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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 1 Recap

The girl stood barefoot in front of a mountain-shui stone pillar, waded through the shallow water to the foot of the stone pillar, picked the first white flower and poured it into an altar of water just now. She was named Hutu Linglong and lived in Zhihuo Village for generations. The generation is a tribe that accompanies fire. Linglong’s father was Huo Tu Xin. According to the clansmen, her birth was the result of her father breaking the rules, but how can she say that Linglong also spent 16 years here safely. Dad made a good meal, but he made a meal this morning but found Linglong was missing, so he found his daughter on the circuit of the Glory Stone.

After returning home, Linglong placed the returning lotus that she brought back on her mother’s spiritual position. It is said that the mother never came back at the Yanxi wall. Today is the exam for the Tongshan group. If you pass the exam, you can go to Yanyan. Look over the wall, you can find your mother. Huo Tu Xin had prepared a good meal for her early in the morning, but when Linglong asked why his mother went to the Flame Extinguishing Wall back then, he still concealed it. All she has to do is to go through the Fire Test and see for herself.

Once Dad was also the best member of the Tongshan group. He led the clansmen to extinguish the fire, but until that day Niang insisted on going to the flames to extinguish the wall, and only Dad and Linglong came back. He seemed to have forgotten the duties of a Tongshan group. He didn’t enter the Flame Extinguishing Wall anymore, and focused on his daughter Linglong. But Linglong didn’t forget that there was the place where the mother disappeared on the other side of the flame-extinguishing wall.

A group of Haohao Tangtang entered the ground fire test, and there was simulated ground fire powder in the narrow valley bottom terrain. Linglong took the two children in a team and passed five levels to kill six generals. While protecting her companions, she was able to judge the direction of the fire, which obviously couldn’t help her. The elders who were watching from a high place immediately increased the difficulty, activated the Ring of Burner, the fire pulse changed, and the three underneath were surrounded, exquisitely thinking. She remembered that the elders said that there were no rules to put out the fire. So she settled down and her companion went up to the lookout place alone, snatched the elder’s signal and launched it into the sky, and all the flames in the canyon were instantly extinguished.

Although Linglong extinguished all the flames, the elders decided that she would never be allowed to enter the flame extinguishing wall. They cared that Linglong’s mother was a foreigner. If Linglong entered the flame extinguishing wall to anger the ancestors and cause disaster, no one would know what would happen. When Huo Tu Xin was arguing with the elders, someone came to tell her that Linglong was a little depressed, and then he couldn’t control these old guys, and immediately ran to find Linglong. No need to think about it and know that she is in the Glory Stone, which is carved with the names of the fire fighting heroes of the past, which is the supreme glory.

Where did Huo Tu Xin find Linglong? He told her that the construction of the Flame Extinguishing Wall cost the ancestor’s life, but these were not to hang the name on the Glory Stone, but to allow future generations to live in peace, so don’t be too persistent. As for the mother, she is not on the side of the flame extinguishing wall, but in Linglong’s heart. Then Huo Tu Xin stayed here with her to think about it for a while, and went home to cook for her daughter. When the meal was ready and let it cool, Linglong still did not come back. When the reaction came over, the whole village could not find Linglong. .

There is only one place, the flame extinguishes the wall. Huotu Xinti went to the Flame Extinguishing Wall with his fang spear, where he had to get in because of the negligence of the guards. Sure enough, he met Linglong here who was about to rush in, and patiently persuaded her to go back, but Linglong refused to listen, and turned and ran deeper. When Huo Tu Xin caught up, Linglong was panicking with the altar of Returning Restoration Lotus. She was already surrounded by the fire, Huo Tu Xin jumped down to protect Linglong in her robe.

At this time, there was a beam of blue light rushing into the sky from the other Shengzhu, and then the elders came one after another and saw Huo Tu Xin being beaten out by some force. After that, a white monster that resembled a vine demon came out from the sea of ​​fire, with golden flames all over his body, and the sound was very harsh and hard to scream.

Moreover, she seemed to be unable to distinguish between right and wrong, even Huo Tu Xin attacked, but Huo Tu Xin called her Linglong. It wasn’t until a man in armor with a knife appeared behind her and spotted a drop of blood on her forehead that she regained her senses and cured Huo Tu Xin’s injuries, and finally fainted and turned back into a human body. The man said her identity in one word, she is the god.

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