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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 21 Recap

Rong Xia led his troops to the door and took out Shi Feixian’s Nanzhu to explain his intention. Shi Chonghai repeatedly stopped, and Shi Jin also helped to say that the objects of the woman’s boudoir were inspected by the Dali Temple, which really harmed the reputation of her daughter’s family. Later Shi Feixian stood up and claimed that Nan Zhu was indeed her belongings, and she promised to go to Dali Temple tomorrow. Ban Huai ran to the emperor to cry with his injured head, and voluntarily gave up the position of left minister to Uncle Xie. The emperor learned that someone had blatantly harmed Banhuai in the street and immediately asked him to investigate the matter.

At Dali Temple, Shi Feixian admitted that Nan Zhu was her belongings. A few days ago, she received an invitation letter and went to the small forest in the west of the city to make the appointment. The person who wrote the letter was Cheng Amber. Hearing this, Ban Hua was very surprised, and the women in the city watching the bustling scene outside looked like eating melons. Rong Xia is innocent, he has never written this letter. Lord Liu read the letter and found that there was no signature on it. Shi Feixian recognized his handwriting because of the many flaws in his collection. Ban Hua snatched the letter over and took a look. It was indeed a flawless handwriting.

Rong Xia was bitter and could not tell. Later, Master Liu put both Rong Xia and Shi Feixian in custody awaiting trial, because the emperor had already ordered a thorough investigation, and all those involved in this case must be put in prison first. This incident spread to the capital, and many women chewed their tongues, making Banhua annoying. Jiang Luo clamored to save Shi Feixian, but was stopped by Xie Zhongjin. The original designer was Xie Chongjin, who deliberately provoked the conflict between the Ban family and the Shi family, and by the way pulled the flaws into the water. After Banhua went back, he thought for a long time, and felt that something was wrong.

She went to the prison to find flaws and said that she would not blame him for Shi Feixian again. The two analyzed the murderer’s motive and purpose in prison. Xie Wanyu made dishes for Ban Heng and sent it to him. He wanted to intercede for Shi Feixian. Ban Heng couldn’t help thinking that Xie Wanyu was a little stupid. Jiang Luo reminded the prince that he borrowed his hand to condole Ban Huai, and the prince asked the prince to go to Ban Huai’s house. This prince Suyue was not a good stubborn, she ordered someone to break into the Ban’s house with an apologetic gift, and Ban Hua and Yin watched her bravely and bravely entered.

Although the crown princess came to apologize, she did not appear to apologize. She said that the apologize came from the Chengqian Palace, but everything she said was the Shi family. She put on the air of a princess, and Ban Hua was not afraid, but she rushed back to the princess in anger. The crown prince’s sentence “If the Shi family is gone, his prince position will not be guaranteed” was passed to the emperor’s ears, and the emperor was furious, thinking that a woman like Suyue could hardly take up the maternal responsibility of the world. The prince asked the emperor for Shi Feixian, which made the emperor even more angry and slapped him angrily.

The emperor felt sad, the prince was so cowardly and useless, how could he give him the great cause. Just thinking like this, the emperor couldn’t stand it. After days of fatigue, he was hit and fainted. After the doctor diagnosed him, he said he had a stroke. The queen told the doctor not to disclose the matter. Xie Wanyu went to see Shi Feixian in prison, but she did not expect that she still thought that the letter was written by Cheng Amber. Du Jiu came to see Rong Xia in prison. Rong Xia had already guessed that Xie Chongjin was behind the meticulous serial plan. He predicted that the killer would be dangerous, so he let Du Jiu go.

Shi Jin broke into the prison and asked why the killer wanted to blame Shi Feixian. This person insisted that Shi Feixian bought the murder. Ban Hua brought the calligraphy and painting boss to Dali Temple. The other party claimed that Rong Xia had never bought anything in his store. This testimony could help Rong Xia get rid of suspicion, but he still could not be released. At this moment, the assassin of the Fude Building pretended to be a servant, poisoned the prisoner who was questioned by Shi Jin, and blamed Shi Jin for the incident. When Du Jiu and Banyao arrived in prison, the other party had already escaped.

Fude Building is a killer organization on the rivers and lakes. It takes a lot of money to hire them. They don’t know why a court official in Xie Zhongjin district has a relationship with the rivers and lakes organization. Ban Hua didn’t do it forever, and planned to get Xie Chongjin to ask.

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