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Minning Town 山海情 Episode 23 End Recap

Director Zhang has been running to the third-level pumping station for several days, hoping to fix it sooner. At night, there was not enough manpower. Director Zhang set up to help everyone. Everyone was very motivated to fight for the first place. A month later, the old lady had already figured it out. He wanted to move to Minning Town. Ma Defu said that people have two roots, and both ancestors and descendants can take root. He asked about the resettlement. Some people did.

Unable to get it out, Ma Defu has already applied for a small loan, so they don’t have to worry about it. The banquet hasn’t been held for a long time, and the old lady wants to hold a banquet before the relocation, so that people feel comfortable.

On the day of the Hundred Family Banquet, all households started cooking. Ma Debao, Mai Miao, Ga Wa, and Shui Wang all returned. Lao Li was anxious to move and took people to break the corn in the field. Ga Wa’s mother was worried that his father would not see them after moving away. Ma Debao said that he left a note at the entrance of the village, and Ga Wa’s mother was relieved.

The sound of a horse shouting for water rang again from the horn. This is the last time the horn has been used in Yongquan Village, and it will be Minning Village next time. Ma Mu was a little sad, after all, she couldn’t bear to leave suddenly after living here for half her life. Ma Huashui also cried secretly by himself, and felt very sad when he thought of moving away from his native hometown.

Ma Debao, Mai Miao, Ga Wa, and Shuiwang went to the village entrance to write with paint, saying that Yongquan Village had moved to Minning Town. Ma Debao also came, and he wrote many strokes of Yongquan Village on the stone tablet, representing his longing for his hometown and longing for the future. Hundreds of banquets were all there. The villagers of Yongquan Village were eating dumplings and noodles, and the masters poured wine into each other.

Everyone was very happy. The next day, the villagers of Yongquan Village moved out of Yongquan Village. On the way, someone suddenly came to Ma Defu and said that Director Zhang had a car accident. Ma Defu hurriedly asked someone to take the convoy and hurried over. Secretary Zhang is a good person. Everyone hopes that he is okay, and Ma Defu is also very nervous when he goes to the scene.

Ma Defu saw Secretary Pan, and Secretary Pan told him that Director Zhang did not wait to stay on the way from the scene of the car accident to the hospital, and left without leaving anything. Ma Defu bowed deeply at the portrait of Director Zhang. The matter of Ma Defu has been checked out, and those matters are completely fictitious. Secretary Pan said that he is trusted in the organization and the county party committee will definitely support his work.

Don’t disappoint Director Zhang’s expectations of him. Ma Defu bowed his head and said yes, but his voice trembled. The construction of the third-level pumping station in Minning Town is completed, and the life is good. The villagers will never forget the good cadre who forced them out of the mountain, the good man who always talked about the future.

Gao Qingxia gave birth to a child and reunited with Ma Defu’s family of three. Li Shuihua fitted Ernst & Young Fu with a prosthesis. Xiaoyan was very excited when she saw her father standing up, and Ah Zhen and Shuiwang’s pharmacies also opened.

In 2016, grapes took root on the Gobi Desert. What used to be a dry beach is now a golden beach. Ma Defu, the leader of the Ning’an County Party Committee, attended the wine recommendation meeting of Minning Town, dressed in a neat suit. Ma Debao’s business has flourished, and Mai Miao has become a senior. Gao Qingxia called them and said that Qiangqiang, Xiaoga, Beibei, and Fusheng were gone, and asked them to help find someone. Ma Defu was very anxious when he heard about this at the recommendation meeting.

A few people were planning to look for them. Suddenly they learned that the children had returned to their hometown of Haiji. Ma Debao, Gawa, and Shuiwang were going to look for them immediately. They thought that the children should go back to the village. Everyone was very worried, Ma Defurang Everyone calmed down and called Ma Dehua. Sure enough, Ma Dehua was with the children, and the children said they wanted to visit their hometown.

The children said that you don’t want to go to the tutoring class every day. Everyone was relieved. They hung up the phone and started to shirk each other’s responsibilities. But Ma Defu asked who has been back since they left the mountain. Since the children have started, it is better for them to go back together and take them to see the village. Everyone agreed, and got on the car back to Haiji. On the way home, everyone resounded the original time.

Back home, no one would have thought that this is the poor ravine that everyone wants to escape from. This place has become the place where the water is the sweetest in the south.

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