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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 27 Recap

Everyone was surprised when they learned that Xie Jingxuan had voodoo. Yan Baiyi explained to the side that only the poisoned person can detoxify, otherwise there is no cure. Seeing Yan Baiyi volunteered to take everyone to find Huang Shuli, Qin Lie’s inner vigilance rose, but he still followed.

The three Ling Yushi came to the illusion of Lingjia Town from the door. At this time, Pan Qianqian did not remember her memory as Ling Xuanxuan. Yu Shi noticed that now everyone may have entered Pan Qianqian’s inner consciousness, and he no longer forced to recognize his sister, but let Pan Qianqian find the person he met by himself. Ling Yushi watched Pan Qianqian walk in front of his father. It turned out that Pan Qianqian’s heart was also entangled in his own departure, and did not help Lingjiazhen to tide over the difficulties.

Pan Qianqian shed tears when he heard that his father really forgave him. At this time, when the scene changed, Pan Qianqian transformed into Ling Xuanxuan’s appearance. He sat alone at the door and waited until Hua Yuxin appeared. Ling Yushi and Yiyuan watched Hua Yuxin propose to Ling Xuanxuan, and the lover finally became a family, sweet not long , The storm fell sharply. Ling Xuanxuan, Ling Yushi, and Yiyuan were walking on the snowy ground. Ling Xuanxuan moved forward in the storm, stubbornly trying to find Hua Yu’s heart.

Ling Yushi hugged Ling Xuanxuan, who was about to collapse. But Ling Xuanxuan’s emotions became more and more excited, only to be able to stun Ling Xuanxuan, and Ling Xuanxuan returned to Pan Qianqian’s spiritual consciousness. And the scene finally returned to the burial ground of the gods. Outside the door, Qin Lie and the others were still wandering. Yan Baiyi watched Qin Lie identify the scene behind the door with the spirit pattern pillar. When they saw Ling Yushi and others, everyone rushed forward, but Yan Baiyi was Looking at the shattered scheme, she quietly looked at Huang Shuli in the corner. It turns out that these two talents are really trying to meet the inside out…

Qin Lie finally saw Ling Yushi, and the two embraced excitedly. The five people sitting on the side were the ancient venerables. Before Yan Baiyi was ready to swallow everything, Qin Lie, Du Shaoyang and others immediately captured him. It turned out that this was not the so-called Heavenly Sword Sect’s swordman, but Ye Yihao of the Magical Demon Sect, Qin Lie and Du Shaoyang had already discerned Ye Yihao’s conspiracy and took the opportunity to trick him into the game. Seeing that the strategy was exposed, Ye Yihao had to let Huang Shuli bring out all the followers who had been robbed of divine consciousness, and officially went to war with Qin Lie.

Although Qin Lie and others were already outstanding in the Chilan Continent, they were still unable to resist against the masters of various factions. Realizing that the situation is not good, Qin Lie hurriedly used the Demon Sealing Tablet to lead the crowd to escape. Du Shaoyang forced the controlled Xie Jingxuan to leave.

Just as Ling Yushi wanted to retreat, Ye Xian’er at the exit suddenly used spirit Forced to attack him, Song Tingyu hurriedly stood in front of Ling Yushi, and Ye Xian’er discovered that Song Tingyu was also his own divine sense, and Qin Lie hurriedly took the rest of the people out, and then escaped from the danger.

After Qin Lie and the others checked each other’s safety, they discovered that Duan Qianjie had also escaped. Duan Qianjie was very reticent. Everyone didn’t listen to what he said. Who knows that Duan Qianjie actually took out the middle volume of Jiuyou Shengdian, which immediately aroused the interest of Ling Yushi. Yushi was originally holy. The code came, coupled with Duan Qianjie’s seeming desirelessness, Yu Shi chose to believe it, and led Qin Lie and others to temporarily follow in Duan Qianjie’s footsteps.

Although Duan Qianjie was reticent, he was aggressive, and Qin Lie and others’ mana was not enough to resist. But Duan Qianjie was only interested in Yushi’s identity as the Nether Empress, and bluntly said that she would fight Yushi. Ling Yushi responded to Duan Qianjie’s words and found him. Seeing Duan Qianjie fainted Pan Qianqian, he knew that Duan Qianjie had something else to say. Sure enough, Duan Qianjie had used Ling Xuanxuan to get out of danger in the Frozen Land, but at that time Ling Xuanxuan had lost her memory, like a walking dead.

Later, Duan Qianjie simply took Ling Xuanxuan to the Magic Sect. Knowing that Yu Lingwei, the lord of the Magic Sect, was able to perform illusions, he simply found a Pan family identity for Ling Xuanxuan and lived on since then. Now everyone does not know the solution. Ling Yushi also asked if Duan Qianjie knew Li Mu, but Duan Qianjie didn’t say a word, and just walked out. Ling Yushi looked at Duan Qianjie’s back and recognized that his face was one of the three who sent Lingzhu in Qin Lie’s mind.

After Duan Qianjie went out, he met Li Mu. It turned out that the two had known each other long ago. It was Duan Qianjie who asked Li Mu to take care of Qin Lie and others. Li Mu guessed that the Botian clan seemed to show signs of reappearing, and I was afraid that another fierce battle would be coming, but Duan Qianjie told Li Mu that Qin Lie’s real body was probably Gong Mulie, and Li Mu was shocked when he heard it. Lost, panicked…

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