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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 2 Recap

The news from the overseas team was that Shi Yanan came to New Gibb to film the show. Wu Shengnan took Xiao Hong to the shooting site for a long-distance survey and found nothing unusual. Back at the station, Wu Shengnan reported the situation to everyone. Shi Yanan was a famous host and maintained a lover relationship with Liao Qidong for many years.

Although he did not participate too much in the crimes of the Liao Qidong group, he was the representative of Liao Qidong’s overseas assets. Holders, the task of the overseas team is to persuade Shi Yanan to take the initiative to testify against Liao Qidong’s criminal facts with them. Shi Yanan and Liao Qidong went to work in the UK after breaking up and now hold British nationality. This also gave the overseas team to persuade Shi Yanan to return to China. Brought no small obstacles.

Song Chenggong’s subordinates rented a villa and prepared to settle down, but they had to move in the day after tomorrow at the soonest. Where to stay tonight became a problem. Another subordinate, Long Tao, suddenly said that he had a place to live, and Long Tao took a few people. When we arrived in the outskirts of an inaccessible area, there were a few empty containers in this place. Song Chenggong was very pleasantly surprised and decided to stay here for one night. Song Chenggong finally settled down in the suburbs and slept peacefully, but his lawyer Cheng was full of complaints, thinking that this was not a place for people at all, and that he was like the ex-wife of his accountant, Lao Shao, and a resentful wife. .

The overseas team is discussing how to contact Shi Yanan on the next day. Wu Shengnan asked Gao Xiaotian how to talk to Shi Yanan and to what extent. Gao Xiaotian analyzed that Shi Yanan has received higher education and has very high EQ and IQ. It should be A more sane person, so there is no need to go around and talk to her directly. Wu Shengnan actually thought of another plan. She thinks that Shi Yanan holds a British passport. If the talk fails, it will be difficult for them to get in touch with Shi Yanan. A colleague contacted Shi Yanan’s family and cited Shi Yanan’s health as an excuse to return Shi Yanan to visit and do Shi Yanan’s work in China. Gao Xiaotian felt that this method was too unpredictable and rejected it.

Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong looked for opportunities to approach Shi Yanan during the filming break, and said they were here for Liao Qidong. Shi Yanan looked nervous and said that they had not contacted Liao Qidong for a long time. She didn’t know the situation, so she turned and left. Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong watched Shi Yanan get very close to a foreign man when she left, and Xiao Hong took a picture. The two returned to the station. Wu Shengnan reported to Gao Xiaotian.

Gao Xiaotian continued to make arrangements to let his domestic colleagues contact Shi Yanan’s family and get some help from outsiders as soon as possible. In addition, he arranged to meet with Shi Yanan as soon as possible and was talking. Gu Simiao also found information about the foreign man from the photos taken by Xiao Hong. The foreign man’s name was William, an Englishman, and Shi Yanan’s current husband. The two had a son.

Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong found Shi Yanan again and made it clear that they wanted to learn from her about her holding of Liao Qidong’s overseas assets. They gave Shi Yanan the address of the resident location, and hoped that she could give an answer within three days. chat. William saw their contact, and William was a little puzzled, but it was hard to ask. The contacts of the overseas team made Shi Yanan uneasy and frequently lost her mind during work.

In the overseas group’s resident, Gao Xiaotian told everyone that a killer organization was chasing Song Chenggong, and everyone knew why Song Chenggong had disappeared. The task was getting more and more difficult. At this moment, Song Chenggong’s phone was turned on. Gao Xiaotian saw that Song Chenggong still occasionally turned it on, so he asked Xiao Hong to send a message to Song Chenggong, telling him that only by contacting them could Song Chenggong be human Safety. Song Chenggong and several people have already settled in the rented villa. Just settled down, Song Chenggong started to see the text message from the overseas team. He called Lawyer Cheng to show the text message to Lawyer Cheng, and wanted to discuss with him whether to talk to him or not. Meet the police.

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