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Vacation of Love 假日暖洋洋 Episode 7 Recap

On the Ferris wheel, Song Xiaoke was still reminiscing about the sweet past with Chen Binbin. After Chen Binbin’s “Hero Save the Beauty”, the two did not meet again for a long time. Song Xiaoke looked for an opportunity to send Chen Binbin the New Year goods, but Chen Binbin invited him home to celebrate the New Year.

The Chen family treated her warmly like a daughter-in-law, and Song Xiao, who had not been loved by her parents since childhood, was moved to tears. Lao Yan prepared a sumptuous meal. Chen Nuannuan and Lao Yan made an agreement at the table. She gave Lao Yan a variety of tricks. As a result, Feng Suzhen maintained Lao Yan in every possible way, just like an idol, Chen Nuannuan could not say anything Feng Suzhen.

Chen Linchun and Dong Yanping ate dinner with the old lady, and the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law almost quarreled again. In the RV camp, a group of old rock cannons gathered together to start a concert at any time. Feng Suzhen was deeply fascinated, and she could recognize almost everyone in the live performance, even all kinds of musical instruments. Watching Feng Suzhen’s excitement, Lao Yan asked her to come and play together.

Feng Suzhen graciously went on stage and played a drum set. After the song ended, there was thunderous cheers. Chen Nuannuan had never seen this side of his mother and was shocked. Song Xiaoke and Chen Binbin got off the Ferris wheel, and Chen Binbin’s legs became weak because of fear of heights. Song Xiaoke bought him coconuts and prepared stomach medicine for him. In fact, she had always cared about Chen Binbin in her heart. After recalling the sweet past, the two seemed to know each other again.

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