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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 16 Recap

After the death of the eldest princess, Ban Heng was unhappy. In order to make him happy, Ban Heng wanted to take her to listen to books. Ban Heng suddenly said a few words to make him. The emperor granted Ban Huai the throne and promoted him from Jingtinghou to Jingting Gong. Ban Huai politely refused, but the emperor did not change his intention.

At the same time, Bandi also proposed to refuse to marry on the grounds that she wanted to keep her grandmother’s spirits, and she said that she had no feelings for Rongdi. She was resolute and the emperor could only agree. Banjie went to Ningshou Palace for the last time, and Shi Jin did not stop her this time.

In this familiar Ningshou Mansion, her grandmother and her memories are everywhere, and as if people are separated today, she will always lose her beloved grandmother. After the guard, Rong was looking at her all the time outside. Knowing that Banqi did not eat or drink, Akzi came to persuade her to eat and gave her their unique dried meat.

Instead of eating, Banee accepted the umbrella he gave him. Akqi always wanted Banqi to go back to the grassland with him in a few words, but Banxi still refused.

Ban Heng took it to eat. Ban Heng took a fancy to the bowl of porridge and ate it. As a result, Ban Heng said that it was not sent from home. When Ban Heng looked at the word Rong on the lunch box, she knew that it was sent by Rong Heng. She also remembered that Rong Heng refused to be frank with herself and did not continue to eat. The doorway looked anxious, and the housekeeper said frankly that I’m afraid the princess wanted the truth in Rong’s mouth. Rong Qian thought about it and finally told Ban Wei the reason in front of the eldest princess’s plaque.

Before he led troops to search Ningshou Mansion, he met with the eldest princess and got his mother’s final letter from the eldest princess. The letter said that the emperor was afraid of the tiger charm in the hands of the old general Ban and acquiesced in Yan Hui’s tricks.

Because the two families of Banrong made friends, the Rong family was forced to take the tiger charm of the class family. This is a trick to kill two birds with one stone. After getting the tiger charm, the class will destroy it. If you can’t get the tiger charm, the family will destroy it. In this way, the Rong family was destroyed.

She asked the eldest princess to protect Rong, and the eldest princess sent him to the prince. When he learned about these things, Rong Ji and the eldest princess tricked to let the traitor Cui Butler mistakenly believe that they broke up, but he did not expect that the eldest princess would save her life and keep the safety of the whole class. For so many years, Princess Long has been hiding her strengths and biding her time. She has never regretted it.

After that, the eldest princess entrusted Ban Ti. After listening to these words, Bene finally understood the good intentions of the eldest princess. The assassin was arranged by his grandmother in order to win the sympathy of the Holy Spirit and ask him not to attack the class.

Banti still felt that he killed his grandmother, did not discuss the matter with himself, and cruelly asked him to leave. Rong was able to leave. Ban was looking back at his lonely back and tears streaming down his face. After not eating for several days, coupled with excessive sadness, Bendi fainted with wind chill.

Ban Huai and others are very worried. Yin Shi understands that it is the best thing for Banhui to know how to do it at this moment. Shi Jin once again expressed his heart to Ban Wei. Ban Wei declined. She once dreamed that the class family was raided, and she did not want to involve others because of this.

Thinking of what Changdi said to her, Bendi leaned silently under the tree. Ban Heng leaned over, and Ban Heng urged him to practice martial arts well. Ban Heng was also sensible and promised to practice martial arts well. Xie Zhongjin hoped that Rong Ji could make friends with the class and help Jiang Luo get the tiger charm.

Rong Ti couldn’t help but think of the conversation with the eldest princess. It turned out that the eldest princess had already given him the tiger charm. Ban Heng didn’t practice hard. He sneaked out of the house to play and was caught by soft wool. He found a reason to deceive him. Lord Yao wanted to match Rong Di and Shi Feixian, and Rong Di refused with an existing marriage contract.

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