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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 15 Recap

It is easy to persuade others to let go of their hatred. Only when he is caught in it will he realize how difficult it is. Sheng Huainan is unwilling to accept his father’s arrangement, but he has to face the choice of taking over the family business or studying abroad. A good hand will not play, because no matter how you play, you will win. There are no challenges, no surprises, and seeing the future at a glance is the most hopeless life.

Sheng Huainan couldn’t understand that what his father would do would be commercialized. He didn’t care about the enthusiasm and creativity of the students. The more this kind of time, the more determined he became. Sheng Huainan decided not to trade this bracelet creation. Although Zhang Mingrui and others are looking forward to the success of making money, they care more about youth and friendship.

Everyone can figure it out so quickly because Luo Zhi expressed Sheng Huainan’s heart and original intentions in text messages. However, in this venture capital competition, Sheng Huainan did not even squeeze in the top three, and even fell into plagiarism. Chen Yongle won the championship trophy, but Sheng Huainan knew well that he also copied the works of a famous foreign person.

In the limited youth, the most precious thing is to sweat and passion, and to create good memories. After Sheng Huainan’s game, the first thing he thought of was not revenge or loss, and he ran to the school looking for Luo Zhi.

Before the start of the race, Luo Zhi was injured by a bicycle in a hurry, and he did not forget to reconcile the feelings between Sheng Huainan and his brother. When Sheng Huainan finally found Luo Zhi at the school, he was worried about her and promised to fulfill the agreement between them. Sheng Huainan has never forgotten the date that was interrupted last time because of Ye Zhanyan.

Ye Zhanyan, but Chen Yongle’s despicableness, even integrated the evidence of plagiarism by the other party in the shortest time and was successfully adopted by the judges. All of a sudden, the incident of Chen Yongle’s cheating became a new hot spot. Although there were regrets, it was still a bad breath.

Brotherhood is there, but after all, we still have to live. The KFC hosted by Sheng Huainan was the last rich dinner. In order to maintain living expenses, Sheng Huainan mobile phone repair was officially opened, and the business at the door instantly grew.

Everyone has troubles that they can’t get past. Even people who seem to be careless, go their own way, and even treat people with brave feelings like Zheng Wenrui have a fragile heart. No matter how much effort Zheng Wenrui made, her mother couldn’t wait to marry her out, ignoring her true thoughts at all.

Zheng Wenrui feels that she is always a loser in the eyes of her mother. No matter how much she puts into the family and how hard she works, she can’t surpass her brother’s position in her mother’s heart. Such a family makes Zheng Wenrui withdrawn and weird, yet he yearns to be cared about, but only a vicious circle is obtained.

Sheng Huainan stayed up all night to make a plan for Gulangyu tourism. Just when he came to the scenic spot with Luo Zhi, he discovered that Professor Wen Yuan, who teaches at the university, was pulling a tricycle here to make extra money. There were so many students, Wen Yuan didn’t stubbornly explain that they were twin brothers until Luo Zhi and the other two recognized him.

Obviously, Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan didn’t plan to take the car, and who knew that Wenyuan followed along and sang “Happy Breakup” to make them submit. Sitting on a tricycle in a small space, Luo Zhi did not dare to enjoy the happiness at this moment. She was afraid that when she would wake up early tomorrow morning, everything would become a beautiful dream.

During the gossip, Sheng Huainan put his hand on the back of the car, as if he was holding Luo Zhi from behind. When parking to enjoy the scenery, Sheng Huainan looked at the beautiful scenery in the distance, while Luo Zhi looked at the back of Sheng Huainan from behind. Although Luo Zhi warned herself that she shouldn’t ask for too much and fantasize too much, the feeling like a couple traveling today still makes her infatuated.

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