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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 40 End Recap

Ming Wanpeng gets punished, Shu Ke will restart his life

Ming Yuan came to Ming Wanpeng and told him that he was going to go abroad. He wanted his father to leave with him, but Ming Wanpeng was still stubborn. Shu Ke walked out at this time, Tao Hua, Zhou Yingying and Beta also walked in. They got all the evidence and recorded all the conversations about him doing bad things. Ming Wanpeng can be said to have no place to hide. Mingyuan begged Tao Hua to let his father go. He would give Tao Hua all his property and take his father abroad.

Ming Wanpeng eagerly asked Mr. Wang, but did not find that the check Shu Ke gave him was false. Now that Shu Ke told him, Ming Wanpeng was shocked. He had guessed that Ming Wanpeng had bad intentions. I ordered it. When Ming Wanpeng saw that there was no turning point, he fainted after accusing him. Everyone rushed him to the hospital. After solving the matter, Zhong Jinghua called Tao Hua to meet him. Shu Ke saw Xu Xiaohui not far away and decided to have a good chat with her.

Zhong Jinghua has changed a lot. She sold the house here and planned to leave here and start again. Tao Hua couldn’t persuade her. After leaving, she called Liu Yu and wanted to start from his side and bring the two together again. Together, she told Liu Yu Zhong Jinghua’s current address, whether or not to find Zhong Jinghua, it was all Liu Yu herself. And this time when Shu Ke and Xu Xiaohui were chatting, Shu Ke always wanted to know if what happened to them that night. Xu Xiaohui said her true thoughts. Although she wanted to be with Shu Ke, she also knew that the twisted melon was not sweet. , So I didn’t do anything in the end. After the two said, they finally no longer have any grudges.

Li Aiqi approached Shu Ke. She apologized for what happened before and wanted to resign, but Shu Ke stayed with her and asked her to help the newly appointed CEO Liu Yu and forwarded a letter to Tao Hua. Tao Hua saw this letter. Xin immediately chased it out. She knew that this letter was Shu Ke’s final farewell to herself, but this time she didn’t want to let it go, just like Liu Yu and Zhong Jinghua. She also didn’t want to let herself miss Shu Ke, but she could not find Shu Ke everywhere. .

Liu Yu hesitated for a long time and went to find Zhong Jinghua, but Zhong Jinghua stepped back from the room early. Zhong Jinghua walked all the way to the bridge where she and Liu Yu shared memories. Liu Yu also walked to the hotel after leaving the hotel. Here, the two meet here again at the same place. Looking at the busy road, they couldn’t help but recall the night when they danced. Liu Yu reached out to her and begged her to stay and dance with him. Zhong Jinghua finally showed a smile that had disappeared for so long.

Ming Wanpeng woke up in the hospital bed and everything was settled. President Wang was wanted. Although he was not prosecuted, the situation was not optimistic. After all, the things that had been conspired for so long had to be returned. Mingyuan went to Dayue and transferred all the equity of Lesheng to Tao Hua. He and Zhou Yingying returned to the hospital, but found that their father had disappeared. They worried that Ming Wanpeng would not be able to think about it.

They immediately went out to look for him, and finally found out that Ming Wan Peng actually surrendered to the Public Security Bureau, and was caught by Tao Shu and Ye Huifang. Ye Huifang, Tao Shu, and Tao Hua no longer intend to sue Ming Wanpeng. They only hope that Ming Wanpeng can start a new life and live a good life with Mingyuan. But in the end, Ming Wanpeng surrendered in order to clear his guilt.

After Shu Ke left Dayue, he regained his old business. Beta really turned him into the chief game anchor he loves to watch. Now his life is good. Shu Ke opened on the first day and was the former real estate manager. I introduced my younger brother. Shu Ke had no idea that he had a personal website, and business was constantly coming to the door. Shu Ke was a little confused before realizing that he had a work website.

Shu Ke saw Tao Hua again. His website was indeed made by Tao Hua, the only one who loves. Tao Hua resigned from his current identity and came to Shu Ke again. Shu Ke also put down all his past mustards and decided to cooperate with Tao Hua. Together again.

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