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Game Changer 紧急公关 Episode 20 Recap

Because Tang Fangzhou blocked Fanjin Technology’s listing in every possible way, Wu Tong was overwhelmed and fell ill and was hospitalized. While Lin Zhongshuo went to the hospital to visit Wu Tong, he talked to Tian Fan about the connection between the two technology companies and the useful clues he had so far. Wu Tong had confessed to her husband about her past with Tang Fang before that, even if Tang Fang was mixed with personal grievances and revenge, it was still insignificant.

Nowadays, the key person who can prove Peekaboo’s intellectual property is Shi Lei, a researcher, but this person withdrew from Fanjin Technology a year and a half ago, so if he wants the other party to testify, he needs to lobby Tian Fan himself. Since Shi Lei is in the entrepreneurial stage, living food and clothing has become a problem. His wife complained a lot. Tian Fan is keenly aware of Shi Lei’s difficulties. Before explaining his intentions, he is willing to sincerely invite Shi Lei to return to Fanjin Technology.

Lin Zhongshuo pretended to be a writer Naji to see Yingtong, trying to find out more about the other party. Unexpectedly, there was an accident during the period. Xu Wenwen first sent Zhuo Xiangyi to negotiate, and then she would come to interview when she was confirmed to be correct. However, Lin Zhongshuo did not see through Xu Wenwen’s identity, and mistakenly thought she happened to be passing by, so he kept winking her, lest the fake author’s identity be revealed.

Xu Wenwen pretended to pretend to be Lin Zhongshuo’s girlfriend to greet Zhuo Xiangyi. This move also made Zhuo Xiangyi suddenly realize that she ended the interview hastily on the spot and went back to understand the situation with Xu Wenwen, only to know that she and Lin Zhongshuo had confirmed their relationship.

Fang Li learned that Jige Public Relations took over Fanjin Technology, so he wanted to win the cooperation of Pingzhou Technology. However, Tang Fangzhou looked down on Grand Public Relations and the cooperation matters were left alone. Considering that Shi Lei was one of the main creators in the development of peekaboo, Fang Li decided to take the initiative to get the USB flash drive that stores his work diary.

Shi Lei was unwilling to betray Tian Fan. At first, he resolutely rejected Fang Li. However, Fang Li was good at figuring out people’s hearts. He was able to beat Shi Lei’s inner weakness accurately and accurately, so as to provoke the feelings between him and Tian Fan and seduce each other with profit. Shi Lei knew that he chose to give up peekaboo, even if Fanjin’s technology was strong, it was Tian Fan’s contribution alone, and he was not qualified to be jealous.

Just as Shi Lei was hesitating, he did not expect his wife to persuade Shi Lei to accept the reality based on the future of himself and his children, accept the investors introduced by Fang Li, and then hand over the USB flash drive to Fang Li.

At the same time, Gao Feng came out of the hospital and was diagnosed with liver cancer, which means that time is running out. He put aside his work and turned to find Zhou Siyuan. The two of them have gone through dozens of years of wind and waves, and now they can sit down calmly and talk about everyday things. What they talked about was nothing more than revisiting the past, feeling the present and Fang Li.

Xu Wenwen sat in the living room in a daze, thinking about how to confess her identity with Lin Zhongshuo, when she suddenly heard footsteps in the corridor, and mistakenly regarded Yuan Wei as Lin Zhongshuo. Seeing Xu Wenwen holding Lin Zhongshuo’s socks at home, Yuan Wei knew it clearly, and Lin Zhongshuo came back from outside when the atmosphere fell into embarrassment.

Yuan Wei behaved strangely about the things just now, but seeing Lin Zhongshuo’s unexplained attitude made her even more depressed. Lin Zhongshuo invited Yuan Wei to his home and learned that she had become the attorney of Pingzhou Technology and Fanjin Technology. This time she was commissioned by her agent to mediate the conflict between Tang Fangzhou and Tian Fan.

Now that Fanjin Technology is in the listing stage, Yuan Wei wants to ask Lin Zhongshuo to persuade Tian Fan to apologize to Tang Fangzhou, but Lin Zhongshuo does not agree with Yuan Wei’s ideas. He believes that Tian Fan is not a person who will bow to interests. The two talked not speculatively, and the negotiation ended. After Yuan Wei left, Xu Wenwen sneaked into Lin Zhongshuo’s room and got to know Yuan Wei by the way by asking Yingtong.

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