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The Dragnet (2021) 刑警之海外行动

Interpol’s Overseas Operations (2021)
Other Title: 刑警之海外行動, Criminal Police Overseas Operations, 刑警之海外行动, Xing Jing Zhi Hai Wai Xing Dong

Genres: Crime, Detective
38 episodes
Yu Chun
Release Date: 
January 24, 2020
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  • Ke Lan
  • Yu Feihong

In the case that our police do not have law enforcement powers overseas, the task force members led by Gao Xiaotian demonstrated outstanding wisdom, extraordinary courage, and superb skills in cooperating with overseas law enforcement agencies. The members of the task force attacked and arrested Lin Guoxiong, the leader of Taiwanese telecom scammers who had repeatedly severely harmed our mainland compatriots in a Southeast Asian country

In the United States, they persuaded two key witnesses of a high-level cadre corruption case who had absconded to return to China. In a certain country in South America, we cleared out two local gangs that severely damaged the property and lives of our overseas Chinese. They worked tirelessly to complete various overseas tasks and successfully protected the security of our country’s legal system and the interests of the people.

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