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Vacation of Love 假日暖洋洋 Episode 6 Recap

Song Xiaoke took the box and returned to the room. She felt that it was unfair for Chen Binbin to lose his memory alone. She didn’t want Chen Binbin to forget their past, whether it was painful or sweet. The members of the anti-epidemic medical team ate in the cafeteria. Wen Ruonan and Xiao Zhi quarreled and were educated by Lao Wen.

They left alone when she was angry. Lao Wen called her not to be bothered. The daughter’s rebellion made Old Wen a headache. Xu Xuyi played with Hou Hao for a day, but didn’t eat much. Hou Hao wants to take her out for dinner, Xuyi said that she wants to eat fried dough sticks and tofu nao, Hou Hao fully agreed. Hou Hao brought Xuyi to a roadside stall.

The stall owner and his daughter Doudou looked familiar to Hou Hao. The boss is very enthusiastic, but Doudou is very hostile to Xuyi, and warns Xuyi to treat Hou Hao well and not to hurt him. Hou Hao personally made tofu brains and fried dough sticks for Xuyi, and their feelings warmed up. Song Xiaoke took Chen Binbin to ride the Ferris wheel and recalled her first heartbeat. It turned out that when the two first met, Chen Binbin drove to her for more than two hours in the middle of the night to help Song Xiaoke deal with work troubles.

Chen Binbin solved Song Xiaoke’s problem and hurried back to the meeting. Song Xiaoke got on the Ferris wheel and watched Chen Binbin drive away. That was the first time she was moved by Chen Binbin. Feng Suzhen and Chen Nuannuan came to the RV camp for dinner as scheduled. Feng Suzhen saw many young idols excited.

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