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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 26 Recap

Pan Ji saw the crying Abyn, and couldn’t help but turn his head and ask about the identity of the Abyn, but in a bad mood, Abyn shook off Pan Di’s hand and just went on. Pan Di looked at the lonely back of Yuan and couldn’t help crying…

Chu Li recognized that the demon monument thrown by Qin Lie was a complete counterfeit, and couldn’t help admiring Qin Lie’s courage. At this time, Feng Yiyou of Tianqi Sect suddenly rushed out, claiming that Chu Li’s brother had been arrested, and encouraged him to enter the back of the mysterious door. Qin Li, who passed by, used ice to obstruct Feng Yiyou and rescued Chu Li. Chu Li, who was angry for a while, chased Feng Yiyou and attacked one after another. Qin Li could not stop him, so he had to follow him all the way to stop Chu Li.

While concentrating on practice, Ling Yushi saw himself stabbing Qin Lie with a dagger in his consciousness. Only then did he wake up suddenly. It turned out that it was Du Shaoyang who killed Qin Lie, but himself. At this time, the guardian priest caught up with him. It turned out that Ling Yu’s poems penetrated the first volume, but now the middle volume of Jiuyou Holy Book came out and was in Black Jade City. Ling Yushi decided to rush to Black Jade City to look for the middle volume.

Pan Di found Huang Shuli angrily. It turned out that Huang Shuli lost the competition and stole the sword charm. While Pan Di was distracted, Huang Shuli penetrated Huang Shuli’s heart and became a sweetheart. Pan Di looked at the sudden appearance of the sudden appearance of Eyuan holding himself, and suddenly penetrated Huang Shuli’s illusion.

Pan was about to fight back with his sword, but Huang Shuli asked him to find a chance to escape. Pan Di, who followed him all the way, saw the real Yiyuan, mistakenly thought that it was still Huang Shuli’s disguise, but he could see the powerlessness of Yiyuan. Pan Ji knew that it was the real Yiyuan in front of him. Pan Ji wondered why Yiyuan actually occupied a place in his heart in a short time. He couldn’t help but continue to ask Yiyuan about the relationship between the two. Yuan just felt confused and had to run away.

Du Shaoyang looked for Xie Jingjie in the same forest, but Xie Jingjie was stopped by Duan Qianjie. The two never met, but Duan Qianjie wanted to end Xie Jingjie. Du Shaoyang heard the sound and interrupted, but Duan Qianjie said that now Xie Jingdi has been hit by the poison insects of the Black Witch Church, and his mind will be gradually controlled until it is completely used to kill people.

Such existence is better than killing. Du Shaoyang proposed to take action by himself, but Du Shaoyang took the opportunity to turn around and attack Duan Qianjie until it disappeared.

Du Shaoyang couldn’t bear to take action at Xie Jing. She learned that Xie Jingjing bumped into the scene of the rendezvous scene of Huang Shuli and a strange man of the magician demon sect and the magic was poisoned by witchworms. Before the two could talk for a few more words, a strange ringtone rang. Xie Jingying seemed to be summoned. Suddenly, she ran with the bell and found that Xie Jingying disappeared in a flash of her eyes. Du Shaoyang was very anxious and hurriedly chased after him to look for it.

Ling Yushi came to the boundary, but found that the summons of the Nine You Holy Book disappeared. I didn’t think much. The poem heard the shouts of the abys…
Qin Lie found that strange voices continued to come. It turned out that the demon tablet was being summoned. Qin Lie quickly took out the demon tablet and a picture appeared from the tablet.

The night fairy looked at Qin Lie in front of him and cordially called him Gong Mulie. Song Tingyu beside him was surprised when she heard it. It turned out that Qin Lie was really Gong Mulie.

In the picture, Gong Mushan took Gong Mulie to feel the spiritual column. At this time, a chaotic human form appeared. Gong Mulie named him Night Fairy as his enlightenment teacher. Qin Lie excitedly asked about Grandpa’s whereabouts, but the night fairy had no clue. The night fairy was given a life by Gong Mulie, and the flesh and blood body was given by Gong Mulie.

She has been living as Gong Mulie’s maid. I thought that the two of them were missing for a long time, but the night fairy mentioned the name of impure. The night fairy accused Gong Mulie of betraying the people later for the sake of impure. Gong Mulie trapped the night fairy with spiritual columns.

Now year after year, the night fairy has a deep resentment, so she had to wait for Qin Lie’s appearance with a demon tablet. Now that Qin Lie reappears, Ye Xianer asked Qin Lie to stay with him, but Qin Lie insisted on finding his friends. Ye Xianer suggested using the power of the spiritual column to feel its traces. Qin Lie finally heard the voice of Yiyuan and even had language poems. But as soon as the night fairy heard the voice of the poem, she angrily scolded the impure. At the moment, the angry night fairy attacked the crowd again. Qin Lie resisted his best, but when the dark clouds dispersed, the night fairy also lost its trace.

Yiyuan found Ling Yushi and begged him to help get rid of Pan Yu’s stalking. Ling Yushi looked at Pan Yu’s face and remembered his sister Ling Xuanxuan. Ling Yushi was confused by the same face, but before the three had to communicate, Huang Shuli appeared with Xie Jingyi and ordered Xie Jingyi to end Pan Di.

Seeing Pan Di captured by Xie Jingdi, the extremely anxious Ling Yu poem changed the form of the earth with spiritual power, giving birth to Fuji Man and saving Pan Di. Huang Shuli saw that the two were defeated by Ling Yushi, so she had to flee quickly.

Yiyuan secretly followed Huang Shuli. Only then did he find that Huang Shuli not only controlled Xie Jingdi, but also Feng Yiyou and others. Pandi caught up with Yiyuan again, but found the corpses all over the ground.

There was strange magic behind the door of the Blue Star Club Inn. Just as Pandi wanted to open the door, he found that there was a dangerous light behind the door, and Yiyuan was anxious. He appeared in a hurry. He wanted to pull Pan Di out of the dangerous abyss.

Ling Yushi rushed to the same time. He wanted to hold Yi Yuan, but he was defeated by the mysterious force, so he had to fall into the entrance together. Qin Lie, who rushed to the side, saw that the three were sucked into the door. He didn’t have time to rescue him and shouted badly. And Ling Yushi’s three people came to Ling Xuanxuan’s spiritual space…

Qin Lie and the other listened sideways outside the door. At this time, Du Shaoyang appeared with Yan Baiyi, the sword bearer in Tianjian Mountain. Du Shaoyang told Qin Lie sadly that Xie Jingdi had been hit by the poison bug of the Magic Sect and became a puppet…

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