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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 11 Recap

Everyone in the overseas team discussed what to do next. Yin Zhihang was lost in thought. He felt that if Song Chenggong’s case was placed abroad, it would be much easier to handle. Foreign countries have a tainted witness protection system. Gao Xiaotian remembered that some comrades in the ministry went abroad. After studying and studying relevant laws, he decided to start from this aspect to see if there was any way to provide judicial protection for Song Chenggong. Gao Xiaotian decided to wait patiently.

At night, Song Chenggong couldn’t sleep, Gao Xiaotian suddenly appeared and chatted with him. The two chatted, saying what would their lives be like if they were not policemen and businessmen, Gao Xiaotian took the opportunity to persuade Song Chenggong , Going the wrong way is not terrible, as long as you go back and correct, everything can be made up.

On the second day, Song Chenggong sent Lawyer Cheng to Gao Xiaotian. Lawyer Cheng said that Song Chenggong actually wanted to return to China to testify against Liao Qidong, but the problem is that if Song Chenggong testified against Liao Qidong, the judicial authority would be able to reduce Song Chenggong’s sentence.

To what extent, Gao Xiaotian said that he was powerless in this regard, but Attorney Cheng said that he believed that Gao Xiaotian was talking about this matter. As long as Gao Xiaotian could help, Song Chenggong would definitely return it. Attorney Cheng said The inside story revealed the meaning of bribery, Gao Xiaotian righteously rejected him. Upon seeing this, Lawyer Cheng said that he had come to Gao Xiaotian. Song Chenggong didn’t know it, and he didn’t mean to bribe him.

Song Chenggong entertained Gao Xiaotian and others in the small restaurant, and specially asked Qin Jing Ideal to sing a few dramas to everyone. Everyone looked at Song Chenggong amusedly, not knowing what medicine he sold in the gourd, and left. The one near the small restaurant was not Manager Qin, but the new waiter Liu Na. Song Chenggong saw that it was not Manager Qin, so he wanted to talk about it next time, but Yin Zhihang said that Liu Na would sing two paragraphs.

Song Chenggong left Liu Na. Liu Na sang four lines for Shiro to visit her mother, and Yin Zhihang used her lyrics to persuade Song to make a decision. The restaurant manager saw Liu Na behaving well and asked her to enter the private room for Manager Qin. But what everyone didn’t know was that the waiter Liu Na turned out to be a killer. She entered the hotel to find a chance to kill Song Chenggong.

The domestic police instructed Gao Xiaotian that if Song Cheng functioned truthfully confessed the situation, admitted the facts of the crime, and reported and exposed other people’s crimes, then they could be punished as lightly as possible in accordance with the law, and Song Chenggong had a communication during the period of evidence collection. Freedom, family members can visit, and the company can operate normally. Song Chenggong is still worried.

After discussing a few words with Lawyer Cheng, he asks Gao Xiaotian to give out a written promise of what he just said, so that they can discuss how to decide. . Gao Xiaotian agreed, but Song Chenggong was still worried about the “light punishment to the greatest extent possible”. Attorney Cheng also said that as long as it is in accordance with the law, it is in accordance with the Constitution and Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China. It is definitely not good for Song Chenggong.

Song Chenggong asked the overseas team to remove the word law. Gao Xiaotian naturally refused to agree. He also said that the word law is a prerequisite for their cooperation and it is impossible to remove it. He asked Yin Zhihang to tell Song Chenggong. , If Song Chenggong does not cooperate, then they will start the second set of plans. It is not that they want to force Song Chenggong, it is Song Chenggong who has driven himself to a dead end.

Seeing that Gao Xiaotian refused to give in, Song Chenggong decided to spend time with Gao Xiaotian to see who was more anxious. Gao Xiaotian was not in a hurry. Song Chenggong was in a hurry. He found a chance to pretend to meet Gao Xiaotian. He wanted to see Gao Xiaotian’s attitude. Gao Xiaotian was not cold or hot, but let Song Chenggong come to see him. One thing.

In China, the case of Liao Qidong has already started. Song Chenggong, an important witness, does not go back. The overseas assets alone are far from overwhelming Liao Qidong. In the court, Liao Qidong and Lawyer Xia took all the prosecutors’ complaints against Liao Qidong. The accusations were all pushed to Song Chenggong’s head. The prosecutor requested that the witness Shi Yanan appear in court and testify against Liao Qidong’s bribery overseas.

Liao Qidong and Lawyer Xia were a little surprised when Shi Yanan entered the courtroom. They never expected that Shi Yanan would really come back. Shi Yanan told the court about Liao Qidong. What you did. After Shi Yanan testified, before returning to England, she decided to go back to her hometown with William to see her parents. After Wu Shengnan learned about her, she comforted her and said that her parents would forgive her.

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