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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 12 Recap

When Luo Zhi was a child, after her father died, the Sheng family refused to help, so Luo Zhi’s mother transferred all her anger to Luo Zhi and banned her from having any contact with Sheng’s children.

Now that the times have changed, Luo Zhi’s mother regrets what she did at the beginning, and also hopes that Luo Zhi can put down the bondage of the past and look forward to the future.

Without the company of Ding Shuijing, Ye Zhanyan also likes to drill the tip of the horns more and more. Looking back on Sheng Huainan’s desire to put down the perfect mask and be himself because of Luo Zhizhi, Ye Zhanyan was even more jealous. Over the years, Ye Zhanyan has been unable to tell which mask is her own and which is her real self. What’s more, Sheng Huainan also participated in her long-term unfortunate life.

On Monday, Sheng Huainan took the initiative to come to the library to find Luo Zhi. In the name of reading and learning, he secretly looked at each other all morning. Unconsciously, Sheng Huainan had already liked Luo Zhixin. The two came to the canteen together, but the original harmonious atmosphere became strange because Ye Zhanyan came uninvited.

Ye Zhanyan specially brought the registration form to ask Sheng Huainan to participate in student venture capital. He praised his talent but did not care about Sheng Huainan’s own wishes at all, and even forced to join his team. In contrast, Luo Zhi believes that Sheng Huainan has long been planning and respects his own ideas, in strong contrast to Ye Zhanyan.

Sheng Huainan made a plan, the children’s anti-lost app, which is precisely because of the last date, Luo Zhi lost his way and came up with the idea, intending to protect it with love. Ye Zhanyan originally disdained this kind of creative idea with no commercial value, but when he learned the meaning behind it, he thought that it was Sheng Huainan’s creation for her.

For a while, the news that Sheng Huainan participated in student venture capital spread widely on the campus network, attracting the attention of most students. Many people think that Sheng Huainan will undoubtedly win the first place in venture capital. Yongle, who is also a student union, originally planned to use this venture capital to win the championship and can join a good company in the future. Sheng Huainan’s family is not bad, but it is just a ticket-playing nature, but he wants to compete with him for the only place to stand out.

Shenghuainan quarreled with the members of the student union, but Gobi chose to stand in Shenghuainan’s camp and took the initiative to help the funds. Sheng Huainan did not want to accept this, but Ye Zhanyan decided that such benefits should not be missed, and accepted such “shareholding” instead of him.

Considering the current division with the student union, the lack of office space, and the fact that the project itself does need funds, Sheng Huainan no longer reject Ye Zhanyan’s arbitrariness, but increasingly feels that there is no common language between them. At the same time, more and more students want to join the Shenghuainan team. He refused to be a hitchhiker who only wants to be successful.

Sheng Huainan is currently deadlocked in interpersonal relations. Luo Zhi just took him to the roof and then enjoyed a bowl of hot noodles. As for whether the mood is getting better or not, whether the difficulties can be solved or not require the parties to work hard, which is also perfectly in line with Sheng Huainan’s idea.

People began to work hard for venture capital, buying all kinds of needs and consulting relevant knowledge. The spacious and bright offices in Gobi also brought more enthusiasm to their work. In terms of work, Luo Zhi can always take a step forward to Huainan and complete what he wants, and they also find more tacit understanding in their work.

At the same time, Zheng Wenrui asked to enter the company in the name of a member of Sheng Huainan’s team in order to come to the Gobi family. Obviously, Zheng Wenrui did not give up because she was rejected by Sheng Huainan last time. No matter how indifferent she was facing her, she could not put out the heat in her heart.

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