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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 18 Recap

Shi Feixian was heartbroken when he learned that they were engaged, and asked Rong Xia when he was engaged to Ban Hua. Rong Xia told the truth. She knew she was boring to ask herself, and she was ready to leave with tears in her eyes. Ban Hua stopped her. If people saw her leave like this, she would probably think she was insulting her. Shi Feixian relied on himself, not losing to Ban Hua, and Rong Xia pulled Ban Hua to stop her from adding fuel to the fire. Even so, Shi Feixian still felt that she was not worse than Ban Hua, and she must take back her flaws from Ban Hua.

Xie Wanyu was cooking in the kitchen, and the cooking maid worried that she would be deducted by the master, until Xie Wanyu promised to subsidize her, the little maid was relieved. Xie Chongjin saw that her sister was cooking, but did not stop it. Instead, she asked her to use the best craftsmanship to make a meal for the second prince Jiang Luo, but Jiang Luo didn’t know what was good or bad. He didn’t do anything except the royal cook. eat. Xie Wanyu was suffocated in her heart, and would rather take it to the dog later than make it to Jiang Luo. Ban Heng snatched her chicken and ate it with relish.

He was full of praise for this delicious chicken, and Xie Wanyu was secretly delighted. He didn’t expect that the person who knew her was Ban Heng. In front of the emperor, Banhua talked about her plans for marriage. She had already agreed with Rong Xiao that he could only marry her in the future, otherwise he would leave and take away half of his wealth. Rong Xia smiled and didn’t say a word. He was all in favor of Ban Hua in his eyes. Even if others thought it was unruly, Rong Xia only loved Ban Hua, so he was willing to agree to any conditions. The emperor spoiled Banhua, only saying that they had all the power to decide.

After coming out of the palace, Banhua saw an old woman selling silk flowers on the street, and took a few to wear on the face. Ban Wei saw a sneaky person who looked like Jiang Luo, and she followed all the way. The person who interviewed Jiang Luo privately was Shi Feixian. She saw Jiang Luo holding Shi Feixian’s hand and forced Jiang Luo to apologize to her. Although she is at odds with Shi Feixian, she will not ruin her reputation by telling what happened today. Later when she was sleeping, Banhua dreamed of some strange dreams. She saw Jiang Luo being locked up in prison and woke up quite happy.

Seeing that there are a lot of paintings and calligraphy in Rong Xia’s family, Du Jiu said that Rong Xia’s parents are good at piano, chess, calligraphy, poetry, and poetry. Ban Xu asked Rong Xia to teach herself playing piano, chess and painting, but all failed. , She is not learning piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Rong Xia comforted her to paint well and play the piano very well. Ban Hua continued to play the piano, but Ban Huai vomited. Only then did Ban Hua know that she was playing badly, and Rong Xia lost his temper. By teaching him to accumulate experience in coaxing girls, Ban Heng said that he would take him to the brothel.

When Ban Hua learned about it, she ran to the brothel to find Rong Xiao to settle accounts. Many of the women in the brothel were her fans, and they agreed to help Ban Hua find Rong Xiao. Later, Ban Hua found Ban Heng, but he said that Rong Xiao was not here. At this time, Rong Xia was practicing arrows in the archery field. He knew that he was not learning arrows, and he could understand why Ban Hua was angry before. Banhua rode forward, no longer angry, and taught him how to shoot arrows. Ban Heng saw Xie Wanyu at the inn, and the two had dinner together. To marry Jiang Luo tomorrow, Xie Wanyu sat in the room, looking at the wedding gown without saying a word.

Xie Wanyu later told Xie Chongjin that she did not want to marry Jiang Luo because she intuitively thought that Jiang Luo did not have her in her heart. Xie Zhongjin lied to comfort her and told her to stay away from Shi Feixian in the future. The reason why Ban Hua wants to learn piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy is to be a goddess couple with Rong Xia in the future. Rong Xia enlightens her and makes Ban Hua very happy. Seeing Rong Xia’s obedience to her, Ban Wei was very happy, and printed a kiss on Rong Xia’s face. Rong Xia couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth as she watched her running away.

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