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Chapter 5 Recalling Emperor Jing·It’s all caused by steamed bread

In the most remote northwest corner of the Qiu Mansion, there is a small courtyard with a half-open door. This courtyard has no name. It was originally part of the lower house. Later, it was assigned to the grandmother of Qiu’s family. She was a master, so she used a low wall. Separated from those next rooms, it was a bit decent of the original Miss Qiu Family, but it was only decent. Other than that, the cost of all the furnishings was the same as that of the subordinates.

When the house was set up by the wife herself, she thought that the arrogant sister-in-law was going to make a big fuss. She didn’t want Mrs. Feng Qiu Mingying since she eloped and left home and returned with a pair of children many years later, she changed her original temperament. Very easy to speak and accepted all the arrangements made by his sister-in-law.

Originally, people who once insulted their family and were desperate to find them back on their own, how can they be qualified to care about anything?

Feng Zhiwei went into the yard and went straight to the dining table-early in the morning, she murdered, fell into the water, and was hugged. She was so hungry that she ran into ribs on her belly.

There was a bowl of cabbage fans and two steamed buns on the dinner table. The fans became muddy soup, and the steamed buns were hardened into wall bricks. The former Miss Qiu family and the current Madame Feng sat short with a lame leg. On the side of the table, I was trying hard to scrape the ugly black stains on the table with a knife.

Seeing Feng Zhiwei coming in, she carefully took a steamed bun and greeted Feng Zhiwei: “Wei’er, come and eat.”

Feng Zhi frowned slightly and sat down: “There are three people, so why give two steamed buns?”

“Guanshi Zhao said, Your Majesty will come to Qiufu tomorrow. The kitchen is very busy, that’s all.” Madam Feng didn’t touch the steamed buns, and carefully dialed a little fan soup and drank slowly.

Feng Zhiwei didn’t speak, and looked at her while biting on the bun. His eyes were fascinating and fascinating. They seemed to be a little soft and charming, but when the eyes were still fixed, they were shining with honor.

Madam Feng had no choice but to say: “It is said that Princess Shaoning will also come.”

Feng Zhiwei uttered an “Oh”, and immediately retracted his gaze, and continued to gnaw on the steamed buns—Shao Ning came—all the sons of the uncle’s family were excited—the whole government was eager to please the princesses who were picky eaters in the kitchen. ——I can only eat overnight meals here.

It’s normal, just get used to it.

The mother and daughter talked while eating.

“What does your Majesty go out of the palace?”

“A few days ago, in a cold wave, many people in the capital were frozen to death. Jiucheng Yamen was doing disaster relief. Your Majesty will probably go and see the situation.”

“Is it true to see if the disaster relief is false, and to see if the Nine City Yamen, which is in charge of His Highness the King of Chu, is dereliction of duty?” Feng Zhiwei tore the buns hard, “His Royal Highness was impeached for accepting a few Xiliao beauty. After stopping the Prince’s Baoyin, the direction of the wind went into chaos again. The King of Chu was in the prince’s camp. Naturally, some people fell into trouble.

“Zhiwei.” Madam Feng put down her chopsticks, “How many times have I told you, women and women, don’t pretend to be political.”

“This is really strange.” Feng Zhiwei put down his steamed buns and looked at Mrs. Feng with a smile. “People who don’t know have heard it. I’m afraid I really think that Mrs. Feng is a gentle, virtuous and virtuous woman who does not care about national affairs and is dedicated to teaching her children.”

“Isn’t it?” Mrs. Feng ignored her, and cherished a fan of chopsticks, frowning thinking of similar things in the world, sometimes it’s really far away. For example, this fan looks a lot like the cucurbita shark’s fin that was often eaten back then— —The top grade small ribs, chicken soup, simmered, and then use large purple abalone, top with good cloud legs, wrapped in lotus leaves and stewed, the finished product is clear and mellow, and the lotus fragrance is overflowing… Another example is that person, Zhiwei and Shao Ning’s appearance is so similar, but his identity and circumstances are so different… Forget it, thinking about it all is fate.

She ate a fragrant meal without raising her head. Feng Zhi glanced at her slightly, slanting her eyes, and said manly: “Yes, nothing is wrong. Mrs. Feng has always been like this. As for the female generals, she is naturally handsome and talented at the age of ten. Father went on the expedition. He killed himself at the age of twelve. At the age of 14, he was ordered to turn the tide on the battlefield. He led 30,000 shirtless men to fight against the enemy. He killed his head and danced in yellow sand. He became famous in the first battle, and he was called the fire phoenix…”

“Enough.” Madam Feng interrupted her calmly, weighed the amount of cabbage fans, and poured it a little more carefully.

Feng Zhi was slightly faintly unheard of.

“…Qiu Mingying, also known as the handsome female fire phoenix…” She suddenly stood up, propped up on the table, put a face like a flower and snow on Madam Feng’s face, and looked straight into her eyes. ” …Dead, already dead.”


The tableware and chopsticks on the table vibrated and clanged, and Mrs. Feng, who was pressing her hand on the table, raised her eyebrows, her eyes stunned, and she was vaguely like the most powerful female in the past.

Feng Zhiwei only smiled and didn’t move.

After the aftershocks did not stop, the half-opened cabbage bowl tilted, and the soup poured straight on Feng Zhiwei. Feng Zhi looked down slightly, smiling, but still did not move his body, not even moving his eyelashes.

Madam Feng, who stared at her glaringly, stared at her face blankly, suddenly sighed, stretched out her finger and pressed it, and the bowls and chopsticks rotating on the table were immediately stationary, and a little splash of soup splashed on Madam Feng’s fingers. Regrettably, the wife wanted to suck, and when she raised her head to meet Feng Zhiwei’s gaze, she wiped her hand on the apron.

“Okay… it’s all over.” The fierce female coach disappeared in an instant. Sitting across from Feng Zhiwei was the woman holding the cherished vegetable soup, “Hurry up and eat, and go to the front. Help out there.”

Feng Zhiwei stared at Madam Feng’s beautiful but slightly old face, slowly retracted his hand holding the table, and sighed as he was about to sit down. Suddenly someone behind him slammed the door open and rolled in with a bone-to-shoulder air. Sitting beside her, she grabbed the steamed buns that Madam Feng hadn’t moved, and muttered vaguely, “It’s steamed buns again!”

“Hao’er, what’s the hurry, be careful of biting your tongue.” Madam Feng immediately reached out lovingly to caress the child’s hair, “Is it cold? May I warm it up for you?”

Feng Zhi lowered his eyes slightly to look at the hard steamed buns in his hands—to warm them up? To put it so lightly, the kitchen is very busy now, have this effort to give you hot steamed buns?

The steamed buns in my hands are also as hard as iron, so why don’t you say to heat them up?

“How do you eat it so cold?” Feng Hao took a bite, frowned, and threw the buns out with his hand. The hard buns slammed into the ground with a loud voice, “Stop eating!”

Feng Zhiwei stared at the steamed bun—this was breakfast this morning. The three of them divided into two steamed buns. The mother didn’t touch them. She only drank the vegetable soup from the night. Now, this precious steamed bun was frivolously handed by his brother. Smashed out, covered with dust.

Then she slowly turned her head and stared at Feng Hao.

“pick it up.”

Feng Zhiwei’s tone has always been gentle and gentle, and her eyes seem to have a smile. She is born with hazy eyes, no matter how she looks at people, she is not domineering. Mrs. Feng’s sharp and harshness just appeared on her. , Can’t be found.

Feng Hao shrinks. For some reason, every time his sister talks to him like this with a smile, his heart feels cold for no reason. In those bright water-cut pupils, there seems to be some ordinary people watching. The missing things bound his heart tightly.

It was only his mother’s favor that made him feel confident. He stepped back and left the area around Fengzhi’s body before raising his head and snort disdainfully.

Feng Zhiwei looked at him with a smile in his eyes. He sat down with a smile and continued to gnaw on her buns. He said indifferently, “Don’t pick it up? Yes, you are old and have your own opinions. I will ask tomorrow. Madam, let you go to study with Young Master San. You are so smart, you may not be able to let our Feng family shine in the future. You have to count on you.”

“Don’t!” Feng Hao’s face changed drastically, and he glared at her, “Are you still my sister? Send me to the fire pit? You vicious woman, you don’t live long by yourself, and you want to take me with you…”


Feng Hao was startled by the sharp shout, and frustrated, Madam Feng looked straight at him, and then at Feng Zhiwei. The smile in Feng Zhiwei’s eyes faded a bit, but the corners of her lips were slightly bent.

“Isn’t it just a steamed bun?” Madam Feng smiled and hurriedly walked to the corner to pick up the steamed bun, blew it carefully, and held it in her hand, “I’ll let the kitchen heat up.”

Feng Zhi lowered his eyes and looked at the steamed buns in his mother’s hands. He looked at the hands that used to be smooth and smooth but are now all rough and cracked. Then he looked at the drooping temples of his mother. I don’t know when, the black hair changed the stars on the temples. A little white, stinging her eyes.

Decades of Star Frost Exchange, and then looking back at the Zhu Yangai, the old generation of outstanding female heroes, the rumored neutral and fierce female coach, have long been annihilated in the old paper, leaving the bright outline, lonely in the legends that have gone Looking back.

She didn’t even know what kind of experience it was to smooth out the brilliance and sharp edges and corners, and change the life of forbearance and hardship at this moment.

“I’ll go.” After a long while, Feng Zhi sighed slightly, and took the steamed buns in Madam Feng’s hands-the people in the kitchen climbed up and down, they were very snobbish. She didn’t want to see her whispering and begging for help, and then being stabbed by the blade of words.

After stepping out of the threshold, Feng Hao chased out with a loud and majestic command.

“See what’s delicious, bring some back!”

Feng Zhiwei’s footsteps paused for a moment on the threshold, and then left without looking back. Behind her, the mother seemed to hold Feng Hao in her arms and calmed down in a low voice.

Feng Zhiwei has no expression-as an adopted daughter, one should not express any dissatisfaction with the favored son of others.

Although only she knows that Feng Hao is actually only an adopted son, but at any rate he is a man, who will be able to pass on Feng’s surname in the future.

To be honest, Mrs. Feng has been able to carry her this burden in the most difficult time, and has never told anyone that she is not her biological daughter, so she is grateful enough for her to stay in the snobbish autumn mansion.

As for the affection and warmth…Forget it, you may not be able to control your own life, what else can you expect?

The big kitchen was in a mess at this time, busy preparing the latest and exquisite desserts for the picky princess. Princess Shaoning is the most beloved daughter today. It is said that at the beginning of the founding of the country, the infant princess was separated from her majesty during the war. It took a lot of effort to get it back. On the day the princess found it, the sky appeared auspicious. Soon after that, she conquered the capital and established the Tiansheng Dynasty. Therefore, her Majesty regarded this daughter as a lucky star, and he loved it abnormally.

Feng Zhiwei quietly entered the kitchen through the side door. She still had the yellow face, and her eyebrows were drawn faintly. Only by changing these two places, her appearance and temperament changed so much that she was not interested in taking a second look. .

There are large and small steaming pots in the kitchen. The heat is so hot that you can’t see your face. There is a strange sweet smell in the air. I don’t know what new desserts are being made. Feng Zhiwei doesn’t want to disturb anyone, so I look for it quietly. I opened an empty stove, poured water into the pot, and prepared to reheat the steamed buns.

There are some delicious food on the chopping board, but Feng Zhiwei didn’t even take a second look. Feng Hao asked her to bring some delicious food because he was ignorant. Because of the embarrassing status of her mother and daughter in the house, she only asked for others. Don’t be embarrassed, where can you cause more trouble.

It’s just that the fragrance is really unbearable…Feng Zhiwei touched his belly, feeling even more hungry.

She waited intently for the water to boil. She didn’t notice that someone sneaked in at the door of the kitchen, and she didn’t notice that several cooks were busy seemingly serious, but their eyes swept in this direction intentionally or unintentionally.

The water in the pot was gurgling and steaming. Feng Zhiwei didn’t dare to stay longer. After the water boiled for a while, he went to flip the pot. It was only half-heated when the steamed bun was half hot. Just when his hand touched the steamed bun skin, he suddenly heard a crisp sound. ring.


At the same time, as if waiting aside, the cook screamed.

“There is a thief! The meal offered was stolen!”

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