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Game Changer 紧急公关 Episode 22 Recap

Although Tian Fan had asked the doctor to conceal his condition and lied about the symptoms of gout, Wu Tong still noticed it and knew that he had little time, so he wanted to do something for her husband before leaving. She went to Tang Fangzhou personally and bluntly accused the other party’s shortcomings and the reasons why she married Tian Fan.

At least in Wu Tong’s opinion, Tian Fan knows how to pursue and is worthy of being cherished, and he will not even be jealous of others to fill his emptiness. She wanted Tang Fangzhou to recognize the reality and understand the ridiculousness of herself. However, Tang Fangzhou was stubborn and insisted on stepping on Tian Fan’s feet, as if that was the only way to let her go.

When Fang Li left Jige Public Relations, he happened to meet Lin Zhongshuo head-on. He confessed that the USB flash drive had been destroyed and Shi Lei would never be Tian Fan’s witness. Gao Feng asked Lin Zhongshuo to stop dealing with Fang Li, claiming that he would tell the truth at the right time, otherwise not only Fang Li would be sent to prison, but he was also terminally ill.

The police conducted an inquiry and investigation into the blackmail incident. Fang Li was eloquent and eloquent. He easily removed the suspicion, recounted his relationship with Tian Fan and Shi Lei, denied the blackmail and turned in the USB flash drive. Since the contents of the USB flash drive were all emptied and there is currently no evidence to convict them, Fang Li, Wu Fang and others successfully left the police station, and the matter went nowhere.

Xu Wenwen decided to help Lin Zhongshuo. The only thing she can do now is to expose the Fang Li extortion incident through the Yingpu Public Account. If this matter is announced, it means that Xu Wenwen’s identity cannot be concealed from Lin Zhongshuo. Wu Tong did not want Tian Fan to be patient again and again, so she filed to withdraw the listing application, and then called Xu Wenwen to make a statement through her channel.

Subsequently, Wu Tong truthfully explained the causes and consequences of Fanjin Technology’s withdrawal of the listing application to the public, and promised to actively respond to the lawsuit with Pingzhou Network. Because of Wu Tong’s statement, Fang Li tried to persuade Tang Fangzhou to back down, but Tang Fangzhou couldn’t listen to anyone’s suggestions.

Lin Zhongshuo continues to deal with the crisis for Fanjin Technology, and wants to put pressure on Pingzhou Network at the public relations level, trying to make him give up the dispute with Tian Fan. For a time, the former employees of Pingzhou Technology and the media turned around, all accusing Tang Fangzhou of character problems, and Tang Fangzhou was furious.

Public opinion is very unfavorable to Tang Fangzhou, but Fang Li continued to persuade Tang Fangzhou that he should stay calm as if the conspiracy had just begun. Lin Zhongshuo suspected that they had been negligent because Fang Li hadn’t acted yet, but before he could figure this out clearly, the trouble turned to the door by himself.

Jiaxue Capital, as a co-investor of Fanjin Technology and Pingzhou Network, is now considering withdrawing the ransom due to the existence of the two lawsuits. Fanjin Technology’s failure to go public on schedule is equivalent to a breach of the gambling agreement. If Jiaxue Capital makes this decision, other investors may also choose to withdraw their capital.

Tian Fan made the situation worse, and Jiaxue Capital gave Tian Fan an idea that if Peekaboo was completely sold to Pingzhou Technology, there would be no disputes before listing, and it was Yuan Wei who came to negotiate on behalf of Jiaxue Capital. Lin Zhongshuo asked Yuan Wei to let Tian Fan go. Yuan Wei already knew that Lin Zhongshuo had transferred his love, so he did not agree to Lin Zhongshuo.

Xia Mo wanted to persuade Wu Fang to see Fang Li’s true face, but Wu Fang had completely brainwashed Fang Li and was voluntarily used. Tian Fan watched his wife become weaker and weaker. He didn’t want to continue to be busy with the company’s affairs, so he made concessions and wanted to accompany Wu Tong in the following days, so he decided to transfer his shares and give up everything.

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