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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 37 Recap

Many people will gradually discover their more hidden side after experiencing some things. In the past, Zhu Suosuo, who was greedy for money and fate, would also take the initiative to save Xie’s family with money. The creditors who lent money to Jiang’s father at the time now see it in Jiang Nansun’s eyes, More like a demon that can destroy Zhu Suosuo.

However, everyone is facing a difficult choice, even Ye Jinyan is no exception. He tried to help Zhu Suosuo to make up for the debt to his daughter, so after repeated thinking, he decided to submit a resignation application and let Fan Jingang sort it out. Xie’s company information to accept this hot potato.

At the same time, Jiang Nansun and Li Ang wrote the summary report of the project in advance, but Tang Xin and Yang Ke believe that the final result has not been assessed, indicating that there is still a chance for everything.

Tang Xin saw that the two young professionals were unbearable, but the business was not more noble than anyone else, and there were many ethical standards. The bottom line they faced was the law, as long as they maximized their interests on a legal basis. , This is the rule of the game for adults.

Originally, Li Ang hesitated a little, but since Jiang Nansun knew that Yang Ke had sponsored hundreds of students in recent years, she had fully understood the way of survival of the gray people and stopped blindly pursuing black and white.

In the next few days, Jiang Nansun and Li Ang took the initiative to negotiate with the project company, and they promised to transfer the profits to each other on behalf of Renowned International and changed the original sales department to a clubhouse. The project company was motivated by the interests, and therefore agreed to entrust the project to Renowned International.

Zhu Suosuo went to the hospital to visit Xie Jiayin in person under Xie Hongzu’s arrangement, and then frankly confessed the main reason for his refusal to divorce. Zhu Suosuo is grateful for Xie Hongzu’s good, and can’t forget the Xie family’s harm to her, so she is willing to borrow money to help the Xie family maintain the operation, but it is difficult to reassure her.

Fan Jingang persuaded Ye Jinyan to no avail, but instead received a notice from Party A. Wang Yongzheng was shocked and disappointed when he learned that Party A had handed over the project to the world-renowned, he called Jiang Nansun, but the other party refused to accept it. Li Ang saw Jiang Nansun’s entanglement, Jiang Nansun understood that he wanted to comfort him, so he interrupted.

Afterwards, Jiang Nansun asked Wang Yongzheng to meet in private, but it’s a pity that the two people were basically not speculative in their exchanges in the library. Because of this, Jiang Nansun returned home in despair, locked in the house alone and wept.

For Jiang Nansun, Zhu Suosuo took the initiative to go to Jingyan Group to find Wang Yongzheng, because she didn’t want to see two people who love each other making trouble until now. When Jiang Nansun returned to China, he was burdened with huge debts, and even suffered threats from creditors to give up his dreams. After Zhu Suosuo said all this, he wandered outside Ye Jinyan’s office, and couldn’t help but recall the ups and downs of his Jingyan Group. Yuan Yuan heard the conversation between Zhu Suosuo and Wang Yongzheng, knowing she had no hope, so she took the initiative to confess her true identity.

Dai Qian advised Ye Jinyan not to be influenced by feelings, but Ye Jinyan showed her the red rope in her hand, which was a relic left by her daughter during her lifetime. At first, because of her vanity, she personally sent her daughter abroad. Unexpectedly, her daughter could not stand the strong pressure from the outside world and chose to commit suicide.

Xie Jiayin forced her body to prepare to go back to work. Xie Hongzu asked her to rest at ease. Xie Jiayin felt guilty that she had protected him too well, that’s why it became like this. Originally thought that the Zhao family was close to him, but he didn’t expect profit to take the lead, so the Zhao family immediately retreated when the situation was not good.

Wang Yongzheng finally understood the reason why Jiang Nansun went to Yangke Company, so he took the initiative to find Jiang Nansun and hugged her directly in his arms. Jiang Nansun realized that Wang Yongzheng knew the truth, so he admitted everything and said that he did not want to cause trouble to others.

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