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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 10 Recap

Everyone said that they were suspicious, but no one mentioned Accounting Shao. Gao Xiaotian asked if he suspected Accounting Shao. Wu Shengnan said that he always saw Accounting Shao in the garden, but there was nothing suspicious, Gao Xiaotian Tian could only let everyone continue to observe, and said that no matter what method the inner ghost used to convey the news, it would leave a trace, and let them separately stare at the three people around Song Chenggong.

The overseas team and Song Chenggong met again. Gao Xiaotian assured Song Chenggong that they attach great importance to Liao Qidong’s case. The country also has zero tolerance for corruption. Liao Qidong will definitely be punished by law. Song Chenggong said that he is not now. Worried about the punishment of Liao Qidong, he was even more worried about his personal problems. Song Chenggong asked them how to deal with their own situation.

Gao Xiaotian said that it depends on which side Song Chenggong was on, and he told Song Chenggong again. After investigation, it was found that Song Chenggong’s assets had nothing to do with Longdong Group, and it would be thawed in a few days. Song Chenggong was very grateful. In the evening, Song Chenggong discussed with Attorney Cheng whether it was time to meet up. Attorney Cheng told Song Chenggong not to be too optimistic, and to see if the overseas team would release greater sincerity.

There has been no substantial progress in the negotiation between the overseas team and Song Chenggong, and the date of the trial of Liao Qidong’s case is getting closer and closer. This made them a little anxious. Gao Xiaotian decided to increase the frequency of negotiations in the next step and asked Yin Zhihang to Cooperate with yourself in the next negotiation.

Another negotiation began. Gao Xiaotian was straightforward and asked Song Chenggong to express his greatest concern. Attorney Cheng said that Song Chenggong was most concerned about how he would be punished if he returned to China and how much he would be sentenced. In 1970, of course, Song Chenggong’s most ideal result was to be exempt from punishment.

Gao Xiaotian solemnly told Song Chenggong that exemption from punishment was impossible, and his matters would definitely be resolved in accordance with the law and criminal law. Yin Zhihang said on the side that as long as Song Chenggong has a major meritorious service, it is possible to reduce sentencing. Yin Zhihang and Song Chenggong talked for a long time, and went back to report the situation to Gao Xiaotian. Gao Xiaotian felt that the time had come. Song Chenggong must make a clear statement tomorrow.

On the second day of negotiations, before the talk started, Gao Xiaotian directly asked Song Chenggong whether he would like to return to China with him. Song Chenggong said that he could cooperate with everything except this request. Gao Xiaotian became serious and said If this is Song Chenggong’s final decision, Song Chenggong can leave now, but he can guarantee that as long as Song Chenggong leaves this door, his future life will be desperate, and they will report Song Chenggong’s materials to the world.

The Interpol issued a red notice to Song Chenggong and initiated the extradition procedure. After saying this, Gao Xiaotian said that Song Chenggong could leave. Song Chenggong didn’t say anything. He got up and was about to leave the restaurant. Yin Zhihang was a little worried.

Gao Xiaotian raised his hand to stabilize Yin Zhihang. Seeing that no one was stopping him, Song Chenggong felt a little confused. He quickly turned his head and said that he was unwell and went to the bathroom Just come back. Song Chenggong pretended to be uncomfortable and went back with a haggard face. He planned to continue talking with Gao Xiaotian. Gao Xiaotian finally gave Song Chenggong twenty-four hours. After twenty-four hours, he must give him an answer.

Mr. Guo suddenly found Gao Xiaotian to drink tea and said that he had a friend who could help him to do this in his own way, but Gao Xiaotian refused, saying that it would be better to solve the matter in their own way. When Gao Xiaotian and others were eating in the restaurant, they found that Song Chenggong was not in the restaurant. When everyone was worried, Song Chenggong came to the restaurant. Song Chenggong still said that he would not return to China.

In the early morning, Accounting Shao found a phone card in the soil in the garden. When he was about to take it away, he was ambushed by Wu Shengnan and others. The time was right, and Gao Xiaotian told the ghost about the matter. Song Chenggong also explained the incidents that the killer had appeared in temples, hospitals and docks. Song Chenggong couldn’t believe that Accounting Shao, who had been with him for so many years, turned out to be a ghost.

His heart was extremely exhausted, Gao Xiaotian persuaded him When he moved, he was not willing anymore, feeling that it was the same everywhere. After catching the inner ghost, the morale of the overseas team soared. They felt that Song Chenggong had finally established a small flame of trust in them. They wanted to burn the fire until Song Chenggong agreed to return to China.

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