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Chapter 6 Recalling Emperor Jing·One Slap

Feng Zhi was slightly startled, and immediately retracted his hands, and quickly straightened up, no matter the steamed buns were hot, he grabbed it and stuffed it in his arms, twisted and ran towards the rear window-two steps away was the kitchen rear window, the window was very low and turned over. Going out is a flower and stone dwarf forest, as long as she can get out, she can get away, anyway, she shouldn’t be here at this moment.

However, she was a step late after all.

It wasn’t that she was unresponsive, but that she saw someone rushing in that direction as soon as she ran out. She climbed the window edge and turned over. She was probably too panicked. She just fell off her feet and vaguely heard “Ouch!” Pain.

Familiar voice.

Feng Zhiwei stopped.

She stood in front of the window, her eyes drooping, and for an instant a complex intertwined look of anger, helplessness, worry, hatred, etc. passed across her face.

Then she took a deep breath, turned around, and put the steamed buns back into the pot quickly and steadily.

It is no longer possible to turn the window anymore, and the painful breathing under the window tells her that the person who stole the food can’t walk, and she will be found together if she turns out, and it will be even more unclear at that time.

At this time, the kitchen had already burst into trouble, and the stewards and cooks from the outside rushed over.

“It’s you–” A half-old mistress looked at Feng Zhiwei who stood behind the window, her tone of irritation and surprise, but a trace of triumphant joy floated in her eyes.

Feng Zhiwei secretly cried out unlucky in her heart-this is Lady An who is in charge of the kitchen, an old widow who lost her husband in her early years, always thinking of sleeping with Liu Guanshi, who is quite powerful in the outer courtyard, but Guanshi Liu thinks that her old face is like an orange peel. The young Feng Zhiwei couldn’t help but was thinking about sleeping, so the old woman looked uncomfortable with her for a long time.

Aunt Ann turned her eyes quickly on the case, suddenly her complexion changed drastically, and she rushed over.

“You ruined the golden swiftlet that was dedicated to the princess!”

Because the window sash was wide open, the steam dissipated, and there was a jade lamp carefully covered with a silver wire cover on the case, but now the silver wire cover is turned over, the jade lamp is half tilted, and the semi-solidified cheese-like objects flow over the table. Yes, there are still a few black fingerprints on the side of the Yuzhan, which looks very dirty and embarrassed.

The sweet scent in the air became more intense, Feng Zhi inhaled slightly, and his heart sank again. Although he didn’t know what it was, it was obviously an absolute treasure.

“How do you explain this? How do you explain this!” Aunt An originally wanted to embarrass Feng Zhiwei a little bit, but she was silent when she found someone came in. What she didn’t want to be moved was to provide Shaoning’s meal, so she was going to pass on the meal. Xia Ke really caused a big disaster, she stared at Feng Zhiwei bitterly, if she said that she had seized the occasion before, now she really hated it.

An abnormal noise faintly came from under the window, like the sound of something accidentally rubbing against the wall, but it was covered by Aunt An’s heavy breathing. Feng Zhi’s face was slightly calm, and his fingers squeezed slightly.

“Miss Feng…” A middle-aged woman next to An Da Niang dragged her gloomy ending, her face was pale, “This golden swiftlet was bought from Da Yue with a lot of hard work by the second son. One or two is just one or two. Thousands of gold, then steamed and dried nine times without passing the secret method, accompanied by more than ten kinds of concentrates such as snow mountain purple sun, and the whole process had to use expensive black stone wood as the firewood… How much did it cost to make this one? After all the effort, these are all unique treasures. Tomorrow the princess will pass the meal, what do you want us to offer?”

Feng Zhiwei listened to the names of these ingredients representing Jinshan Yinshan, and was annoyed. He took a deep breath and said, “I’m just here to warm up the steamed buns, but I didn’t touch that.”

“Who is that?” Aunt An sneered, her eyes aggressive.

Feng Zhiwei squeezed her fingers again, but then she calmly said, “There are so many people in your kitchen, and you just rushed over so quickly. Anyone can touch it…”


The crisp sound of the palm touching the skin shocked everyone’s eyebrows.

Feng Zhiwei only felt a buzzing in his brain, and then his face was numb. Before the numbness disappeared, the hot pain rolled, and there was a fishy sweet smell in his mouth, and even the tooth gang twitched and pained.

What a cruel slap!

Aunt Ann raised her hand and froze, as if she couldn’t believe she did it.

She didn’t think too much about it. After all, Feng Zhiwei is nominally the master, and it is disrespectful to commit the following crimes in the rigorous Tiansheng dynasty. However, this matter today is extraordinary, and she is already anxious about the meal of tomorrow. When I saw this little hoof in a hurry, I was so calm and relaxed. I was so angry that my head became dizzy. When I reacted, the face of Feng Zhiwei on the other side was already full of colors.

There was silence.

After a long while, a thin line of blood slowly bloomed from the corners of Feng Zhi’s lips, stern and beautiful like a remnant flower, and everyone’s expressions changed.

Feng Zhi raised his hand slightly, pressed his finger lightly on the corner of his lips, took a closer look at the blood stains on the fingertips, and then… smiled.

Her hair was tossed, her smile half-hidden in her dark hair, she was sinking in the undissipated mist and the half-bright and half-dark shadows, looking gentle and rugged, contradictory and bitter, Ling stood She shivered with Aunt Ann, who had been staring at her.

At this time, she remembered that Feng Zhiwei was still a young lady. Her mother was the decent master of this mansion, and she was said to have a violent temper…

However, she took the courage anyway-hit and hit, what can she do? To be honest, she used to be well-behaved and didn’t make mistakes. She didn’t have a chance to teach her. Today, since she was delivered to the door, she took care of it and didn’t fight for nothing. Could she still escape “stealing the royal property “The big sin?” Besides, at any rate, I am the wife’s companion room, and there is a face in this mansion, teaching a bitch’s daughter of unknown origin, what are you afraid of!

Such thoughts only flashed past, and then Aunt Ann kept doing it, pointing at Feng Zhiwei and sternly: “Take down this brave woman who steals tribute! Send it to Madam for punishment!”

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