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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 19 Recap

As a reward, Ban Hua printed a kiss on Rong Xia’s cheek. Soft and hard Bang Bang felt surprised to hear about this. After all, Ban Hua was a girl who had not been out of the pavilion. The next day, Ban Hua went to the wedding of Jiang Luo and Xie Wanyu. Rong Xia had been waiting for her for half an hour, and he walked in with Ban Hua’s hand. The one-eyed Xie Qilin next to them glanced at them, expressionless. According to Rong Xia’s instructions, Du Jiu helped Lianxian lift heavy objects. Shi Feixian prepared a huge and precious Ye Mingzhu for Xie Wanyu as a gift, and when he saw her frowning, he asked her if she was worried.

Xie Wanyu said frankly that she did not know whether this marriage was right. The queen walked in and gave her old things from her previous marriage as a gift for her marriage. After saying some kind words, she was about to leave. The maid whispered a few words in her ear, and she looked back at Shi Feixian, her eyes uncertain. Xie Wanyu and Jiang Luo dressed in red wedding dresses and paid the salute of worship. The newcomer Uncle Xie saw his daughter marry the second prince and became a relative of the imperial family. Rong Xia sees the prince flirting with the prince Su Yue, he also wants Ban Hua to feed himself the flesh, and Ban Hua does what he wants.

The queen married Shi Feixian at the wedding. She said that Xie Qilin and Shi Feixian were very good friends, and Shi’s complexion was not good. Xie Chongjin and Uncle Xie thanked the queen when they heard the joy. Shi Feixian stood up and wanted to refuse, but Xie Qilin refused first. When the emperor came out to make a round, the queen did not force it. Afterwards, Shi Feixian thought that Banhua had told the queen about her and the second prince, which led the queen to target her. Ban Hua was speechless, she was always magnanimous and would not do such things.

But Shi Feixian’s self-confidence didn’t know where he was. He believed that Banhua was jealous of herself, so he made things difficult for him in every possible way, and Banhua didn’t bother to talk nonsense with her. Rong Xia sent Ban Hua to the mansion. Rong Xia thought she was angry because of what happened today, and apologized to her and said that she would not do it again in the future. Ban Hua smiled slightly, holding his face and saying that she likes this way. Xie Wanyu discovered the portrait of Shi Feixian in Jiang Luo’s collection, so she questioned Jiang Luo on the night of her wedding, but Jiang Luo did not expect that Jiang Luo thought that Shi Feixian’s marriage was a ghost of her.

Xie Wanyu was heartbroken and regretted marrying him. She offered to resign, but Jiang Luo ignored it. In his eyes, Xie Wanyu and even Xie’s family were his dogs. Akqi bid farewell to Banhua and set off for the country of Aipo. Rong Xia told the emperor that he could not find the murderer of the princess. He guessed that the death of the princess was related to the grievances of the previous generation. After hearing this, the emperor told him to leave it alone. When Ban Hua and Rong Xia go out, they will bully the refugees when they encounter aggressive soldiers. Ban Hua stepped forward and rescued the child named Zhao Shunzi and his grandmother.

Her grandmother was exhausted from the recent travels and eventually passed away. She entrusted Zhao Shunzi to Ban Hua. Zhao Shunzi intuitively thought that Banhua was a good person, and he gave her his amulet. Banhua heard that the people in many places outside the capital can’t afford to eat and cover themselves. She plans to find a way to help these refugees. Shi Jin was also worried that the famine in Qizhou was related to his family. After asking a few words, Shi Chonghai comforted him, but then asked him to quickly kill the mother and children left by the Zhaozhou official.

Rong Xia feels that this matter may be related to Shi Xiang’s party feathers, and they are bound to find out this matter. Ban Hua distributed porridge and food in the capital to help the victims. Ban Heng changed the way of spending money in the past, and spent half of his money with the shopkeeper. Seeing that playing the piano didn’t work, Shi Feixian switched to a free fever chicken. Ban Hua felt that this was a mess. If Rong Xia hadn’t stopped her, Ban Hua would have quarreled with Shi Feixian.

The next day, Rong Xia mentioned the embezzlement of Qizhou victims and Qizhou officials. The emperor also learned through Ban Hua’s memorial that Shi’s family roasted chicken for disaster relief. He ordered the Shi family to buy roast chicken out of pocket for one month for disaster relief, seal Rongxia as the official book of the household, and thoroughly investigate Qizhou.

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