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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 10 Recap

The relationship between Yinzhuang and Weishengyan is nothing but a mutually exploiting relationship. They both know well that Yinzhuang’s wife who makes Weishengyan does everything possible to help him, and she also gets it from Weishengyan. The return he wants is to do his best to assist Yin Xiao and Fuxing Yin Shi. Weishengyan also has rules.

Outside, he will maintain the honor and glory of Yinzhuang and give her the most decent treatment. And if the Yinzhuang is his person, she will do what he wants her to do. For example, now he wants her to take off She has to take off her clothes. This kind of free-wheeling feeling is really good, and Yinzhuang also satisfies him, but there is another condition. In front of Yin Xiao, Weishengyan should show her care and love her, and this deal is not that difficult.

Just now when shopping with Yinzhuang, he saw Zhang Bang’s wanted order. Yin Xiao broke into the prison to find out the whereabouts of Huo Tuxin, but learned that he had been robbed long ago. Huo Tu Xin didn’t forget to inquire about Jin’er’s whereabouts at the old man’s house. He hastily showed the old man a tattoo, and the latter returned to the past after a slightly different look. In short, he couldn’t ask anything. However, Huo Tu Xin had another small discovery, that is, the old man’s small bag and the medicine bag that Wu Yuan gave her look like a flower.

When Yin Xiao was drinking in the restaurant, he noticed that someone was following him, and immediately stopped him. The other party was Zhaodu messenger holding a feather. It was to inform him of the ceremony of his birth, Yin Xiao handed him the reply, and then the messenger quietly responded to Wuyuan. After her hand-written letter was exchanged, Zhaodu would only know that Pingting was safe and sound. When Yin Xiao returned to Weishengyan’s mansion, the old butler knew that he was in the silver makeup room. When he passed by, what he heard was Weishengyan’s love and care for Yinzhuang in the room. After he left, the two changed again. Cheng Yinzhuang obeyed Weisheng Yan’s arrangement.

Yuan Yi found Linglong in the library of books. The other party was eating chicken legs with a bowl, not eating in the room or out on the table, but lying on the stacks of bookshelves. When I asked, I realized that Linglong was afraid of the eyes of those who followed the service and stared at her closely, making her uncomfortable. When Linglong finished eating and took out the handkerchief to wipe her mouth, Yuanyi was very pleased with the embroidered firework pattern.

Seeing that he liked it so much, Linglong promised him to turn around and let Huo Tu Xin make one for him. How could she understand that Yuanyi wanted nothing more than Linglong’s handkerchief, and it was not until this was when he noticed that Linglong was reading any more books to eat, including his record of selecting concubines over the years. No wonder she was upset, because she was jealous.

Linglong is really interesting. Now Yuanyi is in the mood to find her happy, but she wants to read books that she can’t reach. Yuanyi won’t give it to her for a long time even if she gets it, so she wants her to hook him. What a nasty day. When Linglong finally got the book, she found out the clues. The nine little disciples who went to Zhihuo Bishengzhu to check sixteen years ago were sick and died. This is definitely not a coincidence, so they decided to ask the big questions. priest. The high priest didn’t have a lesser-known answer to this matter, and he should ask his master for more distant matters, but his master has long since passed away. It’s just that Linglong always felt that the high priest was hiding something, and she had an instinct to guide her to explore.

In the night of Pingting, Huo Tu Xin was pouring footwash for the old man, because the fire weaver felt that the comfortable temperature was really hot and scary, and he did not do anything to satisfy the old man. As the curfew was patrolling, Huo Tuxin rushed out and called for someone to come over. He didn’t know what the hell he was fighting, but the old man didn’t want him to go at the moment, he just stopped and didn’t stop him. In the chaos, the guard wounded the old man to the ground, which aroused Huo Tu Xin’s hostility. Although his fists were not outstanding, he still had the ability to make these people suffer.

At this time, Wu Yuan appeared, and these people only needed one look from her to run until it was time to run. Isn’t the old man’s granddaughter coming back? The medicine package is exactly the same as the grandfather’s house. What relationship can prove this coincidence. Wu Yuan slapped her with a palm. Grandpa is her weakness. No one can let Grandpa fall into danger. Huo Tu Xin will blush and talk about everything, saying that Wu Yuan has a snake-hearted heart.

Grandpa almost fainted. Only then did he realize that something was not right, and hurriedly took the cow sand and put it in front of his grandfather’s nose and mouth, and then his grandfather eased a little. The first thing that slowed down, the old man slapped Huo Tu Xin first, asking him not to talk to Wu Yuan like this, but he didn’t know anything but said to her like this.

When she was a child, the little girl was holding maltose on the corner of the street. Suddenly a few people came over to take him away. At the same time, her parents received ten coins, and the maltose fell on the ground that rainy night. After waking up from the nightmare, there was a lingering fear in her heart, and only then found out that Huo Tu Xin was still sitting in her narration. Grandpa, Huo Tu Xin probably also guessed the reason why Wu Yuan had been helping him.

Like Old Jia, he hoped that the Lord would save his loved ones. If Linglong is the God Lord, the whole Suchuan would be a hell to her, and the desires of all walks of life are directed towards her. The God Lord is probably not noble, just a tool for people to pray for satisfaction.

I entrusted Grandpa to Huo Tu Xin to take care of him. Wu Yuan came to find Weisheng Yan. It is indeed easy to communicate with smart people. You can understand each other’s intentions at a glance. Weisheng Yan gave her medicine to treat grandpa, and then sent her. Go to Zhaodu.

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