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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 14 Recap

After 24 hours of work, Sheng Huainan lay on the sofa to make up for sleep, muttering to himself some dreams. Luo Zhi thought he had some kind of appeal, so he lowered his body and listened with his ears. Sheng Huainan happened to turn his head, causing his lips to touch the corners of Luo Zhi’s mouth. Luo Zhi’s expression was astonished but couldn’t help but throbbed, and Ye Zhanyan saw it clearly outside the glass.

When the two met on the roof, Ye Zhanyan vomited his dissatisfaction with Luo Zhi. Ye Zhanyan once exposed her most fragile place in front of her rivals, but the more Luo Zhi didn’t care about her privacy, the more Ye Zhanyan hated her high and innocent appearance.

Ye Zhanyan stepped over the railing and stood on the periphery, trying to use her life to prove to Luo Zhi that she loves Sheng Huainan, but this behavior was even more naive in Luo Zhi’s heart. Likes have nothing to do with others, and you don’t even need to prove to those you like that Luo Zhi would bother to joke about his life.

A farce ended amidst the calm wind of Luo Zhi, Ye Zhanyan returned to the office like a winner, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward and restrained. Who knows that a fart makes Ye Zhanyan and Tao Zhiyao, including Sheng Huainan, feel the pleasure of instant liberation.

The same thing about the venture capital project was confirmed again. Sheng Huainan received the news that the content of the project was exactly the same, so the insider must have revealed it. Everyone thought about it, only Xu Riqing, who had come to deliver snacks, was the most likely to leak the secrets, but because she didn’t understand this aspect, she leaked the project secrets with the purpose of showing off.

Everyone believed that Xu Riqing was innocent, and Zhang Mingrui took all the responsibilities. However, the brothers just wanted to help each other in difficulties. No one chose to blame. Instead, they united to overcome the immediate difficulties. After Xu Riqing confessed, she had disclosed the project content to Zhang Wei, and Zhang Mingrui also confirmed from the venture capital catalog.

Ye Zhanyan was the first to take the brunt of Sheng Huainan and Zhang Mingrui to ask for an explanation. They believed that Yongle encouraged Zhang Wei to plagiarize but there was no evidence. The patent application form Zhang Mingrui suddenly took out can prove that all the same content must be plagiarism, which made Zhang Wei and others reluctant.

In fact, Zhang Mingrui’s so-called patent book is nothing more than a few notes in a file bag. He would use this method to make Zhang Wei retreat without a fight, which is what Luo Zhi taught. Although Luo Zhi applied for a patent from the beginning, he would not issue documents so quickly. As soon as this incident came out, everyone praised Luo Zhi for being in danger and preparing well, making Ye Zhanyan’s confrontation even more ridiculous.

After this incident, everyone felt that they had a chance to win, and Gobi even negotiated with his father to buy their patents at a high price. While everyone is enjoying the future, Sheng Huainan scoffs at this idea. He is not willing to treat creativity as a business, but treats it as a love and a free donation to society.

The project carries everyone’s efforts. A free donation is tantamount to making the payment in vain, but no one can decide that one party is absolutely wrong. After finally overcoming the difficulties, now they have to face the internal disagreement, and Sheng Huainan also used alcohol to relieve his sorrow for the first time.

Luo Zhi looked at the drunk Sheng Huainan, and would not be disappointed because of his self-defeating and abandoning himself at this time. On the contrary, he was very happy to see the different appearance of Sheng Huainan. In an instant, Sheng Huainan’s gloomy mood was blown away. He wanted to take off the stars from the sky and write Luo Zhi’s name.

Youth is childish, and it is this childishness that makes him appear innocent. Luo Zhi’s flashlight used the light of a flashlight as stars, and he wrote the words in his heart on the glass. At this moment, Sheng Huainan really hopes that one day, she can express her name with stars for Luo Zhi, and turn this wish into an ideal.

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