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Vacation of Love 假日暖洋洋 Episode 4 Recap

In the hospital ward, the doctor checked Chen Binbin, and the results were not serious, and everyone was relieved. Li Qiaochu took Zhu Haowei to apologize to the Chen family, and Mrs. Chen educated him. Chen Binbin’s discharge procedures are completed, and the family is ready to leave. In the hospital corridor, Chen Binbin suddenly asked Chen Nuannuan who Song Xiao was, but everyone was stunned, wondering what happened to Chen Binbin.

The doctor said that Chen Binbin’s film did not seem to be problematic, Song Xiaoke did not believe that Chen Binbin was really amnesia, and Chen Binbin refused to believe the wife who appeared suddenly. Song Xiaoke and Chen Binbin were alone with each other. Song Xiaoke did not find any flaws in Chen Binbin’s pretending to be amnesia, and finally believed him. Song Xiaoke told the Chen family that when they first met, Chen Binbin was smashed in the head with a wine bottle in order to save her.

He also had a brief memory loss. Now Chen Binbin only remembers what happened before 2012 and doesn’t know when he can recover. The Chen family is worried. Hou Hao and Kevin washed the pool together. Kevin asked what new progress Hou Hao and the beauty of last night had made. Hou Hao recalled the permission of a man crying and playing drunkenness at the beach, feeling a little distressed.

Permit Yiyue Hou Hao to come out and buy him a pile of clothes to pay him. Seeing Xuyi who was in a low mood, Hou Hao moved her heart and dragged her to play in the water world. He also tried thrilling projects to help her change her mood.

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