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Whirlwind Magician 旋风魔术师 Episode 23 Recap

Yu Wei and Jasmine sneaked in, but were discovered by the people of the Dark Union. The leader went to the room to check the mother and found that she was still inside. Jasmine pretended to be arrested and Yu Wei took her to see her mother, but Joseph kidnapped his mother. Yu Wei wanted to know how he was exposed, and then Joseph told his situation.

Yu Wei took out the holy crystal and handed it to the leader, but at the same time he also took the opportunity to hit Joseph. Arthur and the others went outside without chasing anyone, so they rushed into the room again. Jiang Tao brought the police to see Xiaoyan, and then learned that Yu Wei was trying to save his mother. Ziyao returned to Fang’s house and told Fang Hao to leave as soon as possible.

The people of the Dark Union have been found and it is very likely that they will be found here. After the police arrived, the dark union’s heads were taken, and the police took all of them and interrogated them. Yu Wei did not make a mistake when he went to save his mother. After being taken to prison, Joseph did not answer any questions but waited until his lawyer came.

After Xiaoyan returned home, Teacher Zhao held Xiaoyan worriedly. He didn’t expect that it was the Fang family who kidnapped Fang’s mother. Therefore, the Zhu family wanted to get rid of Fang’s relationship. Yu Wei called Peipei and wanted to talk to Zhu’s father. Then Zhu’s father quickly took the phone and said that he had time.

Now Zhu’s family can only rely on Yu Wei to escape this matter. After Yu Wei arrived at Zhu’s family, Zhu’s father expressed his politeness, and Fang Ziyao’s research project, Zhu’s family, also participated. Yu Wei said that he wanted to lead the research project, and it would depend on the Supreme Council. Yu Wei’s magic progressed quickly and became durian. As long as Yu Wei was supported, the Magic Association represented by the Zhu family would also strongly support Yu Wei.

Yu Wei asked Peipei to take herself to see Commissioner Liu. Then Yu Wei took the durian to see Commissioner Liu. Commissioner Liu was scared to shout to the police. Then Yu Wei talked to Commissioner Liu about the Saint Crystal. Commissioner Liu said Very interested and told Peipei to leave. Commissioner Liu wanted to know why Yu Wei smashed himself, and then he talked about the Saint Crystal Treasure, hoping to cooperate with the Supreme Council. Commissioner Liu disagreed, but Yu Wei said that someone had talked with him long ago.

He called his grandma and didn’t expect that his grandma was Tu Fang, and Tu Fang was Commissioner Liu’s uncle, and the Supreme Council asked Commissioner Liu to agree to Yu. Any requirements of Granville. The council made the biggest concession. Tu Fang also eliminated half of it. No matter how internally it is fighting, it hopes not to be tied to the treasure. Commissioner Liu really surprised Jiang Tao for the research project led by Yu Wei.

The fact that Teacher Fang was wanted by the police reached the ears of the students, and Yu Wei also wanted to accept Teacher Fang’s research plan. Jiang Tao introduced to everyone that Yu Wei would replace Teacher Fang Ziyao to teach them. Everyone expressed doubts about Yu Wei’s magic ability, and then Yu Wei performed hypnotism to everyone on the spot. Everyone was amazed by Yu Wei’s performance and no one raised it. objection.

After Yu Wei got the treasure, he decided to give the treasure to the country, so everyone was very happy about it. Mother Yu saw Jasmine carrying her, and then said that she had never seen Yu Wei so sad for a girl. After Yu Wei came back, Yu mother left. Joseph fled from the prison, but after Jasmine returned home, she saw Ziyao guarding Jasmine’s house and kidnapping Jasmine. Fang Ziyao called Yu Wei and asked him to come by himself. If he dared to call the police again, he would wait to collect their bodies.

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