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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 22 Recap

Ban Heng has a way to save Shi Feixian, but it depends on whether Xie Wanyu’s feelings for Shi Feixian can support her to help Shi Feixian get rid of the suspicion. Xie Wanyu regards Shi Feixian as a good sister, and is naturally willing to go through fire and water for her. Ban Heng then told her that the key now was to find the copybook Xie Chongjin copied into Amber’s handwriting, and Xie Wanyu hesitated. Shi Jin took Banhua to prison, and Banhua put down his grudge, hoping that Shi Feixian could cooperate with him to bring Xie Zhongjin to justice. Shi Feixian finally believed that the letter was a forgery, and promised to cooperate with Ban Hua to find out the real culprit behind the scenes.

When Shi Chonghai learned that this incident was related to Xie Chongjin, he immediately planned to wear an official uniform to enter the palace, but he went to the prison, saying that the emperor was going to abolish the position of Su Yue’s princess, and he also believed that Shi Feixian was serving her , To lure Jiang Luo to commit this mistake, so Shi Feixian was executed. Shi Chonghai finally stated his purpose. He hoped that Shi Feixian would take the initiative to admit that she was going to assassinate Ban Huai, so as to avoid death. Shi Feixian finally understood what he was saying and was so disappointed with her grandfather. She desperately let Shi Chonghai arrange.

Just when Shi Chonghai was holding Shi Feixian’s hand and was about to make her confess her guilt, Ban Xu and Shi Jin appeared. She asked Shi Jin to show evidence. Shi Jin remained silent. Ban Xu knew that Shi Chonghai had taken the evidence. . Ban Hua was determined to find out the truth and returned Shi Feixian’s innocence, but after the conversation between her and Rong Xiao, she could see the doubt in her heart. It’s not that she doesn’t know the intrigue at the court, but she doesn’t want to be that kind of person. Now that these things have happened so much, she can’t help but wonder if she is wrong.

After that, Jiang Luo was banned, and the emperor ordered the abolishment of the left and right sides. Shi Chonghai was appointed as the prime minister, and Shi was promoted to the commander of the Imperial Guard. Uncle Xie first disagreed, but the emperor made up his mind. Shi Feixian was exiled, and Shi Jin knelt to beg the emperor, but the emperor did not summon him. When Shi Chonghai saw Shi Jin insisting on saving Shi Feixian, he slapped him with anger. Shi Feixian was taken out of prison, Xie Wanyu went to see her, Shi Feixian’s hatred of the Xie family moved to her, and his attitude towards her was no longer as friendly as before.

Rong Xia and Ban Hua went to see Shi Feixian off. Shi Feixian did not expect that in the end, it was Ban Hua who came to see her off. She finally asked Rong Xia if she had ever been tempted by her. Rong Xia held Ban Hua’s hand and said that from beginning to end, only Ban Hua was in his heart. Seeing Shi Feixian go away, Ban Hua deeply mourned for women like Shi Feixian. They were forced to bear the responsibilities that did not belong to them for the glory of their family. Xie Wanyu begged Xie Chongjin to rescue Shi Feixian, but left angrily after being rejected.

Xie Chongjin was taken away by Du Jiu sent by Rong Xia when Xie Wanyu was in the house. Jiang Luo waited hard for Xie Chongjin to come, but instead waited for the uninvited guest Banhua to come. She threatened Jiang Luo with a knife to make a deal with him. Taking advantage of Jiang Luo’s deep-rooted love for Shi Feixian, Banhua made three demands, and Jiang Luokan signed a letter of regret on Shi Feixian’s face. Rong Xia will “invite” Xie Chongjin to understand his plan clearly. He still has evidence of Xie Chongjin’s copy of his handwriting in his hand, so as to threaten Xie Chongjin to tell the truth about the butler’s accident in the frame not long ago.

The convoy escorting Shi Feixian was attacked by robbers. Akqi was entrusted by Ban Hua to protect Shi Feixian, but Shi Feixian was caught by the robbers. She did not want to be humiliated by them and plunged into the cliff before Akqi came.

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