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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 28 Recap

It turned out that Pan Qianqian found Yiyuan to understand the story of Ling Xuanxuan. Pan Qianqian thought that Ling Yushi was suffering from illness because he missed his sister, and he wanted to make up for the pain in Yushi’s heart. Yu Shi was very moved when he learned about it, and specifically asked Yi Yuan to fabricate Pan Qianqian and Yi Yuan as a couple, and came to Lingjia Town to get to know Qin Lie and Ling Yushi, and recognized Ling Yushi as her sister, but was later miserably bitter.

The beast devours the emotional story. As soon as Pan Qianqian heard it, he suddenly realized that he had been thinking about Yiyuan all the time because of such a period of history. So Pan Qianqian accepted this “setting” in an instant, hugged Yiyuan, and made a confession with Yiyuan to “coax” Ling Yushi, and the two sisters recognized each other as they wished.

Xie Jingxuan was still in a coma, and Du Shaoyang was worried. Song Tingyu proposed to take care of Xie Jingxuan by herself, but Ye Xian’er appeared at this time, and Ye Xian’er forcibly got into Song Tingyu’s consciousness and understood everything that happened to Song Tingyu’s past. And Song Tingyu’s spiritual consciousness was also integrated by Ye Xian’er. Song Tingyu no longer existed at this time, and Ye Xian’er’s consciousness was already in this body.

Qin Lie took the initiative to find Du Shaoyang for a drink and talk, and the two looked at Mingyue and thought of the past, and expressed their hearts. At this moment, the two of them finally resolved the hatred in their hearts, truly let go, and determined to work together to retreat from the night.

Before Du Shaoyang went back to the room, he met Ye Xian’er again. Who knew that Ye Xian’er had another verbal provocation. He said that Du Shaoyang was far inferior to Qin Lie. Now he “relies on” Qin Lie’s door. Du Shaoyang looks at Ye Xian’er.

Although the far away figure was upset, he still couldn’t figure out Ye Xian’er’s purpose. I can only shake my head and forget, go back to the room to visit Xie Jingxuan again. Seeing Xie Jingxuan quietly lying on the bed and weak, Du Shaoyang was heartbroken, holding Xie Jingxuan’s hand and calling out bitterly, who knew that Xie Jingxuan really woke up, smiled and looked at Du Shaoyang, this made Du Shaoyang Surprised and delighted…

In the middle of the night, Ye Xian’er sneaked to Qin Lie’s bed, watching Qin Lie’s sleep, Ye Xian’er secretly stole the spirit pattern pillar from Qin Lie’s ring, and then left triumphantly.

The next day, it was finally the day for Duan Qianjie and Ling Yushi to fight decisively. Everyone knew that Yushi might lose to Duan Qianjie, so they prepared to escape secretly. Unexpectedly, the clan has already taken the whereabouts of Ling Yushi and others to auction. Also as the Nether Empress, Ling Yushi had to personally capture the three traitors of the Deception Clan.

Xie Jingxuan originally wanted to seduce Duan Qianjie with a beauty scheme, but distressed by its nature and desirelessness, Xie Jingxuan had to take out the spiritual stone treasures that he had stolen beside the ancient venerable in the burial ground of the gods. Xie Jingxuan wanted to exchange the Shadowless Stone for Duan Qianjie’s Nine Nether Code.

It can be seen that Duan Qianjie did not buy it for thousands of times. Xie Jingxuan had to use the shadowless stone to steal Duan Qianjie’s Nine Nether Code. When the decisive battle began, Duan Qianjie discovered that the Holy Code had been stolen, and saw that the inn owner was bought by Chu Li, and everyone fled with the inn teleportation array.

Who knows that even if he hides outside the city, Duan Qianjie still follows like a ghost. It turns out that Duan Qianjie’s true identity is the person in charge of the Special Search Management Department, in charge of all areas near the mainland. Today, Duan Qianjie’s target has changed from Ling Yushi to Xie Jingxuan who steals the Nine Nether Sacred Code. Qin Lie stepped forward to protect everyone, but he knew that he could no longer summon his spiritweave pillar.

Seeing that Duan Qianjie was about to point his sword at Xie Jingxuan, Li Mu appeared with a sword and wanted to stop Duan Qianjie’s actions, but now Duan Qianjie ignored Li Mu’s friendship and insisted on Xie Jingxuan. Ling Yushi on the side perceives something abnormal in the Jiuyou Sacred Code, and sure enough, the Sacred Code suddenly rises, and the picture reappears. It is the original mother of the earth, the mother of Wuchun, speaking to everyone about Gongmulie and Wuchun.

The story of being forced to seal in order to save the people of the tribe, now four spiritual artifacts appear, Gongmulie and Wuchun reunite, this story recorded by the mother of the earth can appear from the Nine Serenities. It turns out that Gongmulie came to the realm of the ruins in order to inquire about the news of his father Gong Muhao and wanted to use the clan to inquire about the news of his father Gong Muhao. The Mother of the Earth asked Gongmulie to find Wuchun, and Wuchun decided. Wuchun said that to find the God of War, the fire of the red flame must open the way, and Gongmulie readily agreed…

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