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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 15 Recap

Jiang Luo went to prison to see Xie Zhongjin. He really disliked the smell of dirty in the prison. Xie Zhongjin thought that he was anxious to call him back to Beijing, so he would lead to deep imprisonment. Jiang Luo was also helpless and time was tight. He could only use the disaster donation of the eldest princess.

Jiang Luo also said that he would try to get him out. Even if Rong Mi spoke for Xie Zhongjin in front of the emperor today, he still couldn’t believe that he had used it for himself. Xie Zhongjin was not worried at all, because his serial plan was enough to count Rongdi to death.

Lao Cui secretly put his hand in the study of the eldest princess, put his hand in her study, and lied about cleaning after being found by the elder princess. Rong Di led troops to Ningshoufu and searched Ningshou Mansion under the guise of searching for thieves.

After Chang Di stopped him, he was ordered to be arrested by Rong Di. Later, Ban Di also came forward to block it. Rong Di did not take a step back from her face. The eldest princess immediately let someone take Banyu away first, and Rongyu began to search in Ningshoufu. He found a bracelet in the study of the eldest princess.

Rong was questioned by the eldest princess. She was angry and vomited blood. When Ban was heard about it, she asked Rong was fiercely, and the latter did not leave any affection. Jiang Luo couldn’t help but be happy when he heard the news. When he met him, he said that the eldest princess could not die yet.

After listening to Rong Di’s reason, Jiang Luo also hesitated. Beny began to regret trusting Rongy, and her grandmother comforted her not to think too much. Later, the eldest princess missed the smell of pomegranate. Bandi returned to the house and made dough pomegranates with soft and hard. The three of them tossed and turned, and finally made the dough.

The eldest princess’s condition became more and more serious, so she asked Chang to bring Jin Dan. The eldest princess was very happy about the dough pomegranate that Bany had made. The next day, looking at the sleeping face of Banye, the eldest princess felt that the granddaughter looked like herself.

Knowing that she had run out of time, she decided to go to the palace to see the emperor. Even if she wanted to die, she would die in the Daye Palace. The eldest princess chatted with the emperor and talked about the past. Bany woke up from a nightmare and found that his grandmother was in danger.

He immediately rode his horse into the palace.
She was stopped by Shi Jin and almost fainted under the horse. Rong Tie then rushed to convince Bene that he would definitely take Ban Tie to the eldest princess.

At this time, the people of Tiancha Palace took advantage of the opportunity to add tea to take out the blade in their sleeves and assassinate the emperor. The eldest princess blocked the sharp blade and saved the emperor’s life. Banmi was carried to the palace by Rongmi and saw his grandmother for the last time. Then Banhuai and Yin also came, and everyone sent the eldest princess a last journey. Her last words were that she hoped to bury a tomb with General Ban.

Rong Mi kept his promise to take good care of the class and offered to the emperor for marriage. After the death of the eldest princess, Changdi caught Lao Cui, who had escaped, and killed him who was traitor. The eldest princess, the emperor ordered an amnesty for the world, and Xie Zhongjin was released. He told Jiang Luo that the current class and the class were not the focus, but the focus was on the tiger charm. Rong Mi told the emperor not to be too sad. The most urgent thing is to find out the assassin. Shi Jin failed to find out the person behind him.

The emperor was furious, the dragon body was damaged, and he coughed. Rong Mi dared to ask for help the emperor find out this matter. The emperor knew that he was the only one who could trust now. Rong Di went to the memorial hall and was questioned by Ben Di. What exactly did he did to his grandmother in the study that day? If she was asked to find out that his grandmother’s death was related to him, Ben Di would never let him go.

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