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Meet by Window 我在窗口遇见他 Episode 31 Recap

Lin Yitong asked Lian Jiela if he had other ideas. Lian Jie said he was sincere to Lin Yitong, but some things were unclear. He asked Lin Yitong to believe him, and Lin Yitong agreed. Lin Jiujiu and Lian Jie couldn’t go back for the time being. Lian Jie thought it would be nice to stay here. Lin Jiujiu felt that Zhang Yubo’s affairs were being pushed forward and they had to think of a solution as soon as possible. It is difficult to sell tickets for the band’s concert.

Lin Jiujiu wanted to let the band go to the hot spot of the bar to engage in a wave of momentum marketing. Everyone immediately packed their things and went to the bar. Lin Yitong’s singing response was good. At this time, a person pulled Lin Jiujiu, and he asked Lin Jiujiu where he came from. He also said that Lin Jiujiu was not a human being.

That person looked at Zhang Yubo and said Zhang Yubo’s limit. Approaching, Lin Jiujiu was very scared after hearing this. Tickets for the band’s concert were successfully sold. Everyone celebrated. Zhang Yubo would like to thank Lin Jiujiu.

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