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Vacation of Love 假日暖洋洋 Episode 1 Recap


The TV series “Holiday Warm Ocean” is an urban emotional drama directed by Yao Xiaofeng, starring Yao Chen and Bai Yu, and starring Zheng Yunlong, Gao Ye, Lan Xiya and others. Song Xiao is the youngest department manager in the company. He is married to Chen Binbin, who is also young and promising, and has a son and a daughter. In the eyes of outsiders, she is a winner in life, but after many years of marriage, the passion faded, and the marriage between Song Xiaoke and Chen Binbin began to be problematic.

In order to save the marriage, Chen Binbin planned a trip to the resort, taking his mother, sister-in-law, aunt, and grandma to the resort for the Spring Festival. The scenery of the resort is beautiful, and the healing power of the sunny beaches is really extraordinary. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the never-ending work, the relationship between Song Xiaoke and Chen Binbin has begun to become harmonious.

Infected by the vitality and vigor of the young people in the resort, they seem to have regained the feelings they had when they were in love. They participated in exciting water sports together, ate candlelight dinners and appointments, and their long-lost throbbing heartbeats were reawakened. The Chen family experienced a lot of twists and turns at the Zhi Ai Resort, and finally they all reaped true love and found the true meaning of happiness.

The agent opened his eyes confusedly at the Sanya Hotel, only to find that he was sleeping in the same bed with a strange man. Only when he asked did he know that he had drunk too much last night… After a brushing up, permission took her assistant Sasha to Sanya Airport to pick up singer Gao Junyu.

In order to let Gao Junyu appear on the homepage, Permit spent 6,000 yuan to arrange a huge fan pick-up event. The caption of the article was: Artist Gao Junyu Sanya Airport was torn. After getting on the bus, Permit looked at the online data. They should be able to enter the top 20 without entering the hotel. She arranged for Sasha to send the video she knew the video to her familiar marketing number for them to help push.

Unexpectedly, there was no need to charge. Sasha always didn’t charge money. Several people blackmailed herself. Gao Junyu also felt that she entered the top ten on the home page. It’s not that important. At this time, Li Yi received a phone call from Mr. Cao, wanting Gao Junyu to make a guest appearance with his honey partner for free. Permit hung up on the phone on the grounds that the signal was not good.

Another scene at the airport: Song Xiaoke got off the plane and looked tired. His ex-husband Chen Binbin ran to catch up with him, emphasizing that his mother was behind him. Song Xiaoke reminded him that the two had divorced and she could help hide it together, but don’t expect her to smile and pretend to be loving.

She arranged for Chen Binbin to come and pack her luggage in the back for a while, and asked her grandmother, mother, second aunt and others to leave first. When the car came, Feng Suzhen proposed that her sister-in-law Dong Yanping and her mother-in-law sit in the front row, but her mother-in-law insisted that she sit with herself. Dong Yanping barely sat in the back with her face.

On the bus, Grandma asked her granddaughter Chen Nuannuan’s whereabouts after graduation. Feng Suzhen rushed to contact a large Internet company early, with a starting salary of 12,000 yuan. Dong Yanping was angry.

Although she interrupted Dao Binbin’s recite last year, she opened a new project this year. Grandma disdained him for daring to start a business. How many times has he folded? In recent years, he has His mother’s hard-earned money was tossed more than half. Dong Yanping simply said she was willing. Her mother-in-law reminded her to raise children and prevent old age, and her son could support the elderly. But her, Feng Suzhen smiled contemptuously. The first round: complete victory!

Song Xiaoke called a car. Chen Binbin saw that it was a new Cadillac model and persuaded the driver to change his own car, but accidentally left Xiaoke’s suitcase at the airport. Song Xiaoke later guided the topic selection of online articles in the car, which aroused Chen Binbin’s dissatisfaction.

Grandma Chen asked about Feng Suzhen’s evaluation of her title. She learned that she had just been transferred to a full professor last month and praised her as a full professor in 1995. Feng Quality said that he would go to Germany next year as a visiting scholar, and invited her mother-in-law to Europe with him for a good improvement.

Grandma Chen suggested that she take Dong Yanping to take her to a walk because her clothing factory. The poor management is about to close down. Fortunately, she was acquired by the Wenzhou boss. Dong Yanping corrected that she bought her brand.

Grandma Chen admitted that after paying off the money to the factory and the workers, she left her own pension. How could it be enough for her son to make? Yan Ping was so angry that she didn’t say a word. She was defeated again in the second round.

Feng Suzhen proposed that his eldest brother Chen Linchun take his sister-in-law out to play. Linchun said that he had already planned to take Suzhen to Langfang, Hebei Province for half a year after the Spring Festival. Grandma Chen and Suzhen’s uncontrollable sarcasm made Dong Yanping more upset. Grandma Chen scolding the couple of them for always made them restless for some antiques.

Dong Yanping advised her mother-in-law to do this regard. I still advise Suzhen. After so many years of walking, it is time to find someone who knows cold and hot. Chen Nuannuan reported that his mother now has two people chasing her, one is a famous scholar of Beijing Normal University, elegant temperament, and the other is a businessman who is vulgar in the market. However, there are two listed companies with a market value of tens of billion yuan.

As soon as I met my mother, I wanted to send a bail. Shijie, the third round: Dong Yanping is still defeated.
Sanya Square, coconut trees, sunshine, beaches, full of laughter and laughter, bamboo pole dance, cartoon dolls singing and dancing, instantly ignited everyone’s enthusiasm, Chen Binbin quickly organized everyone to share a family photo.

Permission to go to the performance site in advance to dock with Manager Lin and explain the inspection of equipment. Manager Lin promised that there would be 300 to 500 people at the scene. If the number was not enough, he would arrange the staff to come. Permission would arrange Sasha to organize staff to follow the chorus part.

After reading the Taiwanese book, she scolded Sasha for writing that she could not read at all. Is that the Chinese graduates of a famous university at this level? Ask her to change it immediately at night, and roll up the bedding and leave immediately if the chain falls off.

After seeing the reserved room, Grandma Chen was very satisfied. She arranged for Chen Binbin and Song Xiaoke to live in the master bedroom on the second floor. Dong Yanping and Chen Linchun lived in the first floor suite. Xiaoke quickly said that her mother-in-law slept lightly and they could live downstairs.

However, Grandma Chen said that Yanping loved watching TV and did not require lighting, so she let her live downstairs. This arrangement made Dong Yanping rush. My husband complained.

Song Xiaoke entered the master bedroom on the second floor and saw a pair of white swans on the bed, and the wedding photos of the two were still hanging at the head of the bed. She immediately covered the photo with a cloth. Chen Binbin explained that she was free after the New Year.

Song Xiaoke then found that Chen Binbin had condoms in the box, warning him that the two had divorced, and it would be illegal to mess up again. Chen Binbin then threw things into the garbage can in front of her. Song Xiaoke then remembered that his box did not seem to have been moved here. Chen Binbin quickly contacted the airport to look for it.

Sasha reported to Lie that she had found 30 people in the hotel to learn chorus. Lie Yi said bluntly that Sasha had just cried. She said that she had been scolded by the deputy director for half an hour in front of hundreds of people because she was ten minutes late, but now she still appreciates that person, because he let himself know that he entered the club.

From the day of the meeting, no one has the obligation to spoil her. Anyone who can make money in this industry should learn to be angry in addition to talent and diligence. Permission gave Sasha an expensive lipstick and put it on her in person. She also gave her hotel’s dekim card to play with her boyfriend or best friend in the future. Sasha’s heart was warm.

At this time, Yan Liwei was driving his RV to Sanya. He asked his son if his sister had arrived at the hotel. The son said that he had just arrived and came to see them later. He asked his father to give himself an explanation this time. If it were not for him, his father, a straight man, could not have found his wife at all.

Chen Binbin contacted the airport and couldn’t find the box. Song Xiaoke warned Chen Binbin that if he lost his laptop computer could not be spared. Chen Binbin persuaded Xiaoke to come here mainly for a holiday. It was better not to mention work. Song Xiaoke asked if he could support himself if he didn’t work?

Chen Binbin was speechless, and then mentioned the time a man hugged Song Xiaoke in Beijing. Song Xiaoke said that he had explained that he had drunk too much many times. The divorce between the two of them was a breakdown of their relationship. She would never cheat on her marriage. Chen Binbin did not dare not tell again, so he quickly went out to help Xiaoke buy clothes and cosmetics.

Chen Binbin met Lie Yi in the mall by chance. Lie Yi asked him to take his family to the performance site as a family and friend group in the evening. Chen Binbin promised him to buy a set of cosmetics and send it to his room. This scene was filmed by Chen Nuannuan not far away.

Chen Binbin brought clothes and cosmetics to Song Xiaoke. The two stood under the afterglow of the setting sun and thought a lot towards the sea. Chen Binbin proposed to buy Xiaoke something to eat. Xiaoke sighed that he hadn’t been so considerate for a long time. In the past, when he came back to the nightclub to brush his mobile phone, people were very cheap.

Only when they separated, they felt precious. Chen Binbin had nothing to say anything to him. Xi I hope they can get along peacefully this time. After this year, they may not have a chance to meet each other. Make a good impression on each other. He is used to wrapping his hand around Xiaoke, but he felt unable to do it again. He turned back to the room awkwardly, and Xiaoke also blushed his eyes.

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