also begun to rush for this matter.

The base of this telecommunications fraud gang was in Southeast Asia F. At this time, A Qiu, a member of the scam gang, pretended to be deceiving Qian Xiaoyan by the Hanjiang Public Security Bureau, and then forwarded the call to the so-called prosecutor, Liu Bo pretending to be a prosecutor. One step by step led Qian Xiaoyan into the trap with proficiency, cheated Qian Xiaoyan’s bank card number, and got Qian Xiaoyan’s verification code.

The overseas working group arrived in Southeast Asia F. Gao Xiaotian found Ambassador Liang of the Chinese Embassy and explained to him that they were here to combat overseas telecommunications fraud. Ambassador Liang reminded everyone that many people in this country have guns, and the locals The police are not as efficient as in China. He wants everyone to pay attention to safety. After seeing Ambassador Liang, Gao Xiaotian went to the working group’s station in country F with Li Jichang, the police liaison officer of the embassy.

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