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Meet by Window 我在窗口遇见他 Episode 32 Recap

Zhang Yubo sent the manga manuscript to Lin Jiujiu. Lin Jiujiu was very happy to receive the manuscript. Zhang Yubo stepped forward and kissed Lin Jiujiu. Lin Jiujiu accidentally dropped the manuscript on the ground. At this time, the door of crossing opened, Lin Jiujiu and Lian Jie returned to 2020. Going back to Lin Jiujiu and Lianjie in 2020, they found that the manuscript had been touched, and the manuscript was the key to the past.

Lin Jiujiu has been thinking about the disappearance of Zhang Yubo, which has a lot to do with the reconstruction of the library. Lin Jiujiu and Lian Jie are going to the archives room. Lin Jiujiu and Lian Jie came to the archive room. The mysterious man had already inserted the key in the door. Lian Jie and Lin Jiujiu entered the archive room to search for relevant materials.

They looked at the materials and found that there was a fire in the library in 1999. Zhang Yubo and Lin Yitong were unfortunately killed in order to evacuate their classmates. Lin Jiujiu and Lian Jie immediately returned to 1999. Lin Jiujiu and Lianjie returned to 1999. Today is the day of Zhang Yubo’s concert. Lin Jiujiu and Lianjie came to the concert and the concert was very successful.

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