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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 17 Recap

Master Yao was called by Shi Chonghai, and he returned to tell Shi Chonghai the answer about Rong Xia, who was not surprised. Master Yao also talked about the old man next to Uncle Rong. Now he has become a steward of Rong Xia, but he doesn’t seem to remember Master Yao. Shi Chonghai didn’t think too much, he thought it was an old man, maybe he was remembering something wrong. Xie Wanyu chooses dishes in the store. Ban Heng is an expert in this respect. He taught Xie Wanyu to identify the best glazed plates. The young man in the store said that the relationship between them was good. Xie Wanyu was shy and irritated, and said nothing to Ban Heng, stepped on his feet to vent his anger, and ran away.

Ban Hua woke up from the nightmare. She dreamed that Rong Xia was stabbed by someone. Not long after she got up, she heard the hard-boiled state that something happened to Amber House. Ban Hua thought it was Rong Xia’s accident, and hurriedly hurried to become Anbo House. As soon as she entered, she saw her servant carrying a coffin, and she was so anxious that she lay on the coffin and cried, asking Du Jiu who was the black hand. Du Jiu honestly said that Steward Rong was hit and killed by an out-of-control carriage yesterday. Only then did Ban Hua sober. It turned out that Rong Xia was not dead, and Steward Rong was the one who died. Rong Xia saw her so sad and pulled her out.

Under Rong Xia’s questioning, Ban Hua explained the reason. She can predict the future through her dreams, and she is worried that her family will be copied in the future, which will affect her flaws, so she chooses to stay away from him. Rong Xia’s heart knot was opened, holding Ban Hua and not letting go, he was willing to bear everything with Ban Hua, and he also promised that he would never fail in Ban’s house. Banhua has been overworked recently and fainted due to worry about his flaws. Rong Xia took her back to the mansion and told her to drink the soup medicine honestly. Du Jiu felt that there was a hidden feeling behind the death of Steward Rong, and his flaws made him check it out.

Ban Huaizheng talked to Yin and Ban Heng about Rong Xia and Ban Hua, and Rong Xia brought Ban Hua back. The Yin clan asked the hard Bangbang to bring Banhua back to the room, and Rong Xia asked to marry Banhua. Rong Xia is sincere, and both Yin and Ban Huai agree to marry Ban Huai to him. After Rong Xia specially invited Ban Hua to come over to listen to her playing the piano, she mustered up the courage to confess to her and asked her to marry herself. Seeing Rong Xia’s vowed and silly appearance, Ban Hua was moved and agreed to marry him. Rong Xia was overjoyed and immediately asked Du Jiu to bring his prepared concentric knot.

The two tied knots to each other and looked at the night view outside together. At this moment, the two are happy. Rong Xia told the emperor that Banhua had agreed to marry him, and the emperor was also very happy. He asked about the whereabouts of the assassin who assassinated the princess. Rong Xia said that he had sent additional investigations, but there was no clue. Lian Mian continued to teach Ban Heng to practice martial arts. He wanted to be lazy and he chatted with Ban Huan for a few words and then was forced by Ban Hua to continue martial arts. Rong Xia took Ban Hua to the street to eat plain soup noodles, while Rong Xia went to get vegetable dumplings, Ban Hua met Shi Jin by chance.

Rong Xia later told Ban Hua that he had a marriage contract with Ban Hua, and Ban Hua also agreed to him. Shi Jin’s sincerity was lost. It rained heavily, and Ban Hua and Rong Xia left hand in hand to find a place to hide from the rain, and the desperate Shi Jin drenched in the rain and returned to the mansion. Shi Feixian learned that Rong Xia had a marriage partner. She was sad and determined to let the people of the whole great cause know that she was the best match for Cheng Amber. At the poem meeting, Rong Xia was invited by Shi Feixian to attend the poem meeting. He brought Banhua with him and called her his fiancée. Shi Feixian’s expression changed. She did not expect that Rong Xia’s fiancee was Banhua.

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