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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 11 Recap

An expected date was interrupted by a phone call. Ye Zhanyan locked himself in the house in the art museum of Zhenhua High School in Harbin and went crazy. Ding Shuijing’s unclear call worried Sheng Huainan and immediately gave up his trip with Luo Zhi. The difference is that this time Luo Zhi summoned up the courage to ask for her walk together. She was afraid that her weakness would lose Sheng Huainan again.

Zhenhua’s art was in a mess. Ye Zhanyan smashed everything inside like a madman. When Sheng Huainan arrived, she was holding a scraper at herself. Ye Zhanyan cried in confusion and asked for a reunion. When she saw the appearance of Luo Zhizhi, she suddenly lost control of her emotions and fainted to the ground.

Ye Zhanyan witnessed his mother’s suicide with his own eyes. His drunken father actually wanted to get married again. In order not to give her a chance to object, he didn’t even dare to go home. Ye Zhanyan looked at the empty room and the indifferent text messages sent by his father, which made his mood get out of control again.

Ye Zhanyan is a cheerful and optimistic girl on the surface. It is in this way that she hides her inner fragility and vulnerability. As long as it is a person identified by Ye Zhanyan, no one can take the initiative to leave her unless she doesn’t want it. The shadow of childhood made Ye Zhanyan afraid of losing, and regarded all those who were willing to approach him as a life-saving straw, hoping to be pulled out of the dark abyss.

In high school, Ye Zhanyan was alone in the infirmary. Just because of the bottle of Coke left by Sheng Huainan, she could feel the warmth she had not seen for a long time. Ye Zhanyan regarded Sheng Huainan as the only salvation, and no one could take her away from himself. It’s just that Ye Zhanyan never thought that Luo Zhi, who had been dedicated to reading, would become the biggest obstacle between them.

Luo Zhi learned about Ye Zhanyan’s past from Ding Shuijing’s mouth, and she once again chose to withdraw voluntarily and pushed Sheng Huainan away from herself. No one can accompany herself to the whole world. At the next intersection, it is always up to yourself to get out of the shadows, but Luozhi’s strength cannot dispel her loneliness and loss.

Unexpectedly, Sheng Huainan will suddenly catch up with Luo Zhi. Even if he is just out of responsibility and worries that Luo Zhi will be in danger outside, this is enough to make Luo Zhi happy and satisfied. It’s just that the figure of their peers was met by Luo Zhi’s mother, and in her memory, the Luo family seemed to have some enmity with the Sheng family.

In memory, Luo Zhi’s mother once begged Sheng’s mother for something, but was cruelly rejected by the other party, and this matter seemed to have become a decision that affects the future of their family. But Luo Zhi’s mother did not come forward to stop her, even if she felt that she would be sorry for her deceased husband, but she couldn’t bear to interrupt her daughter’s dream so early.

Luoyang returned to the art museum and saw a mess. The first time was to care about Ding Shuijing, which indeed gave the other party a chance to take the initiative. Ding Shuijing pretended that she was in a bad mood and only told the other party that she would no longer answer the phone if she was in the hospital, deliberately worried Luoyang.

Ding Shuijing no longer expects Luoyang to face up to her feelings. It seems that as long as she can occasionally prove that he is hiding himself in his heart, she will feel satisfied. In this way, Ding Shuijing doesn’t have to care about her relationship with Luo Zhi.

Luo Zhi came home early and made a bowl of steaming noodles for his mother. During this period, Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan agreed to return to Qingdao together tomorrow morning. The happy smile on her face, how could she not see it as a mother? Luo Zhi’s mother was reluctant and looked at her daughter with pain. It seemed that there were thousands of words but could not be told.

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