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Minning Town 山海情 Episode 22 Recap

Ma Defu and Ma Defu called for water to come back for dinner, Ma Dehua also came back, Ma Defu persuaded them not to do this again, Ma Defu also complained that it is no wonder some people say that they are spoilers. Ma Huanshui was immediately anxious when he heard this, and he smashed his job and warned him to get out of the house if he uttered the word Diaomin!

When Ma Dehua heard what the two said, she ran to the village committee angrily. Soon Ma Dehua’s voice rang from the horn. The state asked them to go to Minning Village to live a good life. Only by walking out of the mountains It is getting better and better, accusing the elderly of insisting that their children and grandchildren suffer and be poor like them. Ma Huashui and Ma Defu hurried to stop Ma Dehua. Ma Huashui then explained in the horn, but the old people had already rushed over.

The horse shouted water thinking that they were looking for Ma Dehua to settle the accounts. He hurriedly called Ma Dehua to apologize to everyone, but they didn’t expect that they had figured it out. The young people should go out of the mountains to take a look, but the only requirement is to let them, old people. Stay and guard the village and guard the ancestral graves of the ancestors.

Ma Huanshui took Ma Defu around in the village. This ancestral tomb is buried with their ancestors for generations. In Yongquan Village, there are more than two hundred years of Rexroth. At the beginning, only the Li surnamed, the Ma family escaped in Shaanxi, and they hid.

Tibet wants to find a place to survive, but Yongquan Village is willing to take them in. Ma Huashui said that the family of Li in Yongquan Village had a very good heart. Not only did they not drive them away, they also helped them open up wasteland. Since then, the Ma family has set a rule to worship two ancestors during the festival, one is the Ma family and the other One is the Li family.

This rule lasted until the Cultural Revolution. If there was no benevolence and righteousness of the Li family, and the Ma family today, this is the source of blood for the Li family after all, how could it be easily left behind. The villagers would never say unfeeling words no matter how they scolded them, because they all treat them as a family. The horse shouted for water to ask Ma Defu to remember what he said today.

Ma Defu brought something to the old lady to make amends. The old lady said that the matter was over, and they all stepped back. Ma Defu said that he had heard about the ancestors of the two families, but the decision to move the village had come down, and he had to move anyway.

The old man sighed, and left the house and crops as soon as he moved out, and even the graves of his ancestors. What kind of situation was that like? Ma Defu went home that night and developed a high fever. When he woke up the next morning, Ma Dehua told him that Li Shuihua had come back and gave him a face. Ma Defu quickly got up to find Li Shuihua. She was in the old school and missed school.

Li Shuihua told Ma Defu that if he felt that the whole village relocation was a good thing, he must persevere. At the beginning, the ancestors of the Li family took in the ancestors of the Ma family. Now the descendants of the Ma family take the Li family to better places, which can be regarded as a reward. Ma Defu was very moved. If Li Shuihua came one day late, he might give up.

Ma Defu went to find the old lady again. The old lady refused to open the door and said nothing. Ma Defu looked strangely through the window and found that the old lady was lying on the bed with a bottle of pesticide beside him. Ma Defu couldn’t take care of the others and immediately slammed the door to rescue the old man. The villagers sent the old man to the hospital one after another.

Halfway, the soapy water of the horse shouting water worked, and the old lady vomited, but he refused to go to the hospital to go home. Ma shouted for water for a while and still felt that Ma Defu couldn’t do this. He was from Yongquan Village and couldn’t demolish the village by himself and drive the old man to death. Ma Defu was also struggling.

Ma Defu turned on the trumpet and told everyone the story of the Ma family and the Li family, telling them that they moved out not to cut the roots, but to move the roots to a more fertile place. That day he sent the old man to the hospital very uncomfortable, they were too far away from the hospital and too far away from the school! People have two roots, one is in the hands of the old ancestors, and the other is in the hands of later generations. They can take roots wherever they go.

Minning Town is annoyed by the planting of wolfberries. Some people use sulfur to smoke wolfberries and sell them very well. Everyone wants to try it, but sulfur is poisonous. Li Dayou said that they must not smoke. Wolfberries can not be red, but people cannot be black. . Shuiwang came back with his girlfriend A Zhen from Fujian, and Li Da had two very happy. Ah Zhen’s father has four daughters. The family is rich in pharmacies. He made a rule that as long as he married his daughter, he would send him a pharmacy and another building.

The more Li Dayou listened, the more things went wrong, and asked if Shuiwang would live in Fujian after getting married with Ah Zhen. Shuiwang wanted to talk about it. Li Da was anxious, and immediately said that he hadn’t discussed the matter. Shuiwang aggrieved and said that as long as they got married, he would take them over. Besides, they got their marriage certificates. Li Da was furious and drove Shuiwang and Ah Zhen out. .

Shuiwang ran to Ma Debao and Mai Miao to complain. In fact, he and Ah Zhen were not married yet, and he did not expect Li Da to object so strongly. Ah Zhen could only live with Mai Miao temporarily, Mai Miao took her to the winery and told her own story. Ah Zhen said that his whole family likes Shuiwang very much, and he has already negotiated to take both of them to Fujian as soon as they get married. Mai Miao knows that Li Dayou is too traditional.

Although they think life in Fujian is good, this is home to them. Li Dayou is unwilling to let Shuiwang go to live under the fence. If he is really capable, he should take Ah Zhen to Jintan Village to live. Ah Zhen decided to open a pharmacy here. She had already called her father, so she could make money and have a family relationship with Li Da. This is a matter of killing two birds with one stone.

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