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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 13 Recap

Yin Xiao was drugged, and walked very unsteadily to his grandfather’s foundry shop. Because of the medicine, when he saw Yinzhuang with an old man and a middle-aged man, what he saw was not what they originally meant. Faces, but two ugly faces next to his sister. The long sword was out of its sheath in an instant. If it weren’t for the powerful weapon made by Grandpa, Yin Xiao would not be able to hurt them for a while, I am afraid that the two of them have already been bleeding everywhere. It is not a long-term solution for the three of them to hide behind an umbrella. In desperation, Huo Tu Xin wears a yang bracelet and silver makeup wears a yin bracelet. When they touch each other, the water in the tank can be controlled by Huo Tu Xin. Only then did the water awaken Yinxiao.

Upon learning that Zhu Xi was finally coming to Zhaodu, Yuanyi and Feitian were discussing, when Linglong ran over. Zhu Xi was about to come to Zhaodu to kill her, but she was not afraid at all, she just wanted to see where the sacred one was chasing her all the way. On the other side, Huo Tuxin couldn’t take off the bracelet in his hand. There was nothing to do with Yinzhuang. Yinzhuang was anxious, and he was also anxious. Perhaps this was God’s will. Yin Xiao still had an idea after he was sober, and when Zhaodu got rid of his hand, he took it down. Anyway, this little injury will definitely be cured by the God Lord.

Huo Tu Xin heard that he was going to Zhaodu, and the candle rhinoceros also set off yesterday, and instantly remembered the killing of the gods that candle rhinoceros said in prison that day. If the three of them together, if the god is killed, they have always been attached. The Yuan clan of the god master will no longer be irreplaceable. This may be his true intention, and the rite of birth is the best time. Earlier, it was said that Linglong was a monster and she was about to kill her in an instant. Huo Tu Xin also remembered that the situation of the old Jiatou’s daughter was somewhat similar to Linglong’s. So when the three of them went to look for it together, there was no one there. Take Zhaodu to identify Linglong.

At the Zhaodu Temple, the candle rhinoceros came from Pingting thousands of miles to see him, publicly exposed Linglong’s tricks at the funeral of the Buddha seal, and brought to Xia Ling from the fire weaving village. From her perspective, Linglong was not the god but the monster. It is compared with the daughter of the old Jiatou. Linglong is the same as the tragedy of the Pingting plague seventeen years ago. They are all monsters. They will kill the people and do nothing. Linglong draws swords with him to point each other, and the end of life and death is the time when the god is true or false, but it is a pity that Zhu Xi does not gamble with her. The effect he wants to shake people’s hearts has been achieved, and Linglong was immediately imprisoned.

Feitian put Linglong in jail for Zhaodu’s consideration of the overall situation. Yuanyi watched that the strange girl brought by the candle rhinoceros was tied to the execution ground, and would Linglong be treated like that. He planned to do his utmost to protect Linglong no matter what, even if Zhaodu was used, it would not hesitate to fight with Zhuxi with troops.

Huo Tu Xin and Yin brothers and sisters want to rush to Zhaodu to bypass Shixu. It is the moat of Zhaodu. It takes time to get around. If you use a tiny inkstone boat, you can cross directly. At this time, the tiny inkstone is born. They were waiting for Yinzhuang at Qiaotou, but after discussing with his brother yesterday, Yinzhuang regretted the marriage. Weishengyan stayed with her at this time, and received the news that she still regretted the marriage. Moreover, Huotu Xin realized the power of the Yang bracelet. After touching Yinzhuang, he made a water barrier stand in the middle, keeping the useless Weishengyan and had to give up temporarily. . But the three people wanted to borrow his boat and couldn’t borrow it. All the boats were seconded by Pingjiang Hou Zhuxi, and Huo Tu Xin confirmed that he was going to kill Linglong.

The candles came to the high priest in a majestic manner. Both of them knew very well in their hearts, but they were both playing mysteries with each other. Seventeen years ago, the plague in Pingting was the work of Candle Rhinoceros, and he didn’t tell anyone the secret. Yinzhuang had to intercept the ship when there was no ship, but the Yin-Yang bracelet had only been used, and it took a long time to use it again. So Yin Xiao boarded the ship and met Wuyuan who had been waiting for a long time. Seeing Huo Tu Xin and Yin Zhuang together, Wu Yuan jokingly questioned, Yin Zhuang also remembered something, and asked her to return the necklace Weisheng Yan gave her earlier.

In Zhaodu prison, Xia Ling sent meat shortbread. She didn’t want to target Linglong, but since she was a monster, she couldn’t let her live in the world to harm people. On the flying fish boat, Huo Tu Xin thought about everything carefully. Linglong’s life was nothing but a stepping stone to replace Yuanyi’s path with the candle rhinoceros. Suddenly, the daughter of the old Jia’s well-hidden head was found to be mostly Wuyuan’s guide. The most incredible thing is that the plague seventeen years ago was nothing more than a hoax to slaughter those so-called alien monsters.

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