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Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 Episode 35 Recap

Liansheng walked into the company and met Dai Xi who resigned holding the box. Liansheng hoped that she could choose the right path in the future, but Dai Qian believed that they would meet again in the future. Dai Qian came to a car, and Mr. Zhao walked over and threw the things in her hand into the trash can, saying that she didn’t need these any more, and she would be Vice President Dai Qian when she returned to Ou’an in the future.

Taizhe and Liu Zihan returned to the studio after finishing their work. When they heard something in the room, Taizhe thought that he was a thief. He didn’t expect the streak wearing an apron to come out of the kitchen with vegetables. He wanted to ask them to help. He wanted to be romantic to Tao Xiao propose. At this time, Xiao Ting, who had no idea, was still busy at the company. She received a phone call from her winning streak saying that she had to be busy for more than an hour before going back and letting them eat first.

Mr. Zhao invited Yu Jiajie, Ying Shu and Mr. Weng to drink tea, and then he asked Ah Cheng to tell the real cause of death of the old chairman. Ah Cheng said that he usually secretly photographed celebrities and made some money to spend. One day when he was filming with the old chairman, he found that Lian Sheng and the chairman were arguing fiercely. Just when he was roaring, the old chairman clutched his chest.

After falling down, the winning streak then spent 500,000 yuan to buy videos and photos from him as a hush fee. He has the transfer voucher here. Hideki thinks that the winning streak killed his father and he can’t help feeling very excited. He vowed to let the winning streak never turn back.

Yu Jiajie didn’t want to believe that this was true. She went to Liansheng and asked him to tell the truth. She believed him as long as he said it, but he didn’t say anything in Streak. Yu Jiajie was very annoyed that she would have nothing to do with him in the future.

On this day, Liansheng and Taizhe and Zihan were happily setting up the marriage proposal. Suddenly, he received a call from Yingshu to meet him. Taizhe thought that Yingshu was going to be relieved with the general and was very happy. Liansheng smiled and said that today may be a double Happy coming. When he came to Yingshu’s house, he found that Mr. Zhao and Mr. Weng were also there. Everyone was sitting with a serious face, with Xiao Ting and Tao Feier sitting beside them.

Mr. Weng said that he proposed to convene an interim board of directors. The winning streak said that there was a shortage of people. He did not expect that Yingshu had obtained the authorization from other directors. Before the board of directors started, Yingshu lifted a piece of cloth on the wall to reveal a picture of the old chairman. He said it was time to end. Yingshu asked Liansheng how his father died, and Liansheng said that the medical appraisal result was a sudden heart attack. Yingshu played Ah Cheng’s recording, and Xiaoting was shocked.

Yingshu angrily accused Streak of killing his dad. Streak admitted that he was there at the time but he did not harm the old chairman. Yu Jiajie asked him to take out the video he bought. Streak said that he had destroyed it. Yingshu announced the expulsion of the winning streak on the spot and told him to leave Oulu forever. He also appointed Mr. Zhao as the chief executive officer. Mr. Zhao looked at the winning streak proudly, and the sad Yu Jiajie also chose to support Yingshu’s decision.

Lian Sheng said that Yingshu would understand why he did this one day, he got up and left, Xiaoting hurriedly chased it out. Feeling confused, she called Liansheng and asked him where he was. Liansheng said he was behind her. Xiaoting asked him why he didn’t explain and let those people attack him. She knows that he is a person with a story, but now it is spreading that her boyfriend killed someone. She wants to know if he killed someone. The winning streak can’t explain to her. If he says it, it will hurt something that shouldn’t be hurt. people. Xiaoting was very sad. She tried to enter his world, but he pushed her out and she left sadly. At this time, Taizhe called Streak to say that he was ready, and Streak told him that his proposal was temporarily cancelled.

Xiaoting returned to the studio and saw the romantic decoration in the room. She thought Taizhe was taking wedding photos. Zi Han was about to say that Streak was about to propose to her, but Taizhe used a balloon to drop her. I didn’t go on. Xiaoting asked Taizhe if he really likes her in a streak, would he tell her everything and not hide it from her. Taizhe asked if she had quarreled with the general, Xiaoting was very upset that she did not speak. The winning streak returned home with a heavy heart. He was burdened by all his grievances and misunderstandings for his elder brother’s reputation, and Xiaoting was also lying in bed tossing and turning.

The next day Streak came to the company. Mr. Zhao and Mr. Weng were already waiting for him. They packed his things. Liansheng said Mr. Zhao’s goal was achieved. He left five years ago and came back later. He believed that he would come back after leaving this time. Mr. Zhao mocked him to come back and don’t harm him. Although he has no heart disease, he has high blood pressure.

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