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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 2 Recap

When Lin Rui saw Zhang Xiaoyu in the bar, he thought she was here for a blind date, and complained that during the day she vowed to say that she would not be married for five years, so she came to have a blind date at night. Dong Xinran took Zhang Xiaoyu’s affection, told her about Lin Rui’s career record, and warned her not to leak out a word of today’s affairs, otherwise she could not stay for a week. Zhang Xiaoyu understands that Dong Xinran has a knife-mouthed tofu heart, and that he wants to be a career elite depends on his strength, not his appearance. Dong Xinran got up and left. Zhang Xiaoyu’s phone was hit by a passer-by.

When he was depressed, Dante helped her pick up the phone. However, seeing that the owner of the phone was her, Dante’s smile instantly froze, saying that she was a strange girl. , Confessing the wrong person on the street at night, you must be broken in love. Zhang Xiaoyu was speechless by what he said, when Lin Rui came again, sarcastically that she could go on a blind date without getting married. The conditions were very special. Zhang Xiaoyu is even more depressed, and this inexplicable day is really a cry for tears.

The next day, entering the W office building again, Ling Xiaoxiao and Fang Jing greeted them in the elevator, making it seem that the Octopus next to them was a bit redundant. Shu Wanting told Lin Rui that this time the person in charge in China would be promoted among the Chinese. The French released the news in advance to reap the benefits of the fisherman. Lin Rui said that it didn’t matter. She only supported Shu Wanting anyway.

Shu Wanting said, it is a good thing and a bad thing for Fang Jing to come. Meng Fan from South China is very smart. Although Fang Jing has left, the rest of China is eyeing the eye. Zhang Xiaoyu and Ling Xiaoxiao entered the post. They had three tasks in this month, and the total score of the tasks determined their stay in one month. Zhang Xiaoyu’s memory is very good, so Dong Xinran was also amazed.

At the morning meeting, Dong Xinran teased Wang Lei and Zhang Xiaoyu couldn’t help laughing. Lin Rui asked Zhang Xiaoyu to send documents to the headquarters. Zhang Xiaoyu was worried that her English was not good enough to do the job. Ling Xiaoxiao stood up and said in English that she was OK. Lin Rui gave her the job.

Shu Wanting had a conversation with Fang Jing, and Fang Jing said that she would work hard to add points to the East China region and become her right and left hand with Lin Rui. Dante came to Wen Zhe to repair the software and told him that someone was stealing data from him. Wen Zhe discovered that although Dante was a fool, he was not bad. Afterwards, Wen Zhe gave Dante 150,000, and the first account of 50,000 rewarded his honesty. Dante just wanted to know why he had to cancel the patch himself. This is also the second thing that accounts for one hundred thousand. Wen Zhe asked Dante to do something for him.

Spring Department Store and Kai Ruisi came to discuss cooperation, and Lin Rui introduced the two heads of the company and Fang Jing. Ling Xiaoxiao wondered why Lin Rui didn’t and Fang Jing grabbed the Spring Department Store and chose the weaker Kerrys. It turned out that Lin Rui didn’t want to cooperate with Kerrys at all. This was just a sing around Weiwei and save Zhao. After being stimulated, Zhang Xiaoyu worked hard to learn English. Dong Xinran asked her why she was here. Zhang Xiaoyu replied that her ex-boyfriend dumped her. His company is in this building, and the people he likes are professional elites. .

Dong Xinran didn’t know why, nor did he understand the relationship between Zhang Xiaoyu and Lin Rui. In fact, Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t know Lin Rui before, and didn’t know that he would come for an interview more than ten hours ago. One day ago, Zhang Xiaoyu was still doing shopping guide in the market store, and Lin Rui bought lipstick in this store.

At this time, a lady came to the store with an open bottle of lotion to return, saying that their small brand would be disfigured and almost got into trouble. Zhang Xiaoyu said that their brand is food safe. I used this brand and drank the cosmetics in front of the guests. This incident shocked the shopping mall. The incident of Zhang Xiaoyu drinking lotion had a serious impact on the shopping mall. The counter was complained, and the store manager decided to expel Zhang Xiaoyu. Octopus was wronged. She did so.

How could it be her fault for the company. Zhang Xiaoyu could only take the pot back, but the store manager was required to give her an internship certificate. The store manager was unwilling at first, and Zhang Xiaoyu threatened her with the company’s gifts and was stolen, and only then got the internship certificate. Lin Rui witnessed the whole process and found Zhang Xiaoyu afterwards and asked her to interview the assistant SW sales director tomorrow. Zhang Xiaoyu was just a second-born student and did not want to go.

Until that night, Wu Dongjiang, who had returned from studying in the United States, told Zhang Xiao Yu, he chose to work in the Chinese branch, he said he wanted to say something, but he was not good at expressing it, so he gave her a letter. Zhang Xiaoyu was very excited. She thought Wu Dongjiang was going to propose to herself, but she did not expect that the content of the letter was to break up with her, because four years of long-distance relationship was enough for them to realize the gap between themselves. Zhang Xiaoyu recovered and Wu Dongjiang had already left. Zhang Xiaoyu looked for his figure helplessly, his eyes blurred with tears.

Zhang Xiaoyu was very sad, but not reconciled. He ran to the smelly fish and asked him to tell him about Wu Dongjiang, or he would be expelled from a foreign school and told his mother about being a resident singer in a Hangzhou bar for three years. Knowing that Wu Dongjiang’s company is in Shanghai, Zhang Xiaoyu made a decisive decision and decided to go to Shanghai.

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