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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 16 Recap

Sheng Huainan prefers autumn leaves and leaves to the sky full of flowers. Just like Luo Zhi’s “To Our Dying Youth”, beauty is always illusory, and only incompleteness is true. However, it is precisely because of its incompleteness that it is necessary to use youth to pursue it. Maybe the beauty will pass away, but once there is no regret is eternal.

Because Luo Zhi knew that her essay would be used as a model essay for the whole year to read, she went to great lengths to revise the gorgeous rhetoric that seemed untrue. At the beginning, Luo Zhi hoped that Sheng Huainan could see it in words, and could use sentences to convey his heart. Who knew that Sheng Huainan had never read an article.

Luo Zhi is a person with a strong and fragile heart. She is deeply trapped in the gentleness of the moment and fear of the future. At this time, she also received threatening text messages from Zheng Wenrui. The tacit understanding that Sheng Huainan felt at this time was all an illusion made by Luo Zhi after years of observation. Everyone thought so, including Luo Zhi himself.

Zheng Wenrui’s word-by-word condemnation made Luo Zhi even more afraid that Sheng Huainan would learn the fraud elements contained in this tacit agreement. Sheng Huainan treats feelings purely and longs for sincerity. If the acquaintance and acquaintance of two people is a perfect deception, even if this deception comes from the heart, it is an emotional deception for him.

Luo Zhi belongs to the pursuing pursuit of the self-clearing of the Qing. She disdain to explain desperately after being misunderstood. In her eyes, explanation is the weakest thing. Trust is between facts and misunderstandings and will not change because of whether or not to explain. Luo Zhi knew that having a spiritual heart was a luxury and unrealistic pursuit, but he longed for another individual to understand his own heart.

Luo Zhi looked at Sheng Huainan who was holding her in the skating rink, the sun shining on the opponent’s face, also illuminating her heart. After accidentally falling and causing injuries, Luo Zhi didn’t even feel pain. She was deeply trapped in Sheng Huainan’s tenderness.

This date was a happy and complete date. Before leaving, Sheng Huainan gave a gift prepared early in the morning, and a few books by Gibran. Sheng Huainan went for a day with a few books on his back. Luo Zhi feels happy with this kind of thoughtfulness and dedication, but this kind of happiness disappeared in the face of Zheng Wenrui’s threat.

Luo Zhi’s worries rose again, but Jiang Baili used the reasoning writer Mo Dan’s forum to temporarily drive her away from the gloom. Mo Dan’s arrival is rare, and he has always been Luo Zhi’s favorite reasoning master. Although the host is Ye Zhanyan, she doesn’t care.

Ye Zhanyan wanted to use venture capital to regain the tacit understanding and enthusiasm that he used to work with Sheng Huainan. Who knows that neither the process nor the result is satisfactory. Ye Zhanyan felt more and more that he and Sheng Huainan were farther and farther away, and even the brothers beside him liked Luo Zhi more. This is not a good sign for Ye Zhanyan, but the news that suddenly appeared in front of her caught her attention.

Ye Zhanyan was surprised to find that a technician had been burned to death in a factory under the Shengshi Group, and this technician was Luo Zhi’s father. Ye Zhanyan now suspects that Luo Zhi’s deliberate approach to Sheng Huainan was not because of liking, but because he was preparing for revenge.

For this reason, Ye Zhanyan deliberately invited Sheng Huainan out, and deliberately revealed that he once wanted to give up the feelings between them, and has already returned the gift that Sheng Huainan gave her. Ye Zhanyan’s lied gift has been handed over to Luo Zhi by Ding Shuijing, in order to slander Luo Zhi for worrying about their reunion and hide the gift secretly, and portray Luo Zhi into a rather scheming woman.

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