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Game Changer 紧急公关 Episode 21 Recap

Shi Lei avoided seeing him, and Tian Fan could not find anyone, so he had to call Lin Zhongshuo. Just as the two were discussing how to collect more substantive evidence, they didn’t expect Fang Li to drive Shi Lei home. He was proud of his face and seemed to succeed in a strategy. Shi Lei knew that he had abandoned his brotherhood. He had no face to face Tian Fan. Fang Li believed that Tian Fan didn’t understand the gratitude and didn’t cherish the other party’s contribution. Then don’t blame the other party for finding another benefactor.

Tang Fangzhou achieved his goal, signed his cooperation agreement with Hongwei Public Relations on the spot, and hired Shi Lei to enter the company’s R&D project. When Gao Feng learned of this, he was both angry and guilty for the customer. He believed that Fang Li did so because of the public relations of Interge. After repeated consideration, he finally decided to terminate the contract with Fanjin Technology and notify Lin Zhongshuo to withdraw from the crisis public relations.

However, Fang Li’s ambitions inflated. Even if he had already destroyed the USB flash drive, he would still use the forged content of the empty disk in exchange for 5% of the original shares of Fanjin Technology. The blackmailing behavior is so obvious that it would be unacceptable for anyone to change it. But when Tian Fan learned that Wu Tong’s condition had deteriorated and the remaining time was less than a month, he chose to compromise with Fang Li, only hoping that his wife could see it before she passed away. The success of Fanjin Technology.

Originally, Lin Zhongshuo wanted to persuade Tian Fan to call the police, but Tian Fan was so determined that he was deeply confused and could not understand the other party’s actions. Xu Wenwen took the initiative to answer questions for Lin Zhongshuo, and then talked about Wu Tong’s legendary experience, this brilliant professional woman, even when facing her family, she still gave without hesitation.

For a long time, Lin Zhongshuo thought that marriage is almost a shackle to human nature, but through Tian Fan’s incident, he did not expect that marriage would bring so much power to a person, and even make a man give up reason.

Wu Tong was aware of Tian Fan’s difficulties, and she advised her husband to follow her inner thoughts. If she really cares about herself, she should not regard herself as a weakness. After Wu Tong’s persuasion, Tian Fan agreed to call the police. He called Lin Zhongshuo to discuss the next public relations strategy.

Since there is currently no direct evidence of Fang Li’s blackmail, Lin Zhongshuo asked Tian Fan to agree to Fang Li’s request first and asked him to sign the contract. Lin Zhongshuo, hiding from Gao Feng, led the team to Fanjin Technology. After the police were dispatched, he could make public relations strategies to deal with the media.

When everything was prepared, Lin Zhongshuo asked Xu Wenwen to accompany him to deal with this crisis. When Fang Li and Wu Fang were eating, he happened to receive news from Tian Fan. He noticed the abnormality and was under careful consideration, so he took Wu Fang to sign the contract. When the agreed place was reached, he pretended to have a phone to call and told Wu Fang to go first to see the contract. , Wu Fang was arrested on the spot by the police.

On the other side, colleagues in the public relations department were all monitoring in the car. Xia Mo was very excited when Wu Fang appeared. Yin Jingya and others pulled Xia Mo to stop her from rushing over. Seeing this scene, Fang Li immediately drove the engine and cast a provocative look at Lin Zhongshuo and Tian Fan before leaving.

Wu Fang was arrested into the police station, Xia Mo anxiously waited at the door, hoping that Lin Zhongshuo could help out on bail. Gao Feng learned that Lin Zhongshuo helped Tian Fan call the police, so he immediately notified Lin Zhongshuo to return to the company. However, before Lin Zhongshuo arrived at the company, Fang Li had already come to Jige Public Relations first. He warned Gao Feng not to continue to intervene in this matter. If he is caught by the police, he will most likely confess his past with Gao Feng. perish together.

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