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Don’t Mess With Girls (2021) 女孩子不好惹

Don’t Mess With Girls (2021)
Other Title: 女孩子不好惹, Seven o’clock , 7 o’clock , Time Seven , 7:00 , The Timeliness Change , 计时七点 , Nv Hai Zi Bu Hao Re , Nu Hai Zi Bu Hao Re, Girls are not easy to mess with

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Chen Peng
Writer: –
Network: –
Release Date: 
Jan 28, 2021
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  • Kido Gao as Xiao Lin Nan
  • Wang Zi Wei as Dang Dang
  • Will Song as Li Si Zhuang
  • Dong Li Wu You as Younger Xiao Lin Nan

Based on a webtoon, the story is about two people who suddenly turn into 12 yr olds every day for 12 hrs – except one transforms at 7am, the other at 7pm.

“Girls are not easy to mess with” tells about Lin Nan’s handsome free and easy, is a hot graphic photographer in the circle, he knows how to appreciate beauty, but also know how to present beauty, which makes people who look for him to shoot in droves, and many of them want to borrow him. Someone with fame and popularity.

Because he is only obsessed with his own photographic art, Lin Nan often seems to be his own way, unpredictable, offending and hurting some people without realizing it. Lin Nan disdain to explain the bad reviews fabricated by all parties for various purposes. When Lin Nan woke up from a car accident, Lin Nan suddenly found that he would transform into a child at seven o’clock every night, and at seven o’clock the next morning, he would become an adult again, and a strange dial mark appeared on the back of his neck. The countdown to 100 days.

The good brother Li Sizhuang, who grew up with him, tried his best to get rid of his transformation, but no matter whether he was seeking a doctor or worshipping God, he was still ineffective until he met a girl who was also troubled by transformation. When Ding Dong met Lin Nan, he found that the two had the same birthday, but the transformation time was just the opposite. Ding Dong decided to cooperate with Lin Nan to help him solve the curse and at the same time solve the curse for himself, and the people who cast the curse on Lin Nan are most likely to resent him deeply. Two pitiful people with the same illness opened the way to relieve the curse.

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