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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 25 Recap

In the Magic Sect, Huang Shuli and Pan Di fought for the last sword charm to enter the divine burial place. Under the spiritual confrontation between the two sides, Pan Di finally defeated Huang Shuli and got the admission qualification, and Huang Shuli had to angrily accuse her sister Pan Di.

On the other hand, Li Mu brought people to the Apocalypse Continent, which mainly has three forces: Jijie Sect, Tianqi Sect and Tianjian Sect headed by Li Mu. The first trial of the Apocalypse is the funeral ground of gods. In this purgatory, it is difficult to survive.

Unless you get the demon tablet in it, you can have a chance to retreat completely. When Li Mu mentioned that the magic tablet was passed down by Gong Mulie, Qin Lie and Song Tingyu, who were beside him, were both refreshed and eager to find out. Li Mu reminded everyone not to be strong, and finally took them to Black Jade City.

He happened to meet three people from the only branch of the Underworld in the Apocalypse: Laer, Lafi and Lapu. The three people’s flowery words are quite interesting, attracting the attention of Qin Lie and others. With the sly clan, you must be familiar with the Black Jade City. It is learned that this Black Jade City is controlled by the five silver forces.

Although it accepts all kinds of races and is enlightened, because it follows the rules of respecting the strong, there are battles every day. Knowing that the entrance to the God’s burial site was open, Qin Lie decided to act cautiously and find an inn to live in first. But in this Black Jade City, there are not enough spiritual stones to stand on at all, even the innkeeper intends to extort. After giving up the idea of temporarily resting, everyone decided to simply come directly to the god’s burial place and wait for the opportunity to open.

Ling Yushi, as the queen of the underworld, finally ascended to the throne and was recognized by the people without much time. Today’s poetry can change the shape of the earth and show its infinite potential. For the longer-term future, the poetry does not intend to fight again, but adopts the method of rest and recuperation, with the goal of practicing the Nine Yousheng Canon.

The entrance of the divine burial place glowed faintly, and everyone gathered around and rushed to the entrance. Unexpectedly, the three people of the mysterious clan reappeared again, taking the spirit stone as a bargaining chip, and it was suggested that everyone enter hand in hand. When Qin Lie and others stepped on the entrance, they came to the labyrinth at the bottom of the lake.

A man in a white velvet suit threw thunder at everyone. Qin Lie recalled the information provided by the three mysterious clans, and then recognized that the man was the proud son of the silent sect: Chu Li, carrying a large number of silent Xuanlei to bully others.

Qin Lie looked at Chu Li deeply and remembered the face. On the other end, Song Tingyu watched everyone snatching the magic tablet, so she deceived the people with the blindfold method and snatched the magic tablet.

But when he returned to the maze, Huang Shuli of the Magic Sect, even if she turned into Qin Lie, was easily recognized by Song Tingyu. Huang Shuli’s illusion is good, but her martial arts are average. She can’t defeat Song Tingyu’s martial arts.

Huang Shuli hurriedly called Chu Li. It turned out that the two had known each other long ago. Seeing Chu Li take out a large number of silences to destroy Xuanlei, Song Tingyu quickly dodged and turned over into the cave.

Du Shaoyang accidentally walked into an inn and found corpses all over the ground. When he opened the door, he saw that the owner of the inn tied Xie Jingdi and threatened Du Shaoyang to swallow poisoned wine with Xie Jingdi’s life. Du Shaoyang was worried about Xie Jing’s safety and had to pick up the glass.

At this time, Yiyuan also stepped into the inn. Unexpectedly, those “dead bodies” suddenly resurrected and caught Yiyuan. In a hurry, Yiyuan had to turn into a small snake and sneak into the room. Du Shaoyang saw Yi Yuan enter the room with Yu Guang, so he pretended to be in.

After Yi Yuan attacked the innkeeper, he hurried forward to knock him unconscious, which rescued Xie Jingyu. Originally, I thought I took Xie Jingjing to escape, but Yi Yuan said that he had been ambushed and learned that the dead body was pretending. Du Shaoyang realized that everything was a trap set by Xie Jing.

All the purposes of Xie Jingye are to prevent Du Shaoyang from grabbing the magic tablet. Xie Jingye felt that Du Shaoyang was obsessed with Qin Lie at this time, regardless of the old relationship at all, but repaying the resentment with virtue.

Du Shaoyang made Xie Jingdi disregard. Looking at Xie Jingdi’s expression of disappointment and leaving, Du Shaoyang lowered his head deeply.

Song Tingyu and everyone escaped from the boundary. Qin Lie appeared and took Song Tingyu away. Seeing that Huang Shuli and the two were about to catch up, Song Tingyu and Qin Lie took the opportunity to exchange a fake seal of the devil’s tablet and raised the fake goods to attract everyone to rob it.

Only then did they escape the disaster. Qin Lie and Song Tingyu rushed to the streets and began another battle. Under the murder of the two sides, Song Tingyu crossed the chaotic crowd and looked at a mysterious door. Intuition told her that there must be dangers behind the door. Sure enough, Qin Lie and others watched the deceased come back to life. And the mysterious sound from behind the door. Qin Lie and Song Tingyu decided to avoid this strange door first.

The human form is restored to the abyss. At this time, it is already late and the empty streets seem to be extremely lonely. Yiyuan suddenly cried sadly because he missed Lianrou. It happened that he was seen by Pan Di, who passed by. Originally, he just passed by, but Pan Di’s consciousness faintly reacted. The stranger beside him seemed to be a little familiar…

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