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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 1 Recap

At the Ministry of Public Security, Deputy Minister Zhang took out two files and asked Gao Xiaotian, the deputy director sitting opposite him, to pick a case to deal with. Gao Xiaotian quickly made a choice. He opened the file and started to check the information in the file. Vice Minister Zhang reminded Gao Xiaotian that the suspect in this case is Liao Qidong, the chairman of Longdong Group.

His umbrella is of very high level. There must be no mistakes or leaks. Gao Xiaotian has rich experience. After a year of filing and investigation, Liao Qidong and others were suspected of organizing, leading, and participating in the crime of a triad organization. After the investigation was completed, the criminal suspect was arrested with the approval of the procuratorial organ.

The day before the closing operation, Gao Xiaotian assigned tasks to his subordinates. He divided the people into three groups. The first group was at the Capital Airport and he was directly responsible. Liao Qidong was the plane at 4:30, but it was time to arrive at the airport. It is uncontrollable. As long as Liao Qidong gets out of the car, he will be arrested immediately. The second group is in the Fukang community. In addition to the arrest task, the safety of the people must be ensured.

The third group is in the conference room on the fifth floor of the Longdong Building. All the backbone of Liao Qidong’s case are there. Among them, Song Chenggong, CEO of Longdong Group, is also Liao Qidong’s confidant. He will land at Hongqiao Airport at 3:55 tomorrow afternoon. This person will be handed over to Shanghai police, Gao Xiaotian I warned that the error of the actions of these three groups should not exceed five minutes to avoid leaks.

On the second day, the three groups of operations were carried out in an orderly manner. Gao Xiaotian led people in the surveillance center of the airport to stare. Liao Qidong was caught by plainclothes police ambushing nearby when he got off the car. It went smoothly, but when Gao Xiaotian returned to the Ministry of Public Security to report to Deputy Minister Zhang, Deputy Minister Zhang told him that he had just received news that Song Chenggong did not board the plane and the arrest failed. Deputy Minister Zhang suspected that someone was The news was leaked. After Song successfully received the news, he did not board the plane and chose to stay abroad.

The police here have begun to interrogate Liao Qidong. The suspected case of Liao Qidong is called the September 20 gun case. Liao Qidong made an innocent appearance and pushed all the pots on Song Chenggong. Not only that, Liao Qidong His attitude was still very arrogant, and he simply looked down on the two ordinary policemen who interrogated him, and directly said that they wanted their leaders to communicate with him. Liao Qidong refused to explain. In this way, Song Chenggong has become a key figure in the case. Vice Minister Zhang has contacted Song Chenggong. Song Chenggong said that he can talk, but the police must go to him. Song Chenggong’s contact information was given to Gao Xiaotian, asking him to adapt to the situation and learn more about Liao Qidong from Song Chenggong.

Gao Xiaotian soon set up an overseas working group and led the group members to go abroad to find Song Chenggong. The group members included Xiao Hong, Wei Zimeng, Gu Simiao, Wu Shengnan, and Yin Zhihang. On the plane going abroad, although Gao Xiaotian was severely lacking in sleep, he still had trouble sleeping. He recalled the information about Song Chenggong and the September 20 shooting incident. Song Chenggong had been with Liao Qidong for many years and organized several murders. Including the September 20th gun case, related to it are Frank, the former famous host Shi Yanan, these two are important witnesses for Liao Qidong’s transfer of assets overseas and the transfer of benefits to the umbrella.

The overseas team arrived in New Djibouti. Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang went to the Chinese Embassy first and explained the purpose of the trip to Ambassador Chen. Ambassador Chen said that they would cooperate with their work, but they also urged them to obey the laws of this country. The laws and regulations remind them that in this country, they do not have the right to enforce the law. If something happens in the future, he will definitely help to coordinate and solve it, and other people will go to the station to prepare for work. After Gao Xiaotian and the two went back, they quickly finalized the time to meet Song Chenggong, which will be at 7 o’clock tonight.

But when Wu Shengnan called Song Chenggong, Song Chenggong’s phone number was not in the service area. Everyone was worried about whether Song Chenggong had escaped. By 10:30 in the evening, the overseas team still could not contact Song Chenggong. Everyone was speculating. I also asked the embassy to check various possibilities. Song Chenggong did not leave the country. It happened that Vice Minister Zhang called Gao Xiaotian.

Gao Xiaotian reported the situation. Vice Minister Zhang said that he would go to Song Chenggong’s wife Hu Min to ask if there was any other contact information. In addition, Vice Minister Zhang told Gao Xiao God, Shi Yanan also arrived in New Djibouti today. Several people were worried that Shi Yanan came for Song Chenggong. Since Song Chenggong could not be reached, Gao Xiaotian decided to adjust the work plan and start work on Shi Yanan.

Here Song Chenggong is running around, seeming to be evading chase. In order not to be found out, Song Chenggong took a few of his men and fled to a yacht for the night. After a frightened night, Song Chenggong’s men reported and said The police have arrived. Song Chenggong is still hesitating whether to get in touch with the police. His wife called his lawyer to the police. The overseas team called after receiving the call, but Song Chenggong refused to let the lawyer answer the phone. , And let the lawyer shut down.

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