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Chapter 2 Recalling Emperor Jing·My Hands Are Dirty

The twelfth year of Changxi, winter.

The capital of the Tiansheng Dynasty, the emperor’s capital.

Early in the morning, I woke up with mist, floating in the sky like a thin curtain, falling on the crimson and bright glazed tiles of the Qiu Mansion on Xihua Lane, and a layer of pale pink and white, that spot of crimson under the snow-colored frost , They received a bit of beauty, and gave birth to a bit of warm and lovely, like a frozen fruit that has been frosted.


Feng Zhi swallowed slightly and touched his belly that suddenly began to growl.

The bright red persimmons, which are ripe in late autumn, were frozen in the first snow of early winter. Add some nine brews of premium honey. They are filled with Jingfeng thin snow porcelain cups. They are crystal bright and red like colored glass. Take a sip, cold and sweet, one It slipped into her lungs like a jade, and smoothed the hard heat that was circling in her lungs.

It’s a pity…that seems to be the enjoyment of the last life…

Feng Zhi slightly raised his head fascinated, sighed as if nothing, and waved his broom lazily to sweep the snow on the road into the artificial lake on the side of the road.

The broomstick was cold, and there was still a bit of frozen snow. Ordinary people would feel cold when looking at it, but Feng Zhiwei held it comfortably, only feeling the coolness, which was really refreshing.

Suddenly behind him came the sound of ringing clinking bells, and the rich fragrance followed. Feng Zhi didn’t look back, but smoothly flattened the broom in his hand. Some condensed ice beads rolled on the ground in front of him.

“Oh, this is not my Miss Feng?” The female voice behind her smiled, and there was a contemptuous chill in the smile, “Early in the morning, what is this doing?”

“As you can see,” Feng Zhi turned his head slightly, putting the broom close together, “sweeping the snow.”

“How can this kind of layman’s work be done by the precious niece?” The woman in her twenties, with delicate makeup, slightly raised eye corners, and a touch of silver red rouge, is the most popular in Beijing this winter. Feidi makeup”, “If your uncle knows, I don’t know how to feel bad.”

Feng Zhi smiled slightly and lowered his eyelashes.

“Uncle knows everything, how can I bother him with such trivial things? It’s enough to have five aunts who feel sorry for me.”

“Yes, your uncle is also the commander of the Five Army and the commander of the Flying Shadow Guard. The first person in the Tiansheng Dynasty, there is really no spare time to take care of everything in the backyard. You know that your aunt has to take care of you more.” The five aunt who fell out of favor, looked at Feng Zhiwei and Shun’s drooping face with satisfaction…This girl has always had a good temper, and she won’t get angry no matter how she kneads. I never thought that the shameful grandmother Qiu Jia was born so gentle. Daughter.

“Why did my aunt come out alone today?” Feng Zhi stepped aside humbly, slanting the broom, and even omitted the “five”.

Aunt Wu was in a good mood when she heard this name, her slender fingers laid lazily on her lips, her fingers were bright red, her eyes wandering, and she smiled: “I said someone is here, maybe I need my waiter… Well, you don’t need to Ask more.”

Feng Zhi slightly lowered his face, expressionless…The folk customs of the Tiansheng Dynasty were open, and the royal ministers were even more turbulent. In daily communication, it was common to share Meiji and give concubines to each other. There were many concubines in the Qiu Mansion and five concubines. The color has not faded but the love has relaxed. I lived lonely in the autumn mansion. This morning, I went to the front yard with my dress and quietly. 80% of them heard that an noble person had come, thinking about a “stunning encounter” or something, such as a carp. Stand up and change the world.

I just don’t know which hapless guy came.

“How can there be no one to wait for my aunt?” Feng Zhiwei put down his broom and reached out to help Wu Yiniang, “I’ll help you.”

“Don’t! Your hands are dirty!” Aunt Wu opened her hand with a slap, glanced at her snow-stained fingers in disgust, then at the abnormal reddish complexion between her eyebrows, and stepped back like a plague.

Feng Zhi smiled humbly, and drew his hand into his sleeve.

“You are also fifteen years old. It’s not a problem to be in this backyard all the time.” Wu Yiniang stood by the snowdrift and glanced at her sideways. “I will tell my wife another day, I will give you someone, you know, Guanshi Liu’s son in the front yard, I looked pretty good.”

It’s not bad. I have been studying in the private school for five years and I haven’t learned the “San Zi Jing” yet.

Feng Zhiwei was still smiling, smiling more and more softly and quietly, a pair of misty eyes on the yellowish complexion flowed, and gradually gave birth to a bit of flamboyant charm and beauty.

Wu Yi Niang glanced at her, and her heart moved… This girl, if her complexion is not too bad, she really looks good, no wonder some people say that she looks like that person…

But what about good looks? So a notorious birth, still a sick seedling that doesn’t live long, with a red face and empty flower, is destined to be defeated in the mud.

She sighed coldly, thinking that she had talked enough with this girl today. If it was in the past, how could she care about her in this way? If it weren’t for the Lord Chu’s arrival, she had a private meeting in her backyard, and she was so happy that she would not be concerned about this girl’s lifelong affairs.

She raised her face and snorted coldly, thinking of His Royal Highness Chu, who was known as the most beautiful and romantic in the Tiansheng Dynasty, thinking that she could leave the lonely days of the Autumn Mansion from now on, and the corners of her eyebrows and eyes were full of joy, and she lifted up and walked away. .


The foot slipped suddenly and stepped on a small but slippery ice bead. The fifth lady couldn’t stand, and leaned back. She exclaimed, subconsciously stretched out her hand and grabbed it, her fingers were about to touch one side and stuck in the snowdrift. Broom.

Feng Zhiwei suddenly took the broom away.

Aunt Wu grabbed a hole and fell to the ground with a bang. The ground was covered with a thin layer of floating snow, which was very slippery. As soon as Aunt Wu fell on the ground, she slid out, and in front of her was a icy lake that was so cold in winter. .

Wu Yiniang turned around in the sky and couldn’t help but shouted in a panic: “Help me! Help me!”

Feng Zhiwei watched the woman slid all the way, slowly put her hands back into her sleeves, and said softly, “Don’t, my hands are dirty.”


The sound of the human body falling into the water sounded such an understatement. Fengzhi smiled and took the broom to the shore. Wu Yiniang actually knew how to water, struggling to flutter in the water, the water was too cold, and her face instantly changed. Frozen into a brutal color, her shiny and slick hair bun scattered, wet and sticking to her face, like black snakes, she seemed to be so cold that she could not scream, and she seemed to know that Feng Zhiwei could not. Save her, just swim desperately to the shore.

Feng Zhiwei squatted on the shore and watched calmly. This place was originally remote. There was something to do early in the morning, and no one would come. Wu Yiniang passed by here madly, really looking for death.

The wet person swam over. Just as his trembling fingers were about to touch the shore, Feng Zhi swiped his broom lightly and moved away.

This wave is a mother.

The mother took her sister and brother back to the Qiu Mansion that year, and knelt in front of the Qiu Mansion gate for three days and three nights. On the third day, the gate opened, and a basin of footwashing water was poured out. The one with the footbath behind the gate was the fifth sister-in-law. Maidservant.

It was also a snowy day and it was colder than today. She knelt behind her mother and watched the footwashing water freeze little by little on her hair. Afterwards, she had a high fever for three days and three nights and almost lost her life.

… Aunt Wu swam over for the second time, and the lake caused large ripples. Her movements were already a lot slower, her fingers stiffened and wanted to grab a stone on the shore.

Feng Zhi stretched out his broom and pushed Wu Yi Niang out.

This one is for herself.

Guanshi Liu is the fifth sister-in-law’s distant relative. He took a fancy to her early, first begging her to be a wife for himself, and then begging for a stupid son after being rejected. What dare to fight is the idea of father and son sharing a daughter. The father and son stopped a bit until the uncle’s trouble, but just a few days ago, Guan Shi blocked her in an old house that no one went to. If she hadn’t carried the scissors with her, Feng Zhiwei now, Either he became the wife of the father and son, or he was expelled from the Qiu Mansion because of his loss of virginity.

… Wu Yiniang swam over for the third time. This woman was a bit fierce and fierce. She no longer tried to grab the rocks on the shore, but suddenly grabbed the broom and hugged her body and pulled it down.


Feng Zhi was caught off guard and was dragged into the lake by her!

The ice-cold lake water instantly surrounded her body. She shivered, thinking that she was going to be frozen immediately. However, after the initial cold passed, the endless heat in the body suddenly surged, like a fountain flowing all over the body, and outside the body. With a cold blow, it neutralized into a suitable temperature like a hot spring, running and stretching between the blood vessels and meridians, and she felt warm and comfortable, as if soaking in hot water.

Feng Zhiwei was startled, and subconsciously touched her heart. She had an inexplicable internal fever since she was a child. She was always dry and depressed, burned like fire, and was very greedy for cold. The doctor asserted that she would not live to be twenty years old. In the eyes of everyone, She is a dying person.

This disease…maybe heavier? Even the lake does not feel cold in winter.

The scalp suddenly tightened, and the woman next to her grabbed her hair. Feng Zhi turned his head slightly, and saw the dead face with a pale grinning smile, fingers tightly entangled like vines. Her hair tried to take her to the bottom.

Feng Zhi tilted his head slightly and smiled at her.


The snow of the scissors flashed on the turquoise lake, and a strand of black hair fell on the surface of the water and floated away clearly.

I caught an empty Wu Yiniang and couldn’t support her anymore, her head finally exposed on the water, and she sank silently.

Feng Zhiwei stomped on her head, pushing her down a little bit—since she was destined to die, she might as well die faster.

With this force, she jumped up and pulled up her wet hair in the water-the lake blisters made her body dry and hot, and she felt that her body was brisk and clear, and she was so comfortable that she didn’t want to leave.

So she soaked in the water, thinking about the aftermath of the incident-how to hide the traces on the shore, and how to explain to her mother that she had suddenly short hair and soaked clothes.

None of this was a problem for her. After a while, she stretched out her hand to grab the rocks on the shore and prepared to go ashore. She accidentally swept the corner of her eyes to the water, and her body suddenly stiffened.

A slender reflection of the clothes flying in the mirror is reflected on the surface of the water like a mirror.

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