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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 9 Recap

Gao Han decided to open a barbecue booth. Dafa was the first to raise his hand in favor, and brought his brothers to increase the popularity of Gao Han’s barbecue booth. Suddenly a lot of business came, and Gao Han was very busy. Guan Shanshan has no money to rent a house. Xiaomo persuaded her to bow her head to Gao Han, but Guan Shanshan was so hard-headed that she refused to go to Gao Han. Xiao Mo was a little angry. Guan Shanshan thought she was nosy, she Xiao Mo’s temper angered Xiao Mo, and Xiao Mo slammed the door and left.

Ma Xiaohong called Guan Shanshan. Guan Shanshan seemed to have grabbed the straw, and hurriedly asked her to help bring Dudu. Ma Xiaohong was very familiar with the children, and Guan Shanshan was finally relieved. Ma Xiaohong took out Dudu’s photo from his pocket, and Guan Shanshan recognized it at a glance. Only then did they know that the mouse brother Ma Xiaohong was looking for was actually Wang Dongyang. Ma Xiaohong told Guan Shanshan not to mention her in front of Wang Dongyang. Guan Shanshan didn’t know why, but he agreed.

After Dafa and his friends left, Yu Bo brought the owner of the motorcycle shop to have a barbecue. Wang Dongyang also arrived, and he was happy to eat and drink with them. Gao Han went to work in the factory during the day and went out to set up a barbecue booth at night. Now the company is facing layoffs. The person in charge once had friction with Gao Han. The old employees in the factory told Gao Han not to leave the person behind. Gao Hanyi Time is also a bit distressed.

After all, Xiao Mo was still worried about Guan Shanshan, so he called Gao Han. Gao Han was worried about Dudu. Despite the persuasion of his colleagues, he asked for leave again. He took Guan Shanshan home and took her to her company. , But Guan Shanshan’s company has gone bankrupt. Yu Bo collected information about the bankruptcy of her company on the Internet out of kindness. Guan Shanshan was grateful to him. Seeing the information, Guan Shanshan went to ask people about this matter and suspected that some of them were the cause. .

The proprietress of the motorcycle shop wanted to confess to Yu Bo, but was interrupted by the police station’s phone call, saying that something happened to Wang Dongyang, and Yu Bo had to go to the police station to take Wang Dongyang. As soon as Wang Dongyang left the police station, Ma Xiaohong stopped him. Wang Dongyang was meant to hide from her, but he was caught upright again. In desperation, Ma Xiaohong grabbed his neck to see his friend. But Wang Dongyang didn’t have anything to do with him, so he had to take Ma Xiaohong to Gao Han’s barbecue stall. Gao Han finally knew that it was Wang Dongyang that Ma Xiaohong found the mouse brother. With the help of Gao Han, Wang Dongyang finally got rid of Ma Xiaohong.

Guan Shanshan and Gao Han went out early in the morning. Yu Bo bought Dudu toys. When Wang Dongyang got up, he saw Dudu playing on the swing. Yu Bo handed Dudu to him and went out. Guan Shanshan and Gao Han returned to Guan Shanshan’s home together, only to realize that they had signed many terms to terminate the contract.

At this moment, a colleague from the factory called Gao Han, and Guan Shanshan advised him to go back quickly. As soon as he was absent from work, Manager Meng called him and made it clear that someone wanted to rectify him. Gao Han was deducted from his salary. The bonus was gone, which made him even more troublesome, not to mention the later layoffs involved, Gao Han felt a little regretful.

The boss and colleagues in the factory were very optimistic about him and warned Gao Han to pay more attention in the future, but at this time Guan Shanshan still needs his help, and Dudu also has to take care of him. Gao Han is somewhat weak.

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