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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 5 Recap

Yin Xiao grabbed Huo Tu Xin’s collar and placed him on the boundary where he fell half a step away. This is a real stowaway. It is reasonable to say that it is not an exaggeration to just throw it down, but Huo Tu Xin insists on protecting his life. The principle of using threats and begging for mercy and Xiaozhi’s reasoning with emotions made Yin Xiao not throw him down for a while. However, these little tricks are difficult to fool the Silver clan members. In the end, Linglong still tells the truth that he is the divine lord being chased and killed. It is really a last resort to sneak into the ship.

Everything was clear. Originally thought that the contradiction was solved, the ship owner suddenly pushed Huo Tu Xin out with his hand. As his voice became more and more distant, Linglong was so anxious that he didn’t know what to do. The ship owner believed that Huo Tu Xin had offended Pingjiang Hou, and when they arrived at the boundary of Pingjiang Hou, Pingting, Huo Tu Xin might be a trouble, so it is better to abandon it as soon as possible.

At this time, Yuan Yi took out a transparent bead, which should be recognized by the descendants of the Yin family, and then the two brothers and sisters knelt down and saluted. This is their lord. The owner of the ship was also forced to kneel down and landed in accordance with Yuan Yi’s order to fight Tu Xin.

At this time, the hull of the ship suddenly began to shake violently, and all the helms were useless. The sky collapsed everywhere, and everyone was busy avoiding survival. Seeing that the situation was not good, the ship owner threw everyone down and hid in the small cabin first. The Yin brothers and sisters also avoided by themselves, while Yuan Yi was protecting Linglong.

The flying fish began to descend rapidly. At this time, a Taoist man was sitting next to the bullock cart somewhere on the ground, and he witnessed the fire falling from the horizon. After falling on the ground, the ship owner was fine. After he got out of the cabin, he saw Yuanyi and Linglong wrapped in a ball of light. It would be fine if they had the power to protect them, but although the Yin brothers and sisters were fine, they The old mother Zi Juanniang who died attendant.

There was a black smoke on the horizon, which was a signal to chase soldiers, and after a few rounds, Yuan Yi Linglong left first, leaving the Yin brothers and sisters and the ship owner to delay. At this time, the bone erosion had blocked the way. The ship owner said on the face that he did not know where the two were going, but quietly pointed out the direction with his hands. Yin Xiao wanted to get rid of these evil thieves. When the knife eroded the bones, his body couldn’t move.

He knew exactly what power this was, and the person in front of him with the amethyst embedded in his forehead actually imitated the power of Yinshi. . To die in the hands of a power familiar to him is considered a good death, and the bone erosion is about to stab him with the tip of the sword. At this time, Huo Tu Xin jumped out from the dark and threw a big rock over, and the bone erosion was distracted and controlled there The stone slackened on Yin Xiao’s side, Yin Xiao stabbed down and stunned the bone erosion.

The matter should start from last night. After the ship owner pushed Huo Tu Xin down, the brown feather man rescued him and tied him to a big tree, claiming that Pingjiang Hou just lived. After he left, Huo Tu Xin saw the falling fire fish boat, worried about Linglong’s safety, hooked up to the Yeshi hidden in his body and burned the rope to search for Linglong. It was precisely in this way that he saw the scene of bone erosion stabbing Yinxiao. By the way Just helped.

Linglong and Yuanyi fled hurriedly all the way, and they met the Daoist in Niuche, then they hid in the grass behind them, waiting for the chaser to ask the Daoist and pointed out the direction. He thought he could fool him, but he didn’t. The chasers stabbed him with a knife and searched his bullock cart, but found nothing. After turning over his bullock cart, the Taoist stood behind them very angry, and then the scepter dropped a little. One of the chasers was burned in the flames, and the other ran away, seeing the situation not good, and Linglong came out.

The Taoist immediately luggage to Yuan Yi. He had known that he was the Lord, but it was a pity that Yuan Yi had a bad memory and he didn’t remember the Buddha seal. Seeing that he had such supernatural powers, Linglong immediately had hope, and asked the master to help her find Huo Tu Xin. On the other side, Huo Tuxin and Yin’s brothers and sisters were also looking for Linglong. When they finally met, Huo Tuxin had a crooked point, lying on the ground and pretending to be dead, so that Linglong could experience the feeling of not having her father for a while, so that she could come back later Can’t leave him either. Afterwards, the group took a rest and learned that it was the Yueling tribe who rescued Huo Tu Xin. Does that mean that the Yueling tribe will no longer be credible? After all, the prime minister Feitian is also the Yueling tribe.

When the Buddha seal took out Feitian’s feathers, Yuan Yi remembered that he was the Buddha seal who had a crush on Feitian and was expelled from his teacher by Tianqimen. After that, he also took out the guide stone. These were two stones that attracted each other. The Buddha seal showed the direction of Zhaodu. There was Feitian and his concern. Later, when I saw the owner of the ship, Huo Tu Xin was not angry, and it was even if he punched it with his fist. It was not like a villain.

Huo Tu Xin began to search for the Buddha Seal’s bullock cart, and find some useful guys to cook a good meal for everyone, especially Linglong who is still growing body and cannot eat it. Yinzhuang heard that Huotu Xinyu soup is very good, so Yinxiao caught the fish and asked Huotuxin to make it once.

Linglong sat by the stream and began to think about whether she was a divine lord, what power she had, and she couldn’t do anything at the moment. Just now, she thought she could do nothing when Huo Tu Xin died. But who has never been bumpy? Even the monarch of Yuan Yi is so difficult. His father died in battle. He is the only blood of the Yuan family. Sitting on this throne is not as glorious as it is said. The goal of the struggle.

The Buddha seal even sighed. There is a star map in his body. Yuan Yi is the chosen one. Then he tapped the transparent bead on Yuan Yi’s neck with his scepter. The surrounding radiance is overflowing with stars in the sky. Shine, this is the star map.

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